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TEIN, INC. is a Japanese suspension manufacturing and sales company headquartered in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. The company manufactures and sells suspension components for bicycles, cars, and other vehicles. Founded in 1947, TEIN, INC. has grown from a small family-owned business to an international brand with a global reach. Their products are available throughout the world. You can find a TEIN product near you or order a suspension kit online.

EDFC models came with black casings, while NA and NB models were available in a variety of materials. After several years, the NA and NB models were replaced with SS coilovers, and the FLEX coilovers were introduced. As the entry-level coilovers, the MSPNP Pro is far superior to the entry-level version. TEIN’s prices are relatively low, with a base charge of $80 per coil over.

TEIN uses the latest Computer Aided Engineering techniques to design their suspension kits. The company maintains facilities in other countries, including Japan, to provide a comprehensive range of products for the Japanese market. Dampachi, a magical sentient shock absorber, has an external reservoir and a pink partner. Whether you want a set of TEIN swaybars or an entire kit, you’re sure to find the right solution.

The EDFC electronic suspension management system was developed by TEIN in 2002. TEIN’s product range is aimed at professional racers and drivers who want performance without sacrificing ride comfort. EDFC systems are also compatible with its suspension products. Founded by a rally driver and his co-driver in 1985, TEIN is now one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world of motorsport.

In recent years, TEIN has redesigned its shocks to eliminate the possibility of leaks. Unlike their predecessors, these shocks are no longer repairable, which means you will have to replace them every few years. Fortunately, TEIN’s products are still made in Japan. But before purchasing a TEIN suspension, make sure to read all of the reviews and check if the brand is worth the price.

A TEIN suspension is an excellent choice if you are looking for a full-featured suspension system. A TEIN H-Tech lowering spring will fit your OE dampers perfectly, while a TEIN S-Tech lowering spring is more aggressive and offers more lateral rigidity. While a TEIN H-Tech lowering spring is a popular choice for street use, it is also available as a race car-specific model.

The TEIN EDFC suspension kit was the first TEIN product to feature motors that are hard-wired to a central controller. The EDFC was a great addition to the TEIN line. Designed for both road and rally/circuit racing applications, TEIN EDFC is a great option for any type of vehicle. There is also a lowering kit with an adjustable damping knob for a better feel and more performance.

The TEIN Flex Z is the company’s most recent coilover model. Despite its new design, the TEIN Flex Z is compatible with the EDFC system, which offers an additional level of performance. In addition, the TEIN Flex Z has twin tube structure and pillowball mounts with camber adjustment. The TEIN flex Z’s longer stroke makes it a perfect option for racing and street use.

TEIN suspensions are designed to be remanufactured and rebuilt to original specifications. In addition to coilovers, TEIN also offers a number of other parts and accessories. EDFC allows the driver to control the damping force by adjusting various settings on the car’s damper. These options include lowering springs and other components for the suspension. These products are available in a wide range of price ranges and are suitable for most vehicles.

TEIN coilovers are a great option for off-road use. They are designed for comfort and are a great choice for high-performance cars. They are also compatible with EDFC systems. This is a great way to improve the handling of a vehicle and improve its handling. They are compatible with many different types of EDFC systems. For the ultimate in comfort, TEIN offers dual-tubes, which allow the suspension to be fully rebuildable.

The Street Basis Z coilovers are built using a threaded, sealed structure. Compared to the Street Basis, these springs feature a thread type height adjustment and 16 levels of damping control. Despite being a newer model, the STREET FLEX inherits all of the characteristics of the STREET FLEX. The main difference is the price tag. The STREET FLEX has the same benefits as its predecessor, but is priced lower than the Street Basis Z and the Street Basis.

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