TechieFriends launches a tech support marketplace to serve people worldwide

Over the past decade, the technology landscape at home has significantly changed due to increasingly interconnected lifestyles. Despite these advancements, there is still a gap in support models that have not evolved to support the home tech consumer’s growing needs. Due to lack of transparency, lack of user-friendly platforms, and the high prices of safe and affordable online tech support, the average person still has difficulty solving tech-related issues at home. 

TechieFriends is an online platform that seeks to fill this gap by providing tech support in real-time to users worldwide in the comfort of their homes at a highly affordable price. It is a tech support marketplace focused on delivering safe and affordable online tech support for any tech issue at home or in small businesses. The platform connects anyone struggling with everyday tech issues to the right technician in real-time. It also offers people with tech skills the opportunity to earn money anytime from anywhere. This unique model meets the growing tech support needs among baby boomers, working moms, and people with busy lifestyles helping them to make the best use of their technology at home. 

The founders of TechieFriends are united by a common commitment to supporting members of the community who are not tech savvy. These people normally don’t know how to get help they need, and this is especially the case for seniors and baby boomers. Since this generation of people has not grown up with technology, it can be difficult for them to understand it. TechieFriends was built to help these people to make the most of the available technology. The TechieFriends team aims to make tech support remarkably simple, extremely secure, and affordable so that people have the confidence to ask for technical help.  

Since its launch in January 2021, the online platform already has over 100 services and a growing community of highly skilled tech professionals. TechieFriends aims to promote its services as an alternative to expensive tech support services, while championing consumer safety and security, affordability and authenticity, as well as ease of use. 

The four founders decided to create a secure space where consumers could access affordable remote tech support. They all have a deep understanding of tech support models, trade-offs, and what it takes to deliver the best customer experience. With more than 100 years of combined experience in IT, finance, operations, sales, marketing & partner relationships, they have designed and executed support services for large global enterprises for many decades. They wanted to deliver a similar experience to home tech consumers. 

Given that family and friends would regularly ask for tech advice or assistance, they realized that it was difficult for the average person to get reliable, safe, and affordable tech support. It seems that only businesses or corporate employees have reliable access to support for the technology they were using, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. empowers people everywhere to make the most of the technology they already own. Clients don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for help. Instead, they can quickly reach out to the right technician from the comfort of their home and get immediate resolution with complete safety and security. Since their services are so affordable, it just makes sense to seek help from TechieFriends instead of scouring the web and resolving their tech issues independently. 

TechieFriends stands out from other solutions out there thanks to their commitment to consumer safety and security, affordability and authenticity, and ease of use. Accessing technical assistance via TechieFriends is quite simple and can be done in three easy steps. All a user has to do is write in their problem, after which the platform uses advanced AI tools to classify the situation and matches the user with qualified technicians immediately. Users then select the appropriate technician from the shortlist provided to them based on technician rating, rate, language, and availability. All the Techies are skilled and proficient in a variety of functions. In order to ensure quality standards and safety, these technicians are required to submit a background check verified by a competent authority before they are accepted to the platform. Furthermore, each technician’s skills are verified by an interview process and technical test. Once the user chooses their technician, this technician remotely connects to the client’s computer or mobile and works with them to resolve the problem through a secure connection. 

Technology at home has significantly improved our quality of life and helps with surveillance & security, health & wellness, elderly care, smart entertainment, and energy management. On the other hand, it has also added a layer of complexity to our lives. As mentioned before, only large businesses have been able to obtain reliable access to tech support in the past. This meant that busy parents, home-schooled children, retirees, seniors, and people leading busy lives found it challenging to solve technical issues at home.

TechieFriends is a two-way market platform where technicians can earn money from their craft, and anyone needing technical support can get the help they need. The TechieFriends team is committed to supporting people who want to supplement their income with their tech skills as well as communities looking for safe and reliable support at an affordable price. The platform guarantees quality and transparency by properly validating technicians’ skills and recording all services delivered over the platform. 

With services like WiFi optimization, Microsoft Office assistance, popup ads or malware removal, device setup, and more, TechieFriends hopes to help everyone get affordable tech support. The online platform allows the market to adjust their fees, so price points are in line with what consumers are willing to pay. TechieFriends not only helps everyone make the best use of the technology they already have, but also provides technicians with enterprise-grade tools to deliver efficient services. 

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