Teacher education and quality of teachers

Ensuring active human resource development is one of the areas that promote national development. Strong educational infrastructure leads to an enlightened society that can bring about positive economic growth and social change. Positive social change and related economic development are achieved by activating people’s educational skills. Mastering these skills helps one of our teachers. Therefore, countries seeking economic and social development should not ignore the role of teachers and national development.

Teachers are a major factor influencing student achievement. The performance of teachers generally determines not only the quality of education but also the average performance of the students they train. Therefore, teachers need to get the best Study In Pak, so they will help students prepare in the best way. As we know, the quality and quality of teaching of teachers is one of the most important factors in shaping the knowledge, social and educational development of students. Quality training, for the most part, will ensure that teachers are of the highest quality, that they can manage classrooms properly, and that learning is facilitated.

Therefore, even in countries where students have consistently achieved high marks in international examinations such as Mathematics and Science Studies (TIMSS), the quality of teachers is still a matter of concern. In such countries, teacher education is important because of the positive achievements of the students.

In response to the desire to produce teachers, the structure of teaching is changing in almost every country that understands only the current needs of teachers or the needs of teachers. The changes are aimed at ensuring that standard teachers are prepared and sometimes with the exception of classroom teachers.

There has been a great deal of controversy in the United States over the promotion of high-quality teachers, and over the past decade, primarily through the methods established by the Child Protection Act (California Graduate Teachers, 2015).

Although structures have been put in place to ensure the production and employment of high-quality teachers, even in Japan and the Orient, problems with the quality of teachers and teaching still exist (Ogawa, Fujii & Iquo, 2013). There is no teacher training. A joke anywhere. This article consists of two parts. He first discussed the teaching system of teachers in Ghana and in Part II discussed the quality of teaching.

2.0 Teacher Education

Ghana is deliberately trying to produce quality teachers for elementary classrooms. Bench (2006) states that the purpose of teacher education in Ghana is to provide a comprehensive teacher education program through basic teacher training and on-the-job training programs, thus enhancing the effectiveness of teacher development, teaching and learning. Is.

The Elementary Teacher Training Program for Elementary Teachers in School Ghana was offered under the auspices of Education Colleges only, with the recent participation of the University of Education, Cape Coast University, Central Zack University College, and other institutions of higher learning. Other third-tier institutions offer higher education, test, and certification institutes, college tuition and test and certification through Cape Coast University’s Institute of Education.

The curriculum offered by these institutions is intended to provide a number of qualified teachers to teach in schools. The National Accreditation Council approves teacher training programs to ensure quality.

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