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Sydney Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lifts are basically the perming process of your natural eyelashes . The promise of extra volume and length because of the silicone moulds to curl your lashes.

Utilizing specialized treatments to transform your lashes from straight, to sky high or even a soft curl you’ll love your eyelashes for six to eight weeks.

No regular maintenance required, simply wake up and go.

No matter what age, this is a treatment that you can receive anytime, whether for an occasion like birthday, anniversary or holiday.

You can be assured it will improve the appearance of your face to fulfill your desire of a stunning and low-maintenance beauty style.

Do you have to wear extensions for longer?

Are you annoyed by the ongoing maintenance of extensions to your lashes?

Do you have beautiful lashes that you just want to be able to look.

With years of experience and an expert staff We’re here to offer you the most effective service to add curl and beauty to your natural lashes for a look that is even more stunning.

What benefits will you get With Our Friendly and Professional Lash Lift Sydney Service?

Elegant Curls:

Let’s reveal to the world your beauty dreams…Our expert service will gracefully curl your natural lashes with no any harm.

We offer non-invasive treatment with silicone pads to remove the lashes from the root to allow for longer curls.

Refresh your eye with cool curls and frame your World as you like with a chic style.

Enhance Darkness:

The darkness of the inner self by removing the darkness of lashes!

We couple the lash tint with lifting the lashes to give greater thickness and darkness.

You can get allured and dark lashes for around 8 weeks using our professional delivery.

Without fake extensions, much suffering, or harm to natural lashes, our lash lift is superior because it is distinctive.

Keratin Infusion:

Get your charming and complete image…

To ensure they last and to appear fuller, we also make use of keratin injection.

Keratin will give strength to your lashes with no to any harm. It is a completely glue-free treatment.

It is suitable for all types of eyelashes.

Doesn’t matter if you have long or short lashes. our keratin-based lash lift will work.

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