Body sculpting is all the rage amongst people nowadays. Getting that perfect body is a life goal for some people, and they endeavour towards it with determination. Hitting the gym, gorging on sprouts, a daily jog, diets, whey powder; these are part of their daily routine. Research, too, is being done in this field to make body sculpting easier for any individual. A fantastic find from this research is the organic compound Creatine Monohydrate. 

This compound is found in most vertebrates and plays a vital role in producing energy. It is mainly found in skeletal muscles and is produced naturally by the liver. While it is not an essential nutrient for day to day activities, supplementing the body’s store of creatine boosts one’s performance significantly. This supplement helps pull more weights and do more reps in the gym. 


Creatine is perhaps the most researched compound in this field. It has been studied for many years by various experts. This scientific data assures that the supplement of this compound has no side effects, and with proper usage, it can improve stamina and endurance while training. That is why there are specific supplements for this organic compound. Adding this to one’s regular training diet can significantly advance their capabilities.


Creatine is the main ingredient in many medications as well. It helps in the treatment of several neurological diseases caused by creatine deficiency. Bodybuilders and athletes take it as a supplement. 

It increases muscle mass and helps increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) levels in the body. Creatine—synthesised as phosphocreatine in the body—is metabolised as ATP.


Myostatin Levels

Myostatin is the main compound that determines the rate of muscle growth. Low myostatin levels may slow down the pace or even wholly stop muscle growth. Creatine helps maintain balanced or enhanced myostatin levels to increase muscle growth depending on the amount of intake of the supplement.

Cell And Muscle Repair

This compound also plays a vital role in maintaining cells and muscles. It improves cell signalling to the brain, ensuring faster repair and regrowth. The supplements also help in healing muscles faster while working out.

Cell Hydration

It is common knowledge that the major component of the body is water. Every cell has fluids in it, and drinking water replenishes these fluids that are essential to many functions in the body. Phosphocreatine is especially helpful in maintaining hydration levels; while the body creates its own, supplements help better regulate it. That is why most people report a gain in weight once they start taking these supplements. This feature is not a cause for worry as the weight gain is due to muscle building and increased water levels, not fat.

Strength Building

Experimental research in Creatine Monohydrate has revealed a notable improvement in the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. Performance in strength training increased by 8%, weightlifting by 14%, bench presses by 43%, and bike-sprinting by 15%. This improvement is solely due to the increase in ATP levels caused by the supplements. ATP levels usually drop after 8-10 seconds of training, but the supplements help maintain optimal performance for longer.

Brain Development

It is an essential compound for brain development. It helps prevent diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and other motor-neuron disorders. People at risk for these diseases too will benefit from these supplements. 

Vegetarians usually have low levels of creatine as meat is the primary source for this compound. They can maintain their phosphocreatine levels with these supplements.

Thus creatine is the most versatile, safe and effective supplement on the market for everyone. Supplementing creatine levels has many advantages, not limited to bodybuilding and fitness. People of all ages can subscribe to these supplements in prescribed doses and benefit from it.

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