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Summoners War Mock Battle Guide

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a South Korean game developer’s mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game. On June 12, 2014, the game was unveiled and published for iOS and Android smartphones at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Summoners War was a huge hit, with 150 million downloads worldwide. The game featured a crossover with the Street Fighter series in 2020, with M. Bison, and Dhalsim joining the game as monsters.

What is a Battle Training Ground, exactly?

It’s a structure where you may practice battles with a variety of creatures in a particular dimension area. To utilize the building, go to [Shop > Building] and install the Battle Training Ground. When you reach Summoner Lv. 21 or above, you can construct the structure. Ground Rules for Battle Training. The “designated ally monsters” in the deck are used in a fight. Mock Battle may be played manually without using any Energy. While the repeat fight is ongoing, you will be able to enter and play Mock Battle. Gaming Dost recommends that your game should have following battle training grounds.

1st Floor – 3* (Elucia Lucien Roid vs Julie Hannam Konamiya)

1. Elucia 3rd skill to Julie

2. Lucien 2nd skill to Hanra

3. Lucien 3rd skill to Julie 

4. Roid 3rd skill to Konamiya

5. Elucia 1rst skill to Hanra

6. Lucien 1rst skill to Hanra

7. Roid 1rst skill to Konamiya

8. Elucia 1rst skill to Konamiya

9. Lucien 2nd skill to Konamiya

10. Lucien 1rst skill to Konamiya

2nd Floor – 3* (Shannon Theomars Elucia vs Cogma x2 + Briand)

Version 1:

1. Shannon 3rd skill to team

2. Elucia 3rd skill to left Cogma

3. Theomars 2rd skill to Briand

4. Shannon dies to dots

5. Elucia 1rst skill to right Cogma

6. Theomars 1rst skill to Briand

7. Elucia 1rst skill to left Cogma

8. Theomars 1rst skill to Briand

9. Elucia 3rd skill to left Cogma

10. Theomars 2nd skill to right Cogma

11. Elucia 1rst skill to right Cogma

12. Theomars 1rst skill to right Cogma

13. Elucia 1rst skill to left Cogma

Version 2: 

Shannon 3rd skill

Elucia 2nd skill on Shannon

Theomars 2nd skill on Briand

Shannon 2nd skill

Elucia 3nd skill on left imp

Theomars 1st skill on Briand

Shannon 1st skill on right imp

Elucia 2nd skill on Shannon

Theomars 1st skill on right imp

Shannon 1st skill on right imp

Elucia 2nd skill on Shannon

Shannon 3rd skill

Theomars 2nd skill on left imp

& 15. Skill 1 on last imp

3rd Floor – 3* (Ermeda Fran Chandra vs Sieq x4 + Raoq)

Version 1: 

1. Ermeda 2nd skill to enemy team 

2. Chandra 2nd skill to Ermeda 

3. Chandra 1rs skill to left Sieq

4. Fran 3rd skill to team 

5. Ermeda 1rst skill to Raoq

6. Chandra 3rd skill to enemy team 

7. Fran 1rst skill to 2nd Sieq (from left to right)

8. Ermeda 2nd skill to enemy team

9. Chandra 1rst skill to Raoq

10. Fran 1rd skill to right Sieq

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