Suffering From Back Pain? Shift To A Grid Mattress!

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People with back pain believe they should choose a super firm mattress for pain relief. But that is not the case as it can increase the stiffness instead of reducing it. Instead, they should look for a mattress that reduces the stiffness and soreness. For those suffering from back pain, it is essential to pick something that caters to their comfort and relieves pain while providing adequate, effective sleep. While there is a plethora of options that market saying they help reduce back pain, only a few actually work. A smart grid mattress is one that is good for those who have back pain. Read below to know more about it. As far as where to buy it, check out Wakefit.

What is a Grid Mattress?

There are various types of mattress materials, with each having its advantages. For instance, the spring mattress is known for its bouncy feeling, and the memory foam mattress is known for its comfort and support.What if you can have a cool mattress that can provide you with both the bouncy effect of a traditional spring mattress and the comfort of a foam mattress.

A grid mattress is the best combination of both. It is made of layers of foam to provide zonal support, with the waist aligned in line with the spine and the shoulders sinking in to provide a good sleeping posture. The top layer is made using the latest technology to create a network of grids in many sizes. This offers better air circulation when compared to a spring mattress so that you sleep cool through the night. A good quality grid mattress online is resistant to sinking, sagging, and other wear and tear and is the perfect choice for a good night’s sleep.

Why is a Grid Mattress better for Back Pain?

A grid mattress uses the latest technology to make mattresses. The result is a mattress that is the most comfortable to get sleep like never before. While the same was said for a foam mattress, the major difference is that it offers support where it is needed. It cuddles the back, neck, and shoulders and provides optimal support. It gives the right luxury and firmness with softness. Because of this cuddling effect on the pressure points, it helps to relieve pains and aches. So if you are looking for a back support mattress, a grid mattress is the best suited as it is an adaptive technology mattress that adjusts to the sleeper’s shape and provides comfort and support.

Other Features and Advantages of a Smart Grid Comfort Mattress

If your mattress is not delivering proper comfort, you should invest in a new mattress that offers pain relief as well as relaxing nights. The smart grid mattress is one such mattress. It is adaptive to the body’s shape and provides motion isolation. Some of the other features and grid mattress benefits include:

  1. Better air regulation: One of the disadvantages of a foam mattress is that it traps the body heat within and makes the sleeper hot. But the main feature of a grid mattress is that it provides air regulation. The girds on the surface are expansive and do not allow the heat to be trapped. So when you sleep on this cool grid mattress, you sleep cool. Additionally, some mattresses have an added feature. That is, it does not allow the moisture and the perspiration to be trapped as they have layers that offer temperature neutrality. So apart from not sleeping hot, depending on the weather, you do not feel too cold as it is temperature-neutral.
  2. Flexibility: The grid mattress has a bouncy top layer that offers great flexibility. It provides firmness that is not too hard or too soft and is a medium firm grid mattress that is just about the right firmness for your back. It also gives you motion isolation, the movement is not spread throughout the bed; another feature unique to this mattress is that it allows the pelvic area and the shoulders to sink in and provide the right support.
  3. Support: As mentioned earlier, the grid layer is not too firm or soft but is of perfect orthopedic use. The grid mattress has ridges and empty spaces due to the cells, and thus you get dedicated support wherever you need it as you would in an orthopedic mattress, so it is the ultimate comfort mattress.
  4. Bounce: The grid mattress acts like a spring mattress as it gives you a lot of bounce. It allows the body to sink in. Depending on the amount of bounce, you can choose a higher or a moderate version bounce.
  5. Suits all sleeping positions: If you are someone who consistently changes position while sleeping, then there is a high likelihood of pain in the lower back or body in general. When you sleep on a smart grid mattress, it provides the right comfort and gives you uninterrupted sleep. Additionally, it is available in many sizes, with the queen size grid mattress being the popular choice and the king size grid mattress being the premium choice.

Back pain is a common problem among people all over the world and sleeping on the wrong surface only makes it worse. But there is a way to prevent it by giving grid matters a try. When you sleep on it, there is no compromise on sleep or health.

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