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Stream or Download top Ariana Grande YouTube music videos in MP3 format



Ariana Grande is a famous American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has a huge fan base all over the world and if you’re are one of them and want her YouTube music videos in MP3 format, then you’re at the right place. Yes, it is possible to download all her YouTube music videos in MP3 format. For that, you’ll just require an extraordinary app installed on your phone calledYouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced: Major Features

YouTube Vancedis a brand new YouTube client on an Android device. It is one of the most user-friendly YouTube video downloader apps. With YouTube Vanced, you can stream and download all your favorite YouTube content for free! To install YouTube Vancedapk, it does not need root access and it offers a wide range of features.

Block YouTube Ads

Though it is the same as YouTube, you don’t have to wait to skip the ads because it automatically blocks all the ads and gives you ad free experience.

Sync YouTube Subscriptions

You can sync all your subscribed YouTube channels in just one click. It saves your precious time.

Supports HD Video Downloads

Liked any YouTube video? Then download it on your phone’s storage. You can download YouTube videos in HD quality max up to 4K (depending on whether your phone supports it).

Supports Background Audio Play

Now you can listen to any YouTube video song even if your phone’s screen is off. Its amazing background audio play feature will not interrupt your music experience ever.

How you can stream or download top Ariana Grande YouTube music videos in MP3 format inYouTube Vanced?

Step 1: Get the YouTube Vanced APK from its official website

Clickhere to visit the official website ofYouTube Vanced and download the APK on your phone. Now you have to give your browser access to install YouTube Vanced on your android device.

Please note that you have to enable the app installation feature from unknown sources on your phone in advance. For this, go to Settings > Security option > and enable “Allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store”.

Step 2: Search ‘arianagrande songs’ in the search bar

After installing the app on your phone, open it and search for ‘arianagrande songs’ in the search bar of the app. You will get the search results as shown in the below given image.

Step 3: Select the music video you want to download in MP3 format

After selecting the proper video, just click on the download button as shown in the below given image.

Step 4: Select the audio quality as per your choice

After clicking on the download button, you are now on the next page where you can choose the Audio option, then select the audio quality as per your choice and click on the OK button. Your MP3 song will be downloaded in no time with lighting fast speed.

Yes, it is this simple! In this way, you can use YouTube Vanced to get all kinds of videos and audios on your phone. The downloaded videos can be accessed offline without any issue via your phone’s storage, video/gallery app, or the YouTube Vanced library. Get ‘advanced’ withYouTube Vanced. Try it now!

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How To Pick The Best Branding Agency



Various marketing and advertising tools and techniques have opened doors for business owners around the world. And branding takes center stage. Without a brand, you cannot grasp opportunities that propel your business to the next level. Everyone has a name to identify them, so why not give your enterprise an identity?

Branding is beneficial for your company in numerous ways. It helps:

  • Increase the value of your business
  • Provide direction, inspiration, and motivation to your staff
  • Gain new customers easily

 However, with so many choices available, the process may be daunting. Hiring the wrong agency could have a detrimental impact on your brand development efforts and overall growth. On the flip side, when you outsource the right service provider, you gain access to expert service in operations such as digital branding, mobile app design, website design, and SEO.

What To Look For

  1. Their level of expertise

It is common to believe that an agency with years of experience in the marketing field will provide the best results. The truth is, this might be true, or it may be a misconception. Therefore use other criteria to gauge their level of expertise. An excellent place to begin is with colleagues. If the branding agency is any good, it will have garnered a reputation in the industry. People will recommend such companies.

Check the agency’s website and go through their portfolio. Evaluate past projects to determine the firm’s suitability to work with your brand. Can they offer consistent results and adhere to a delivery schedule? Never compromise on reliability in the service industry. Opt for a branding agency that comes highly recommended.

  • What values do they uphold?

The branding agency you hire should provide services in line with your company’s values and mission. How you work together to achieve common goals and build your brand’s awareness is very important. Make a point of having a meeting with the firm you consider to choose to assess your chemistry.

  • What other services do they provide?

The marketing sector is highly competitive. As such, the primary focus of businesses is obtaining business from clients. Therefore, increasingly more agencies are providing all-under-the-same-roof solutions to enhance brand awareness. For instance, some austin web design companies, such as Digitech, offer all-inclusive services to help you move your brand beyond today’s trends.

  • Future scalability plans

The right branding agency is abreast of the latest marketing trends. Opt for a firm that can fulfill your scalability requirements should they arise in the future. Get the company you consider hiring up to speed with your business’ current scope and future plans.

  • The Cost

Every branding agency offers different price packages. Make a point of asking for quotations to compare the prices. Then consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend on branding endeavors? Opt for an affordable agency without compromising on the quality of service.

Tip For Thought

The branding agency you choose to work with should understand the image you would like to portray. They should have your best interests at heart to offer solutions that will help your business grow. Branding gives power to any business.

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Why Ecommerce Developers Prefer Shopify in 2020?



Shopify is not exactly new anymore. However, it has become one of the most preferred eCommerce development platforms. So, Shopify in 2020! What it brings and why eCommerce developers are always recommending Shopify over many other platforms?

For starters, Shopify and all its new updates are based around ease of use for developers, storeowners, and end-users. Shopify in 2020 is now the go-to eCommerce development platform for more reasons than one. Theme customizations are better and easier than ever.

Today, you simply have such a wide range of store theme options that customization is on another level. Shopify has support from thousands of developers worldwide that keep adding new options every day. Read through to find out why eCommerce developers prefer Shopify in 2020:

Shopify Provides Easy Control for Developers

Shopify combines domain purchasing and hosting into one. In addition to that, you get all hosting and domain-relevant support on the one platform. It was so easy for developers to forget the renewal dates for their hosting and domain purchases. Shopify in 2020 has made it much simpler.

Easy domain and hosting management options are available with Shopify. You can also setup automated monthly fee direct debits from connected bank accounts. This way, there will never be a problem with expired domains or expired hosting subscriptions. Life is easier on Shopify for eCommerce developers.

Taking control of many other features on Shopify in 2020 is a lot easier. Automated price reductions and discounts can be added based on time factors. Store-wide discounts on yearly events are easier than ever here too. Overall, there is a lot of easy control now available in Shopify for eCommerce developers.

Shopify Offers Easy Store Customizations

Do you have a fashion clothing eCommerce store requirement?

Are you looking for an automobile parts e-commerce store in Shopify?

Do you need a women’s undergarments eCommerce Shopify store?

Shopify in 2020 is one of the most versatile and customizable eCommerce store development platforms. There are dedicated already developed themes available for just about every eCommerce store niche. Additionally, these premade themes are the easiest to further customize as well.

Store customizations on the aesthetics side of things are more versatile than ever in the latest Shopify iterations. Developers can do these customizations quicker than ever as well. The whole interface is perfected around easy quick customizations. Few clicks are required to get any design customizations.

Multi-Store Management for International Business

For large eCommerce stores that sell internationally, multiple stores can now be managed under one Shopify store account. You have the option for sub-domains that provide a perfect implementation for large eCommerce stores selling to different market segments.

Managing more than one Shopify accounts and their respective stores on Shopify is easier than before too. A lot of time-saving implementations have made Shopify in 2020 the most trusted platform for developers. Ecommerce developers that also have to manage multiple stores, find this very useful.

Not only that, but you can also do product listings across multiple stores in a much more organized way. Listed products on Shopify can also be integrated into social media feeds easily. Overall, developers and eCommerce store managers find the platform very much updated and easy to use.

Shopify Offers Enhanced Security Options

Frankly, almost all eCommerce development platforms are moving towards securer options for developers. Shopify in 2020 is leading the charge and providing developers with enhanced security options. Developers at Shopify are always working to improve security features for everyone.

From secure payment options integrated into the system to more resistance to hacking, Shopify is now the platform to be. Ecommerce developers also find it much easier to provide listed product security. Product content gets allocated to the first store that uses it and cannot be copied across the platform.

Advanced CMS support has benefitted Shopify eCommerce developers greatly too. Secure codes in the background ensure reliable modules integration across the platform for developers. Overall, it is now a lot more trusted by eCommerce developers for its added security benefits.

Intuitive and Persuading Promotion Displays on Stores

Shopify in 2020 with its modern store-wide options has made it easy for promotion displays in persuading ways. Ecommerce developers and store managers can now easily display discounts on all or selected listed products on the store. Main page discount displays are also available for developers.

Much more intuitive and persuading store-wide promotional discount displays are now possible with Shopify. The platform is fully eCommerce based and makes it possible for storeowners and developers to come up with new ideas. You can select product categories to put promotional discounts on easily.

For developers, being able to do this quickly and in bulk helps save lots of time. In the past, each product had to be worked on individually. Shopify in 2020 and the times to come makes it possible to work quickly and more efficiently. Options can be selected for automatic time elapsed based discounts as well.

No Shortage of Support Worldwide

Finally, Shopify is one of the most well-supported eCommerce platforms available today. Developers from all over the world are always offering solutions for every problem. Additionally, there are widgets, APIs, and add-ons available for almost every imaginable requirement for store developers.

Shopify in 2020 continues to be supported by thousands of developers. What eCommerce developers find very useful is that for every problem, there is a central unified support system. You don’t have to go anywhere else to find support for any of your problems on the platform.

Multiple language support for eCommerce developers from around the world is available at all times. If you can find a problem, there will almost surely be a solution waiting around the corner. It is simply a smooth seamless experience for eCommerce developers with Shopify in 2020.


Shopify in 2020 is one of the most trusted eCommerce development platforms for developers, store owners, and end-users alike. It is also one of the highest values for money feature-packed eCommerce platforms. Ecommerce developers find so many options to develop and manage stores.

For businesses looking to join the eCommerce race, it is important to find the right Shopify web development expert. By getting the right service from the right service providers, a business can expand and grow much more quickly. Shopify as a platform will keep on adding new features into the system.

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Confront the Challenge of Choosing the Right Enterprise Database Systems




When it comes to database administration, enterprise decision-makers understanding largely differ. With too many DBMS choices and various strategies in database administration, this question of choice of the database becomes even more complicated. A decade back, when someone thought of adopting an enterprise database, there was only one choice as relational SQL DBs. However, now things have changed largely. You can find many new generation databases, too, as NoSQL and NewSQL, which had become largely popular lately.

As the choice became more confusing, we will discuss a few fundamental things to know and note while planning to acquire an enterprise DB. Both decision-makers and database administrators need to have a fair understanding of the enterprise goals against the available features in various databases to make an appropriate decision. So, further, we will discuss some essential tips to note.

Your data volume

As of late, one important consideration while thinking of an enterprise database is the storage of data. As data sources are ever-increasing from pos stations to surveillance camera info, anything related to customer touchpoints is now becoming valuable data to enterprises. Along with these, internal info like employee and stakeholder details, historical data related to business, everything needs to go into an enterprise database for storage. A good database must store and process all this information to be considered a viable DBMS for any enterprise.

Structure of data

Along with data volume, which is ever-increasing, the structure of data is also changing largely. As we have seen above, the traditional relational SQL DBs are meant to handle structured data. In contrast, many of the latest data available from various sources are either semi-structured or unstructured. Big data applications can effectively process any type of data for analytical purposes, but the requirement is for a mighty database to backup such applications. NoSQL has proved out to be much efficient in handling structure-less data, and the latest generation NewSQL DBs too can do this job well. There are many SQL databases too now getting revamped to meet the objective of handling various data.

The objective of enterprise databases

As we discussed, the requirement of a database differs from organization to organization, and it is important to consider the enterprise goals to choose an appropriate DB. For some organizations, a database’s primary objective is to store their limited volume of data to be queried and retrieve the needed information from time to time. Proper upkeep of the structured data and effective querying capabilities are the requirements here, which can be achieved through a strong SQL DB as MySQL or MS SQL. 

In some other cases, as in a research organization, the goal may be to compile various random data inputs from different sources and analyze the same for identifying trends or getting any actionable insight from it. In such cases, the database objective also changes to the same. You need to log for any database engine that will support machine learning and big data applications for this purpose. For those who cannot analyze the requirements in light of the enterprise’s primary objectives, it is recommended to get assistance from expert consultants like RemoteDBA, who can offer you support

It is not just an SQL vs. NoSQL choice.

You may be finding many articles discussing the pros and cons of SQL vs. NoSQL DBs. While these can offer you some insight into the differences and benefits of one against the other, most of these article writers tend to miss out on some major factors for the yes-or-no decision-makers to take up. As we have discussed above, the primary need is to select a database that supports the right structure of your data, size of data or data volume, and the speed and performance requirements of the applications.

As in the case of SQL and NoSQL, the structure of data focuses primarily on the need to store or retrieve the data. Modern-day applications deal with data in various formats. So the selection of the right database will include picking the right data structure for storage and retrieval of more important data. If you select the right data structure for your enterprise data, then your application may require further tweaks in the development efforts to work around such issues and may not be able to scale up or down as needed.

The data size is about the quantity of your data, which needed to be stored and retrieved from your database. The database’s speed and scale address the time taken for a database to cater effectively to the incoming reads and writes of the applications. Some databases are custom designed to optimize the read-heavy applications while some other focus primarily on write-heavy applications. The selection of the right database will help you handle the I/O needs of the apps and go a long way to bringing up a scalable architecture.

Data modeling will come into help

Doing proper data modeling will help you map the features of your applications effectively into the data structure you need to implement. Starting from the fundamental conceptual model, you can start identifying the nature of data entities, related attributes, and the entity relationships which you may need to process. As you need to go through this tiresome process, it will further become much clearer that the data types and structures you have to implement. You can further ruse these structural considerations to select the apt category database, which can serve your applications’ needs at best. 

In terms of proper data modeling, you can consider whether you need to have a relational, document-oriented, key-value, column-oriented, or graph store data structure to see which one is apt for you. Each of these is meant to serve a specific purpose, which you need to evaluate and identify which one matches your need the best. If you are uncertain about this talk to professionals and they can guide you the best way. You must be sure that it will work for your business effortlessly. 

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How to Launch a Secure E-Commerce Store This Holiday Season



Wildcard SSL certificate

This holiday season, it is time for more celebration, sales, and security too. It is of high pertinence that all the transactions on your e-commerce store take place with umpteen security. This will not only augment your online business but also let your customers revert more often. Now, when the holiday season is kicking in, many brick and mortar stores are racing to venture into the online format.

But before you set your foot into the world of online e-commerce, you must do your homework and know some dos and don’ts. There are many cybersecurity considerations that you must get your hands washed off before they sell you out. Here is enlisted a checklist of 5 such great tips that will tell you more about launching a secured e-commerce store this holiday. Let us begin.

·Choose a Secured Platform, to begin with

·Invest in trustworthy Cybersecurity Solutions

·Install a Web Application Firewall

·Yes, to being PI compliant

·Get an SSL Certificate

Choose a Secured Platform, to begin with

No matter how your business’s structure is, be it with an only online presence or even if you are venturing into one, you must opt for a secured e-commerce platform. And how do you check the security of your site? Look for only those sites that are approved with a wildcard SSL certificate. When it can integrate with an SSL certificate, rest assured it will be compatible with a stellar security solution that fits you.

Aside from this, do ensure that the platform you choose is appropriately maintained. It should have the strength to track and patch security vulnerabilities as fast as possible without causing any hindrance. By selecting a platform that renders both of these, you will soon see how your website is configured to match the basic secured amenities.

Invest in trustworthy Cybersecurity Solutions

To protect your e-commerce site from all kinds of cyber threats, it is a must to invest in reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity solutions. Even if you have a small-scale business or are currently dealing with a large organization having thousands of clients, you do need cybersecurity, come what may. Sowhat do we do in such a case?

For starters, begin with using an automatic site scanner. It will help you run timely scans that can quickly detect security vulnerabilities and identify severe malware that can cause issues and question your security. Not only that, it will naturally delete all the malware even before you know it. Your site is visited by a substantial audience now and then. It would help if you gave them the trust to come back for some more. Further, this will simmer down on the unnecessary churn rates as well.

Install a Web Application Firewall

When you install a web application firewall or WAF, you add an extra layer of security there. They help your website to develop a good health status. Not just that, it will monitor all the traffic that you receive on your site and clear out all the web-based threats and attacks that are malicious for you.

This is where this tool comes into rescue and filters out all the inadvertent issues that might fall your way. By deploying a web application firewall, you create a shield between the web applications and the internet. You can see it like a kind of reverse-proxy that protects the server from exposure by letting the user go through the firewall even before they can reach the server. Over and above, it will prevent cyberattacks before they can arrive at your computer as well.

Yes, to being PI compliant

It is a given that a website needs to be PCI (or payment card industry) compliant. PCI compliance refers to the standard operating policy that you are following a set of security measures that allows all the sensitive information of any card transaction securely– be it a credit card or debit card. Most of the transactions on your site would take place over a card.

And when a user sees that you are PCI compliant, they will not have to worry about the security aspect, which works in your favor.

Even though you run a small business, it is better to safeguard yourself for the customer’s sake to get yourself one of these. It has become more accessible than ever for cybercriminals to hack into your private information via card transactions. Therefore better watch out and get yourself guarded right away.

Get an SSL Certificate

As it is time for the holiday season, you will be seeing customers more than the regular times. All you do in favor of security your website will rule out if you do not get an SSL or secure socket layer certificate. The importance of an SSL certificate is to take care of a user’s data and the site when information is transferred from a site to the server. You should know that your customer can quickly figure out if you have the Wildcard SSL certificate or not.

All they need to do is check for the S at the end of an HTTP link address. The ‘S’ at the end shows that the site is secured, and they can trust the website for the transaction, and they have nothing to worry about. Also, the extra ‘S’ shows that their private information has been encrypted and transferred to a trusted connection so that the cybercriminals will not be able to hack it.

That is a Wrap

Now that the holiday bells are here, you need to ensure you are ready to let your customer celebrate with happiness. And this starts with you. It all depends on you to give them a safety-packed customer experience that does all the talking and saves you the deal. Get yourself all the security, as mentioned earlier, and show them how you are making their holiday special.

It might ruin their holiday if they see some red flags in your site, which can lead to a higher churn or attrition volume. You get a chance to render happiness, so why the wait? Get your site and the customers the security they need and see the difference for yourself. Hence, take all preventive steps and see how your business booms with the utmost security.

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Is Intel Core i7 9700k good for streaming



Intel Core i7

A good CPU with multi-tasking features, and smooth performance is a must thing for every streamers out there. No one likes if it lags, or interrupts during live streaming. Though the CPU is not the only component on which perfect streaming depends, it also is not something to be neglected. However, if you have an awesome PSU as well as RAM, it will lessen the pressure on the CPU. For a perfect streaming, you at least need a good motherboard, PSU, RAM, CPU, and a better cooling system. In this article, we will come to a conclusion whether i7 9700k is good for streaming or not. Another important point: you will get a better result if you research and get the best motherboard, RAM, and also PSU for i7 9700K. Which means, you have to consider the components compatibility. 

Intel Core i7 9700K may not be the best choice but it is one of the most chosen processors for streaming and gaming. Since it has multi-tasking ability, it can run several applications at a time. So, users face no problem while streaming. The i7 9700K has a default clock speed at 3.6 GHz. However, it can let you get high boost clocks at 4.9 GHz and can go up to 5.2 GHz too. It offers pretty fast performance for which your game won’t suffer from anything worse like low frame rates or dropped frames. 

It needs no say that CPU is extremely important for streaming. Why is that? Because the processor or CPU encodes your stream into video which is directly sent to your viewers’ PC, TV, or phones. The process of encoding, sending it to destination, again decoding it, and presenting on the screen- all happens within some milliseconds. And, it could only happen thanks to your CPU. If your CPU is powerful enough, there will be no interruption, or screen tearing during the process as it is in real-time. 

The Core i7 9700K is of 8/8 cores and threads with no hyper-threading system. It is certainly powerful enough for streaming. If you choose this, you won’t regret it but you’re still considering, then there are some other options. Because a good thing and the best thing definitely has some differences. 

It is not like that this CPU is not good for streaming. Rather, it is a budget and also of suitable specs’ CPU at a time. In case, you have a little higher budget you can check i9 9900K. Core i9 9900K supports hyperthreading and it can provide an excellent performance with more cores. On the other hand, for the beginners, it is best to have an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 because of  its price and being a mid-tier CPU.   

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