Stock Twits: Making Trade Reliable

Traders Union recommended a platform for gaining information about trade decisions, named as Stock Twits. Stock Twits is a social platform offers their users free information related trade that guide them to make accurate investment decisions.

About Stock Twits:-

StockTwits is a social messaging site for traders to gain knowledge about latest updates about market situations. Its main focus is on stock exchange traders, this platform provide access to expert views and ideas.

Through mobile applications private can take part in trading activities and can access brokers.

Features Provided By Stock Twits:-

Stock Twits offer free access for traders to communicate with each other having same interests. It provides different features like:


Stock Twit assist traders through messaging facility, traders and experts share their ideas, experiences and many leads for investors to make precise decision. It includes graphics, visuals, charts, and other tools.

Latest updates:-

Stock Twit make their users update about latest news and trends in market. It helps traders to predict the circumstances and profitable investment.


Stock Twits provide different assets regarding their ratings, this also assist trader towards the right decision.


This trading platform offers a feature that provides privacy for discussing innovative ideas about trade group of people create a group where room creator set rules. It includes two kind of room: one for free and for second you have to pay.

Registration on Stock Twits:-

A trader can easily get access to the platform and register himself just by adding e-mail. After signing up an account trader can get news and information regarding different trends.

Trader can also give his own views and suggestions by writing messages. Also can ask questions and create rooms with other professionals or partners.

Affiliation & Bonuses on Stock Twits:-

Stock Twit is not affiliated, it just provide information about trade trends and earn through paid advertisement.

Stock Twit also doesn’t offer any bonuses directly, but facilitate users with their own clothing stores.

Tools on Stock Twit:-

Stock Twit offers different tools after signing up account that helps trader to get more benefits for trading like:

Earning Calendars:-

Stock twits facilitate with earning calendars to their users. This calendar shows a list of companies arranged according to their status so it makes easy for trader to select best for him.

This calendar also provides information about security of assets. It offers an option to their users where they can see pricing graph of different shares.

Broker’s links:-

Robinhood broker’s send links to their customers on stock twits that make it more reliable for trading assets.

Graphic Map:-

 Stock twit offer another tool that is heatmap; through this map a trader can differentiate different market sentiments like cost inclination however positive or negative.


Here we saw how we can earn using stock twits. Indeed this is the best platform for traders to make a great decision for beneficial investment. This leads traders towards a healthy profit.

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