Stevotherapper is a 2021 Artist On The Rise

Stevotherapper is an on the rise artist from Irvington, New Jersey. This artist saw past the norm, he made a difference and steered from the rest of the crowd. He was published in many articles and news sources, he has performed in crowds that have held more than one thousand people in attendance. He came from Irvington, NJ where not a lot of the youth made it out, he was lucky to continue his career path at 16 years old. He is humble, but he feels that people view others who are humble to be weak. Stevotherapper is able to put himself in other people’s shoes. He is easy going and understanding. Stevotherapper net worth is now rounded up close to $50k and climbing. Stevotherapper went from growing up in an impoverished town known as Irvington New Jersey to signing after with Sony. He is a role model to all in and around his community. He ‘s made it out ! He is working hard this year with his new deal and new content for his fans. He grew up around a lot of violence but he chose to keep my head down and do right for the sake of my family. He has always loved making music but didn’t start actually recording until the age of 17.Since then he has done shows with crowds of over 1,000 people and he prays that in the future it’ll be 10 times that.

He has a plan to do right by my mother and father because they did everything for him with such little. It is his time to give back.

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Christophe Rude

Christophe Rude

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