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Step by Step guide on how to fix Internet connection on your pc



With the ever-increasing number of smart home devices, online gaming platforms, and video streaming services, we have become highly dependant on a strong internet connection. Loss of internet connection for even a short period can be way frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of something important. That could happen due to many reasons, ranging from a power outage to having issues within the OS itself. If you have a dedicated internet service provider, there’s a high chance the problem lies at your end. By dedicated, we mean a provider that does not fail in terms of high speed, reliability, and prices. In case you’re trying to get a dedicated connection with economical prices, do check out AT&T Internet to get the most reliable internet with the best deals. 

Below we have gathered some important tips to make your life easier in terms of resolving internet issues. So, next time before you make a phone call to your provider to file a complaint about your connection, make sure to follow these tips to troubleshoot your internet connection and feel proud of being a great technician. 

Trying different browser and device:

Starting with the most basic operation, as soon as you run out of internet access, try opening up another website and move on to a different browser later on. If none of these tips seem to work, grab another device and check if you have access to it. If that second device is connected to the internet, you can limit the issue to one device only or move on to the following steps. 

Check Hardware/LAN cable:

Although it sounds dumb, yet cabling could be the most common reason for internet loss. Always make sure to check if your cable is plugged in properly into your modem and device. Normal wear and tear can often cause this problem where it does not connect the devices securely together. Even if the cable seems to be perfectly fine, you may still try changing the cable if you’re not 100% confident about the cable’s reliability. 

Secondly, if you are connected over Wi-Fi, see if the router is ON and that the wireless card is enabled on the laptop. If the problem stays, unplug the router and wait for a bit before you restart it. Wait for the lights to become stable before continuing. 

Turn Off Firewall/Anti-Virus Programs: 

This could be a second big reason for bad connections. Everyone tends to buy internet protection suites to keep themselves safe from malware, viruses, or any external threat that could have devastating consequences to their data. This, in turn, have a demerit of affecting your internet connection. Hence, you can try turning off the firewall to see if it makes any difference. However, disabling everything once to make sure it’s not the security software causing the Internet problem is recommended. 

Troubleshooting Your Computer:

If everything seems to be fine with your router and modem, it is time to make some changes to your computer. If you’re connected wirelessly, double-check to see if you’re connected to the right network. Disconnect from the network and reconnect after a while and let the computer connect it completely before you proceed ahead. If the network connects successfully but you’re still unable to browse the internet, you need to troubleshoot within the system. To do so, open ‘network connections’ from the start menu, right-click on the ‘connection’ and select ‘diagnose’, keep following the windows network troubleshooting guide, and let it take its time while it configures the situation. If even after this process, you still face the same issue, restart your system and see if you’re able to get the connection back. If you are a Linux user you can also install jenkins on ubuntu see the full guide.

Connecting directly to the modem:

If you’re getting signals from the router but still not able to access the internet, this may be due to inadequate signals from the router. Try connecting the ethernet cable directly to your pc, bring up the command prompt from the Start menu, type ‘ipconfig/release’, and wait a few seconds. Type ‘ipconfig/release’ afterward and you will see a list of values showing up in the cmd. Test your connection for one last time and there are high chances you will get your internet back by this time and if you do, it’s time to get your current router repaired, or might even have to buy a new one. 

Last hope; Contact ISP:

So far you have tried almost everything from your end, if the problem still persists, it is the right time you schedule a service call with your provider. Your internet might have been blocked due to various reasons, non-payment of billings being one of them, a lot of spam being originated, or illegal downloads of the stuff could be another major reason. Moreover, it could be just that a new connection from the pole to your house is required or the equipment being outdated, which needs to be replaced at the earliest. Your ISP will be able to connect directly to your router to figure out the issue and will resolve the matter real quick. 

Wrapping up:

One way or another, you will be able to get the internet connection back if you follow all these steps mentioned above. They will not only save a ton of your time but will also prove to be a cure to your headache. If nothing seems to go in your favor, you always have the option of contacting the cable company and get a technician to come over to your place to solve the matter. 

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Low Power Graphic Cards: best for a competitive gamer or a streamer



People who are fond of playing games and good streamers always need the best low power graphic cards as both spend many hours on their PC and that is the more use of power activity. 

More use of electricity outputs the more bills. Because the PC consumes more electricity during gaming or streaming. So, it is necessary to have the best low-power graphic cards on the PC that reduces your electricity usage. Both people need more strong performance with more effective usage so that their bill doesn’t come more enough. Many low-power graphic cards don’t use any external power. These low-power graphic cards don’t need any attachment with your PSU to perform. 

Their performance is effective and consumes the power slowly from the motherboard. With having these graphic cards, you can play different games such as CyberPunk 2077, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, and GTA 5, and many more at a very low cost. Streaming and gaming require more time and high performance with best-quality features.

You can buy one from many best low power graphic card such as ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1650, MSI GeForce GTX 1650, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, ASUS Radeon RX 460 4GB, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, Biostar Radeon RX 550, Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, MSI Radeon RX 550 AERO and many more. 

Let’s discuss one from them for your satisfaction. 

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1650 has the maximum number of cores which are in little size graphic cards. It makes it the top product on the list of graphic cards. It has no external power and has 75watts of electricity usage. It offers 60fps on different games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p resolution. If you want to review these graphic cards, try them on this game because it is designed optimized and needs more heavy hardware in terms of high graphics.  

Graphic cards with GTX 1650 are optimized to use less space and delivers more results. If you have used the Graphic card with 1665 MHz, you might be aware of its performance. It has the chip that makes the better speed of the clock. There is a limitation of memory clock speed for the PCIe 3.0 but if you use it, you will get the best low power graphic card that is in your reach for PC to play heavy games. 

The GPU has 160mm in length can be very simple to use and it runs the game very smoothly. The conditions for PSU are not more than enough. It requires 300watt power to charge this through the motherboard. You can use this for your online gaming sessions such as Dota 2, CS: GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, and many more. 

We have discussed only one graphic card for the review. There are more Graphic cards to discuss. Always look for the graphic card by keeping these elements in mind graphic cards power consumption, PCI express, Cores, Core frequency, and Memory size.

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Best Choices for the Right Accounting Software for your Business



accounting software

If you are looking for more complete support for all areas of your company, it is worthwhile to roll up your sleeves and study what the market offers. Many of the offers are expensive, but in return they ensure process optimization by speeding up operations and consequently saving time. Despite the possibility of a considerable initial investment, therefore, the success of your business will benefit. The practicality of accounting software consists is that they are usually sold in two different packages: a basic one, generally free, and a premium one with more functions, for a fee. The second type of package is modular, which means that it can be composed according to your business needs.

Basic Package or Scalable Package

This division gives companies a lot of space and allows them to create a completely tailor-made management solution. If the company is small, a basic version will suffice; in this case the great advantage is that it will be able to resort to open source management software. While if the company is large, it will be able to take advantage of the modularity of a premium package, paying only for the functions it needs. The necessary functions must be carefully considered, since a complete package is not necessarily needed: on the contrary, in some cases you risk paying dearly for a version with functions that you don’t even need.

With these criteria at hand, all that remains is to proceed with the search. There is countless accounting management tools on the market, each with specific functions designed to meet various business needs. Below we present the best ones, starting from the most advanced range.

Choose Good Warehouse Management Software

Good warehouse management software must start with an excellent classification and management of items, based on their individual attributes, and then understands the management of barcodes, bills of materials, order preparation and shipments.

Micro Enterprise Structure

For micro enterprises there are elementary applications, which ensure minimum activities: generally they are limited to inventory management, loading and unloading of goods and inventory management. This software can then be integrated with sector management procedures, such as those for shops, which require specific software packages to manage activities.

Complex Business Structure

In slightly more complex business situations, the warehouse management program must guarantee a more articulated management and, above all, must integrate with the other processes. For example, it must guarantee the management of stocks, inventories and reorders, must be able to use the reading of bar codes, must manage the bill of materials, production and so on. For some companies it is necessary to request a customization of this software management.

Analytical Accounting

As for the more specific functions, for example, about orders and management control to manage analytical accounting through cost centers and orders, in addition to project profitability. Furthermore, the programs make it possible to manage maintenance contracts and all scheduled interventions, as well as to create reports on sales and purchase data and so on.

These are therefore programs that have become indispensable over time and which are becoming increasingly useful for any type of company. On the other hand, digitization is a process that has been underway for some time and the various entrepreneurial realities cannot help but adapt and exploit all the potential that the world of technology offers. As already mentioned above, the inventory management software must be equipped with functionalities depending on the managerial and strategic characteristics of the company concerned.

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Essential Real Estate CRM Features and Functionality



Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the real estate industry continues to grow in India. It was expected to touch a mark of $180bn by the end of 2020. Real estate CRM software plays a pivotal role in achieving such whopping sales figures even in a crisis. However, choosing the right Real Estate CRM for your company can be quite cumbersome, given the presence of innumerable generic CRMs in the market. 

Before narrowing down your search window for the most appropriate Real Estate CRM software for your company, you need to:

  • Weigh your requirements properly. 
  • Capitalise on the freebies. 
  • Keep your focus on software that is lightweight, simple to operate, and syncs with the cloud.
  • Ensure that it is compatible and user-friendly.

For any business, increasing the sales figure by acquiring new customers is the prime motto and the ultimate mantra for success and prosperity. A well-versed and uniquely tailor-made CRM software can make this job simple and help convert leads into real-time customers for your real estate business.

A rewarding CRM team takes charge of everything from lead generation, tracking, and following up to monitoring the marketing campaign, thereby converting prospective customers to paying ones.

Real Estate CRM Features

The basic CRM features for a Real Estate business should include the following:

Sales Automation

Having an effective CRM team eases Real Estate lead management to a great extent. It is a herculean task for sales executives to manage leads. An ideal Real Estate CRM software helps automate agent notifications and assists in reminding, attending, and reacting to leads at a much quicker pace.

It is extremely important to capitalise on a new lead and assign it to the concerned team as soon as it enters your system. Remember, time lost is lead lost, and a lead lost is money lost. 

Categorising and Segmenting Leads

Before designing a strategy for engaging your leads, you first need to categorise them based on factors like location, preferences, financial standing, demographics, and so on. For instance, a buyer looking for a house in Mumbai can be best satisfied when assigned to a sales executive who is a local in Mumbai.

This way, he would be able to suggest to him the best places to live in. Keeping in mind the budget, location preference, and so on, CRM software with a lead segmentation feature can make things much easier both for the Real Estate company and the prospective buyer. Moreover, lead segmentation even assists in sending relevant messages to all communication channels.

Drag and Drop Landing Pages

Real Estate firms generally have multiple projects running simultaneously. Under such circumstances, creating landing pages for every project can be extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, CRM software features for a Real Estate company must have an in-built landing page that enables you to create responsive landing pages instantly for your projects without wasting time. This helps immensely when multiple marketing campaigns are run simultaneously across different channels.

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

The success of any business is all about how you have been able to trap your leads, converted them into real-time buyers, and how satisfied they are with your services as your customers. Hence, all these interactions need to be monitored and recorded, and this can be done through the lead activity-tracking feature of CRM software.

Right from the arrival of a lead on your landing page till its closure and even beyond, this feature ensures a smooth sailing customer experience and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Again, differentiating your leads using in-built criteria in the CRM software feature helps define your leads under high, medium, and low quality.

This lead scoring feature, in turn, makes the job of the sales team simpler in identifying and capitalising on the best closure opportunities. This categorisation gives them a vivid idea of who they have to attend to first at any given point in time. 

Lead Activity Tracking and Lead Scoring

Another mandatory feature of Real Estate CRM software is its accessibility on smartphones through a mobile app. This provides flexibility and provides the sales team with an easy go-ahead for responding to inquiries instantly, even while on the move. This way, they do not need to wait to get back to the office to respond to a customer. Who knows, the interim time loss may lead to the loss of a lead.

Final Take

CRM software for Real Estate business is an indispensable part of its success and growth. It is the perfect result-driven solution that helps maintain sky-rocketing growth in the market through their real estate business’s smooth running. Hence, the one that comes stacked with all the above features is the apt choice for any Real Estate firm in today’s fast-moving, technologically oriented market.

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Sites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 that are Secure and Reliable



YouTube to MP3

We all recognize that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform for watching and uploading content for free. It includes a wide range of videos that appeal to a wide range of viewers. Music lovers visit YouTube in search of the most well-known pop songs, which can often be viewed there. Many people want to download MP3s from YouTube so that they can listen to free music on the go. Although there are several methods for ripping audio from YouTube, many users still prefer to use a web-based program. This because online resources do not need any installation and thus do not take up any hard drive space on your device. There are several easy Online YouTube to MP3 Converter sites that can be used by beginners with ease. A subpar method, but on the other hand, could be unsuccessful and even infect your computer virus. To help you avoid these problems, we’ve compiled a list of the most valuable and clean resources available.

Browsing Youtube

But before we all get started, let’s clear up one contentious thing. Is this sort of download and conversion legal? Based on the video. You can convert and share your own YouTube videos, as well as public realm and non-copyrighted material; simply search YouTube for public domain and non-copyrighted content. However, without the permission of the owner, you cannot legally transform and download copyright videos.

Apowersoft free video to MP3

Free Video to MP3 is a fantastic site for converting YouTube to MP3 because it can download YouTube videos in MP3 format straight away. It could also snatch audio from a variety of websites, namely Veoh, DailyMotion, MySpace, Vevo, and several others. This tool has an essential phenomenon in that it allows users to select desired output formats such as MP3, ACC, WMA, WAV, and so on. Simply copy the URL of a YouTube video and insert it into the URL box of the tool, then press the Convert icon to convert the video to MP3 format. The output configuration menu appears on the current page in no time. Select the exact MP3 file you want to download and press the Download icon.

Video Grabber

Many people will use Video Grabber to import videos from the internet. It is, in reality, one of the most useful sites for translating YouTube to MP3. It includes a video editor and an online converter in response to the downloading feature. Press time the URL of the YouTube video and Video Grabber will detect the video and install it in MP3 format. Wait till the video and audio have been recorded. Users can then opt to save the video as an MP3 file. This website complies with both Mac and Windows operating systems.


Next up is FLVto, a YouTube-to-video-and-audio-conversion app. It works similarly to other online applications that require a video URL. After you’ve pasted the URL into the designated region, select MP3 from the drop-down menu and click the “Conversion to” button to begin the conversion. FLVto is one of the best YouTube to MP3 converter websites, enabling you to choose from a variety of analog output formats in contrast to MP3. You may also contact the transferred file.

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How Can Automated Software Support HR Professionals




Automated Software Support HR Professionals

Global human resources research and advisory firm Josh Bersin Research has revealed that the biggest change in the HR technology market is the spread of human resources applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration to support a broad set of work activities. Other evolutions in the HR tech market include an increasing corporate determination to improve the overall employee experience and the growth of HR tools designed for employees as well as HR executives.

The report, HR Technology 2021: A Definitive Guide, stated that one of the crucial changes in the HR technology market is the shift from “human resources” to “Work Tech,” evidenced by the pervasive spread of HR applications into areas beyond payroll and employee administration, as mentioned earlier. This is a tremendous change that underlines how in an age of rapid digital transformation everything that happens at work is now a series of activities that can be facilitated by technology.

Since automated software for HR managers is the talk of the town lately, in this blog, we will tell you how such systems actually support HR professionals. So, without further ado, let us dive into the blog.

Streamlines HR Processes

If we talk about manual and outdated methods, they require an equal amount of human intervention and supervision. That means HR professionals are supposed to invest a large chunk of their time and energy to carry out every operation. Now, such a working model not just drops down the overall efficiency of HR professionals but also keeps them away from critical operations that can add value to the business. This is when HR management software comes into the picture.

One of the best things about such systems is that they are fully automatic technologies. That means HRs can carry out time-consuming processes in just a few clicks. While the HR system streamlines and optimizes every process, HRs can take a sigh of relief or work on other vital revenue-generating projects.

Eliminates Errors

If processes such as payroll and attendance are done manually, there is always a possibility of human errors. No matter how attentive an HR manager is, carrying out error-free operations is a difficult task. HR management systems, on the other hand, cut down such mistakes. Since such systems work on their own and need a bare minimum of human involvement, mistakes can automatically be reduced.

Promotes Employee Self-dependency

Unlike traditional tools, automated HR systems not just empower HR managers but also employees to a greater extent. In a traditional office setup, employees are expected to mail HRs or their managers to get trivial things done. And, amid managing a host of tasks, HR managers often find themselves in a place where they forget to respond to every mail of employees. This way, employees’ satisfaction levels can be tremendously impacted in the long run. To solve this problem, HR software provides ESS or employee self-service feature that is particularly useful for employees. Using this feature, employees can do a lot of simple operations without having to disturb anyone. From checking their attendance to downloading their salary slips, employees will be able to do several things in just a matter of minutes.

Enhances Reporting

Another benefit of using HR software is that it makes reporting easy as well as well-organized. While working in the new normal, no business leader will have to worry about accurate tracking of overall productivity. From WFH surveys to polls, HR systems offer various features that in turn help HR professionals effortlessly understand the pulse of their workforce. This will help businesses to maintain/improve their employee engagement along the way.

So, these are some ways automated software for HR managers work. In simpler words, such systems are an efficient way to take the human resources burden off HRs’ shoulders. That being said, do not waste more time and find one of the best HR management software for your organization.

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