Startups Struggling To Survive Are Pivoting For Success During This Pandemic

With some businesses shutting down again around the country during what seems to be another wave of the pandemic with a newly mutated virus variant, it is a true tale of American grit when a success story comes around to show that Coronavirus startups are possible. Those business people with an entrepreneurial spirit who are able to personify agility are more creative than ever, because they have to be. They understand that the needs of nearly every consumer and global citizen have shifted in some way and they did not refuse the call to help and serve those in need with so many lives on the line.

While some companies are developing fashionable face shields or luxury-branded cloth masks (which have much weaker filtration against COVID-19 compared to properly tested KN95 or N95 face masks), others are looking to solve a more immediate and practical need of superior protection.

Although many headlines of PPE shortages around the country have made it out of the news cycle, the need for personal protective equipment is more important than ever. One main reason of the reported shortages came from inefficient or unreliable supply chains and a lack of trustworthy options to source providers of PPE. It was this general problem that companies sought to solve and here is an example of one emerging startup that seems to have done well in providing FDA approved and certifiably reliable protective gear that’s affordable and accountable, door to door. 

As many businesses continue to close with more employees furloughed than before, the co-founders of the creative coaching and consulting firm The Pacer Company desperately found ways to develop partnerships with their clients who happen to specialize in manufacturing and logistics. The eventual growth of their networkfrom Asia to North America to provide a robust offering of PPE had a lot of challenges in the beginning. Partnerships in key industries like healthcare, higher education, corporate, and government were key in scaling their business that would have otherwise severely struggled or simply shutdown.

As hospitals continue to prepare for the upcoming flu season with the threat of Coronavirus cases surging once again, more people are stepping up to the challenge on a local level by offering more PPE protection within their own communities. It’s an ideal combination of grassroots generosity and drive to give back that The Pacer Company is working towards achieving as they move forward, most recently with contributions provided for the Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache reservations in the greater New Mexico area in the United States. The Pacer Company is shipping on average more than a million items per month and their products have been delivered to small businesses, essential working professionals, and social distancing humans across the US and around the world.  They have pivoted to survive – and successfullyso, it seems – from the consulting sector to medical supplies logistics and distribution, providing the procurement of reliable resources for those who are in need of personal protective equipment and medical materials during this time of Coronavirus pandemic in an emergency response against COVID-19.

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