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Standing Desks: Why They are So Important?

One’s work sometimes demands sitting for long hours in the office to meet deadlines. Chairs with enough padding and other facilities seem comfortable and ideal for such situations. However, what many ignore is the health risks associated with this. It includes conditions like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Even though a lot of people know about it, nothing much can be done, except, taking the deliberate effort of moving around occasionally. However, even this seems impossible at certain times. In such a situation, the most straightforward alternative is a standing desk, which can be influential in bettering the user’s health.

They can also be converted into a regular desk with the facility to adjust heights at various points. They come with stiffening rails at fixed points to prevent bowing in a person and aids in fixing one’s posture. Its capacity to hold weights of up to 100kg is an added benefit.

In this article, let us look at the positioning and colour choices in a standing desk, which can stimulate the mental and physical health in an employee. It can ensure an organised and consistent flow of ideas, which is desirable in an office.

Positioning and Benefits

The most integral part of your office workspace is the desk. As such, the positioning of it can affect the quality of your work. It is ideal to leave the standing desk in the corners of the room that ensures that the user faces the room with their back to the wall. The positioning should preferably be near a good light source to provide optimum visual enhancement.

The standing desk is a bonus that can refill the energy and vigour in a person and assures a reduction in health problems like back pain.

Colour and Materials

Standing desks are available in different sizes and materials according to the requirement in the office. There are even two-person electric height-adjustable workstations, with independent height adjustment for each user. They have a built-in cable tray that can hold up to 12 GPO or data points per user. The availability of an optional preset controller is an added advantage.

There are many choices in standing desks, ranging in materials as well as colours. They are available with metal legs, and wooden surfaces made of black or white frames of natural oak or natural white tops respectively. They are also available in varieties made of bamboo, melamine and rubberwood. The standing desks offer a sturdy and reliable solution with motor modesty panels for rigidity, with varying desk sizes and cable entry points.


A standing desk is a solution to a lot of health risks in Australia. However, it is also crucial that one does not overuse it, which can cause other temporary problems like leg pain. Yet, it is a real shield that protects a person from the threats of other serious diseases, especially obesity.

Over the years, a lot of changes have happened in the workplaces. They include exercise balls and open floor plans, all of which are employed to prevent immobility in the workspace. There are even treadmill desks with the provision to multitask. However, among these, the standing desk seems to be the most appropriate option in Australia for a healthier living.

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