Spotify: A Complete Guide

Spotify is one of the most common music streaming apps used around the world. Along with its wide variety of availability of songs from all over the world, it is very easy to use Spotify. All artists aim at releasing their music on Spotify. When it comes to Spotify, what matters is streams, followers, listeners and Spotify saves. When you are a Spotify Artist, your streams matter to you the most. The more streams you have, the more people listen to your music. When people follow you on Spotify, they immediately get a message every time you release a new song on Spotify. Recently, it has been discovered that saving a song Spotify can often lead to your song being featured in Spotify editorial playlists.

Now getting your song saved on Spotify by everybody can be difficult since they would much rather listen to it by streaming it, which is why you have the option to buy Spotify saves which will help in your track to be featured in the big playlists.

Ways to help you get better at Spotify

Spotify can help an artist grow in all aspects. Here are a few pointers that can help you get better at the app.

  • Spotify for Artists

If you are an artist then you must have the “Spotify for Artists” app. This app has been made especially for the artists that can always check the number of streams that their songs have. “Spotify for Artists” lets an artist know where his music is being streamed the most. More importantly, This way you can edit the entire outlook of your Spotify profile on Spotify. Give a short description of yourself along with what music means to you. Add a few pictures of yourself for the listeners and most importantly attach your social media links so your fans can find you on apps like Instagram and Twitter.

  • How you can promote your music

Some of the ideal ways to promote your music would include sharing your music on all social media apps in the form of posts, stories and other features. This way more people come to know about your music. Along with that, sending your music to bloggers and playlist curators can help in your songs being discovered by newer people and being featured in daily music blogs or editorial playlists. The same way, a high emphasis should be put on “Spotify Saves” where listeners save your music when they hear it. This increases the reach of your song.

  • Buying Plays, Followers and Saves

Know that buying plays, followers or saves for Spotify is in no way an illegal activity and helps in the growth of your track. Using websites like SpotifyStorm, not only do you get your desired amount of Spotify plays or saves but also there is no invasion of your privacy and details along with full-time customer support to clear any sort of doubt that you may have.

As you use the app for longer as an artist, you will realise that using the above-mentioned factors can contribute towards you growing at a higher level on Spotify, thus having more monthly listeners to your name from around the world.

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