SOULFLVR: The New Musical Phenomenon In The Town

Music is the language of our soul and love. You won’t find a person who hasn’t listen to music ever. It can be possible that everyone can’t manage the time to visit the opera or musical shows now and then. Buying a home theater or classical gramophone is also very tough for most people. But, neither the scarcity of money of the shortage of time could keep people away from music. Smartphones evolved as a musical instrument the most—Google Play music, Itunes,, Saavn, and much more music play stations prove that music is still in people’s heart and need it for drifting to sleep in the apartment or reaching college in metro or buses. Some people took the passion for music more seriously and dedicated their lives to live and nourish music within their souls. SOULFLVR is one of them, and it is good to know that he is leading the march now. If you want to more about the musical soul, then please scroll below.


SOULFLVR belongs from a city of culture and war. If you still have not to get it, then the answer is Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is a beautiful city in Germany. Since growing up, SOULFLVR had an intense yearning for music. When he was a kid, he was always playing with tunes and music. SOULFLVR’s parents were considerate about him, their child’s dream and passion. So, they admitted SOULFLVR to an audio engineering school. It is no secret that great leaders and influencers make their way out to their love anyhow in life. But, we must appreciate the parent’s efforts as it will make the journey a lot easier. It happened in the case of SOULFLVR. He helped create music and play with lights on the stage when he was only eleven years old. Growing up, after he graduated from audio engineering school, then the hard time started.

Job and dream

After graduation, SOULFLVR started to work as a TV sound engineer. Being a genuinely passionate professional, he did his best for the position. But, it was not enough for someone with dreams. SOULFLVR was up for more adventures and inspirational creations in his life and music. So, he is quitting the job when he was serving as the sound engineering department’s head. You must be wondering how a person can leave such a well-paid job and chances of settled life behind to chase a dream that may not come true ever. Well, this quality makes great people different than the million others in the queue. It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to leave everything behind and come out of your comfort zone to create something phenomenal. SOULFLVR had it in him. And, the next few years of his career cleared it up pretty well.


After leaving the corporate and settled life, SOULFLVR went to play as a DJ in Cologne, back in Düsseldorf. It made headlines for weeks. It was the first and significant breakthrough for him. After that, his music started to feature in Spotify, Google Music, and YouTube music. This year was a bit of downright for SOULFLVR and team. But, if everything goes right, the vaccine of the ongoing coronavirus comes out in time, then we will see SOULFLVR performing all over the globe in different countries and cities. Recently, SOULFLVR is collaborating with a female singer and violinist named One Violin Orchestra. Now, you will be able to enjoy the beach electric music fusion with classical violin music. It is going to be a performance worth remembering. His last track named memories came out three weeks ago and it’s worth to stay tuned for fresh new music coming out every 3 weeks within the collaboration SOULFLVR & One Violin Orchestra.

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