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Some of The best Mousepads Trending These Days



If you’re like us, you probably said long ago that the idea of wireless gaming mice was severe. They had a few problems, such as low latency, the need to swap mid-fight batteries, or request that a cable be plugged in to charge only when you wish. Whatever the case, it was not worthwhile wireless freedom.

1. Extension of Corsair MM300

The MM300 is the premium cloth mousepads from Corsair, with a slip base, cut edges to avoid breakage and 0.12-inch substantial thickness (3mm). The largest version was available and built to match even the most extensive game keys with A lot of spare space. The surface of the mouse feels almost limitless in conjunction with a lightweight 10-keyboard.

The MM300 Extended features a smooth textile fabric pattern, just like most dressed mousepads, making a mouse look like it is butter-cutting over its surface. Due to the large surface area, we found it easy to distinguish attacks with a high overhead for DPI changes in our FPS test. Whether you’re pushing the cursor oppai mousepad around the desk or only a few centimetres to turn 180, you – and your desk – are filled with the unnecessarily large mouse pad by the Corsair.

2. The Deskpad for Novelkeys

Novelkeys is famous for its custom group purchases, which cover all the PC enthusiasts want, from key switches to mousepads. Specific in a variety of limited edition versions, it specializes in gigantic pads. You will still want to see oppai mousepad  the website to see the new flavour, as it only operates for a short period when a group buys.

The mouse pad with a spacious mountain range graces Jacob’s PC configuration and has a small tent and a campfire decal in the lower left. The exact custom gaming mouse pads style no longer exists, but you can still pick it up a lot more all year round. The bulk of mousepads Come with 900 x 400 x 4mm accommodation in the form of a rubber base, top fabric, and outside edge stitch.

Only ensure that you intend to take up a template for Novelkeys. It will take you a few months to wait until the end of the group purchase is reached before you start manufacturing your preferred mouse pad. Because of the existence of a group purchase, delays can also occur. Yet, you can be sure that they’re worth waiting for with well-made and beautiful mousepads to look at.

3. G440 Logitech 

In comparison, hard mouse paths are made oppai mousepad of large textiles, which all are made of very similar textiles. Various materials and mixtures, including aluminium, rubber and plastic. They differ significantly in friction, weight and style, so a hard mouse pad is sure to work for you. The simplicity and ultra-smoothness of the custom gaming mouse pads Logitech G440 are, for us, our best choice in terms of speed.

At a glance, the region of the G440 may seem smooth, but the microtexture of the G440 is a polyethylene surface with excellent resistance. With no extra noise from our fast mouse, the mouse pad offers the correct amount of input. Movements.

4. Polaris RGB Corsair MM800

This light-up Mouse pad’s versatility will increase some eyebrows, but the solution from Corsair provides much more than a flashy display. It features a high-quality, micro-texted finish, which permits mice, during tiny movements of the mouse, to glide effortlessly across the board. There are no compromises on the MM800 with a surface custom gaming mouse pads that rivals our Logitech G440, the top hard mouse pad.

Between MM800 from Corsair and opposing RGB mousepads are two main differences. First of all, the MM800 has a USB port that can be easily connected to your mouse or a flash drive. Secondly, the MM800 uses 15 LEDs that we considered much lighter than the Razer HyperFlux firefly.

You can quickly build your advanced light profiles for the MM800 with Corsair’s updated iCUE software or choose from a wide variety of preset mode. RGB profiles from other items from Corsair are automatically moved conveniently to your mouse pad. The user shared profiles can also be accessed on the Corsair website.

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Gym tech and gadgets continue to prove popular in 2021



Whether you’re young or part of the older generation, leading an active lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to stay fit and healthy. Exercise can boost our immune system, improve heart health, and help us both physically and mentally.

In 2021, many fitness enthusiasts are turning to an array of popular tech and gadgets. Some people use exercise bikes like Peloton where you can keep fit at home, while others turn to health trackers like Fitbit to give them a nudge to get up off the sofa if they’re watching too much television or gaming too long with the Jack and the Beanstalk slot at in New Zealand. Overall, gym tech and gadgets are booming at the moment. Various products have enabled the industry to kick on further and help people master their health and fitness in a different but hugely effective way.

With an array of gym tech and various gadgets being snapped up on a regular basis, we thought we’d highlight some of the best products available right now.

Theragun PRO by Therabody

We all suffer from aches and pains after a heavy session which is why percussive therapy devices like the Theragun PRO by Therabody are a necessity for some. Not only does it tackle the most annoying of issues, but it can help get you relaxed before bed too. The device comes with a range of different attachments and swappable batteries, which enable it to last even longer.

Tangram Smart Rope

Even the humble skipping rope hasn’t managed to escape a technological facelift. In the case of the Tangram Smart Rope, it offers skippers a unique insight into their routines by providing feedback on a variety of factors such as calorie burn. It’s amazing what the addition of 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors can do!

Jaxjox KettlebellConnect

Kettlebells can not only take up a lot of room in a house or a gym, but they can also look a bit ugly on occasions. That doesn’t apply to the beautifully designed Jaxjox KettlebellConnect and its clever all-in-one feature, which allows you to adjust the weight thanks to its Bluetooth console. Essentially a whole set of kettlebells in one kettlebell, the Jaxjox KettlebellConnect is a widely used product worldwide.

Skulpt Performance Training System

Ideal for people keen to monitor body fat percentage and keep track of their muscle groups, the Skulpt Performance Training System gives an accurate overview of your muscle health, so you know which areas of the body need more focus to reach peak performance levels. Once the system has identified the muscle groups, you can personalise your workouts to make sure you’re focussing on the recommended areas.

NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

What we put into our bodies is essentially what we get out of them, which is why people are turning to devices like the NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender to make sure they can pack a variety of goodness into a blended drink. The NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender goes one step further, though, providing users with the exact nutritional value of each smoothie you make. You can gain feedback on the amount of calories in your blend of fruits and learn about the presence of fat, protein and sugars, too.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sensoria Smart Sock V2.0

Made with special fabric which houses smart technology inside the sock, the Sensoria Smart Sock V2.0 is the perfect gadgets for runners. Coming with an easy to grasp and slick app, runners can track real-time data on their smartphone. It records speed, distance, calories burned, altitude and a whole lot more.

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Huawei P30 pro o2




Huawei P30 Pro is a flagship phone competing against flagship-like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S10 plus focused on photography. As nowadays everybody needs most of the specs means high specs in one phone, so here is the Huawei P30 Pro which is based on photography with eye-catching colorways of the picture and with its optical zoom, as it is the first phone to capture the stars in the sky.

With camera specs, it has a high processing speed of processor Kirin 980 (7 nm) to perform tasks with speed.

The Huawei P30 Pro is flagship manufactured and shipped with Google apps on board. Even a year after release, the P30 Pro remains the best and attractive option for the consumer who just can not deal with the lack of Google apps but like Huawei’s product.

What we get in the box:

  • A 40W fast charger
  • USB type C earbuds
  • A basic clear case

It has a bettery of 4200mAH. With a fast charger, it takes 30 minutes to charge 70%. It does not have a headphone jack so that’s the reason they provide USB-C earbuds in the box. It has wireless fast charging of 15W. And reverse wireless charging 2.5 W.

Now let’s talk about its camera, it has a main camera of 40MP, f/1.6, 8MP, f/3.4 with 5x optical zoom and 20MP, f/2.2 for ultrawide frames. With its main camera it can record 4k @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 720p @ 960fps. It has features of a panorama, HDR, and dual-LED dual-tone flash.

In selfie camera, it has a lens of 32MP with f/2.0. The features of this camera are HDR, and it records 1080p @ 30fps.

It has OLED, HDR10 display. The size of the display is 6.47 inches, 102.8 cm2 (~88.6% screen-to-body ratio). It has a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels which means it can play video of 4k resolution.

It comes with Aurora, Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal, Black, Pearl White, Misty Lavender, Mystic Blue colors.


  • VOG-L29
  • VOG-L09
  • VOG-AL00
  • VOG-TL00
  • VOG-L04
  • VOG-AL10
  • HW-02L

It comes with android 9.0 (pie) and upgradeable to android 10, EMUI 10. And has GPU Mali-G76 MP10. For communication, it has WLAN(wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/a/c, dual-band, wifi Direct, hotspot), Bluetooth(5.0, A2DP, aptX HD, LE), GPS(with dual-band A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, QZSS). Also, it has NFC, infrared port and USB Type-C 3.1.

Following are the sensors which are in Huawei P30 PRO:

  • Fingerprint (under display, optical)
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Proximity
  • Compass
  • color spectrum

Customers who buy qualifying products from o2 will be eligible to receive free of charge, a gift bundle containing 1 Huawei FreeBuds 3(CM-H shark) in carbon black, 1 wireless charger (CP60) in white and 1 supercharge in-car wireless charger (CP39S) in black (gift bundle), subjects to terms and conditions.

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Electric Bicycles and the Future of Transportation



The near future of the United States is one that is dominated by the advent of E-Bikes. It is nearly inevitable that major changes in production and technology are ready to set the stage for electric bikes (sometimes called as velo electrique too). It won’t be long before they become the prevalent means of transportation for millions of Americans, some estimates even citing as early as 2023. This begs the question: what will make e-bikes the rising mode of transportation in the US? This article will hopefully answer this question while providing information on the new technology being used to improve e-bikes.

What Technology will New E-Bikes Utilize?

Of course, the aesthetic vision for the future of electric bikes is a combination of sleek, aerodynamic designs coupled with modern simplicity. But what about the power, the motors, or the battery? What will make these future models truly stand out from current electric vehicles/cycles? First and foremost (using Bosch’s upcoming bike as an example), the full suspension and off-roading capabilities look as though they’ll be quite impressive. E-bikes or velo assistance electrique of the future will have a heavier focus on anti-lock braking systems which make for a smooth ride with impressive handling capabilities.

Velo electrique

Another industry standard is its lithium- ion battery. These are not only much lighter than the lead batteries of the past, but they also carry greater power and recharging ability than other batteries. Along with lighter batteries comes a desire for a lighter frame. Appropriately, most e-bikes of the future are likely to be made out of a sort of carbon fiber material. Though it greatly reduces the weight of the overall rig, carbon fiber is also incredibly tough and will help newer e-bikes work well as mountain bikes.

In terms of the electric motor, there have been a few advancements, though it is still likely that you will see either direct-drive hub motors or geared hub motors. The main difference between these two is that a geared motor has a hub connected to planetary gears, which then connects to a motor shaft. Direct-drive motors are simpler and the motor shafts are fixed in place. There may be vast differences in wattage of the motor (capped at 750 watts in the US), but more efficient motors that charge quicker and can be used longer are in development.

Finally, a lot of these futuristic e-bikes definitely seem to be heading towards adding onboard computers to their systems. For the moment, most of these are in fairly early stages of development, as the difficulty comes in trying to maintain lightweight bikes with advanced capabilities. Computers that are installed on an e-bike will have a wide range of functionality, such as internet access, radio, collision sensors, and the mildly sci-fi HUD (heads up display) systems. The rest of these are self-explanatory, but the HUD is a bit of a different story. On one hand, a good chunk of producers/developers are looking into adding HUD systems to their bikes for a totally different cycling experience. This HUD would allow riders to possibly wear a special helmet/set of glasses that allows you to see all sorts of information. This could include anything from your current speed and location to even being hooked up to your smartphone. On the other hand, a lot of e-bike riders aren’t exactly jumping at this idea, desiring a simpler, streamlined experience. The bottom line is that both forms of e-bike are being developed for a wide variety of cyclists.

Electric Bikes

 As the improvements for these e-bikes progress, increasing amounts of attention are going to be given to cyclists across the country. New forms of infrastructure will be created, better/more protective laws will be passed for cyclists, and the e-bike market will boom for millions of people. Not only will the roads become a more diverse landscape of e-bike dominated transportation (because of cost, convenience and efficiency), but it will become a safer place for all drivers. With so many great prospects on the horizon for e-bikes, the US is certain to see a great shift throughout the transportation indu

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How Do I Manage New Notifications on Skype?



skype notifications

How Do I Manage New Notifications on Skype: If you use Skype, you will know how difficult it can be to deal with all of the different kinds of notifications in your inbox. Notifications can pop up at any time, sometimes when you’re not even doing anything on Skype! There are three main areas on the Skype home screen where you can get notified of new messages, notifications from other Skype users, and general notifications from Skype itself. Let’s look at these three areas and how you can better handle them if you use Skype.

The first thing that we’ll look at is the notifications area. This is where you’ll see all of the general chats and messages from other Skype members as well as the ones you send and receive on the Skype instant messenger. You can click on the messages that you want to see and get notified of them right away. You can also see when other members are chatting to each other, so you’ll know when someone is typing in a message that needs your attention. This is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to stay on top of what’s going on in Skype chat rooms. Remember you can install Skype from

The next notification area is the one that shows up when you’re online. This is what you’ll use most often to see the recent events in your chat room. If you’re reading a conversation or getting ready to join in one, you’ll see this section. You can click on the chat icon or the chat button to open this window. You’ll immediately be shown all of the chat activity that has happened since you joined the room.

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Now let’s look at how you can use these notifications to access and read your emails. If you click on the messages, links, and buttons, you’ll be taken to each email. You can click on individual emails to open them and view them or mark them as unread. You can then go right back into the conversation or group where you were in the message. This is a great way to manage your emails and see what is essential and not so important.

How Do I Manage New Notifications on Skype

There are several other ways, how do I manage notifications on Skype. Once you become a member, you can set up your list of contacts to send different kinds of notifications. These could include automatic messages, automated replies, and pop-up alerts. Any of these can help you to respond to messages in real-time.

Another great feature of having your list of contacts is that you’ll be able to keep your eye on your inbox. Whenever something new pops up in the chat room, you can quickly go to the list and click on an email sent to you or a message you missed. You don’t even have to log into your Skype account to see this option. It will go directly to your email, your desktop, or wherever you have your laptop open.

Know-More About How Do I Manage New Notifications on Skype?

You can also use your messaging service as a place to leave tips, news, and updates for others. Whenever you receive a message on your Skype account that you feel more attention, all you have to do is click on the “leave a message” button. From there, it will show up as an email. You can then reply to it or put it on your desktop to be seen by others. This is a great way to give and receive feedback on everything from messages you’ve just sent out on the server to tips about how to do things on Skype.

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Now that you know how do I manage notifications on Skype, you should know that there is so much more to this innovative messaging service than just chatting. Even if you only use this service to chat with friends and family, you’ll be amazed at all of the things this incredible program has to offer. Whether you need help getting around the world, learning new languages, or enjoying every minute of your free time, this program has everything you need. Talk to other users on Skype channels to see what they are talking about, and start using this fantastic messaging service today!

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How To Install Skype On Windows PC Without Trouble



install skype

How To Install Skype On Windows PC: People who are very familiar with computers would be able to install Skype on their computers easily. This is not an extremely difficult procedure and can even be done without any assistance from experts. You will need to download Skype from and then install it where you want to have it. After that, you need to follow the screen’s instructions, and your Skype service will be up and running.

The first step you need to follow is to find a reliable download. You can easily search for them on popular search engines. Once you have found a download site, double click the downloaded file and proceed to open it. Then click on the “select program” option, and you need to look through the list of programs to choose the one you want to install. Please choose the one you are comfortable with and download it.

The next step involves the actual installation of the software. Open the downloaded file and then install it on the desktop. When you are done, close all the programs, and your job is done. You will notice that Skype is now installed into your system. Now, it’s time to use it!

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The next step you need to do is to connect your computer to the internet. You should already have an active internet connection. In case you do not, you should consider setting it up. You need to connect your computer to the Skype service, and you should be ready to go.

How To Install Skype On Windows PC

The third step you need to do is to download the Skype application from the Microsoft website. It is a direct download. You will need to follow the prompts exactly to complete the process. Once the download is completed, you should see the Skype icon in the system tray.

The fourth step is to plug your Windows PC into the USB port of your Skype machine. This will allow you to access the program at any time. You can now install the Skype application. Once you are done with the installation, you can now log on to your Skype account.

The last step you need to do is to configure the VoIP settings. This is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is open the Skype program, click on the Settings tab, and then select Add. Once you do that, you will be prompted to enter some information.

Let’s Check More About How To Install Skype On Windows PC

Those were the simple steps on how to install Skype on windows. It may take some time, depending on the size of your system. Once you have finished the installation, you will immediately log in using your Skype account. That is all there is to this piece of software.

You might want to learn more about Skype as well. Microsoft has made it even easier for us to use this particular chatting program. With these tips, you can easily install Skype on your computer without much trouble at all. What are you waiting for?

If you are still curious about installing Skype on windows, you can always try visiting my blog. There are detailed instructions for that as well. All you have to do is visit the link below. It will give you detailed information on how to install Skype on your computer.

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Skype is an excellent tool for chatting with people all over the world. However, it does not come cheap. If you need to download this program but do not have much money, you need not worry. Search the internet for a reliable download site. As long as the download is reliable, you can use this skype service for free.

The last thing that you need to remember is to be cautious when installing anything. Check the site thoroughly before doing so. Some sites are dangerous. You do not want to put your computer at risk.

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