Some Great Ways To Collect Video Reviews on Amazon

Practically anybody that sells on Amazon wants to increase the visibility of their store and improve their listings to help sell more of their products. The problem is that was so many products available on the site it can often be challenging to stand out from the crowd that exists on Amazon selling products that may be quite similar to yours.

The simple fact of the matter is that most people who buy something on Amazon will check out all of the product reviews before they make the purchase. If you are someone that has negative reviews or does not have any reviews at all, there’s a good chance people will look somewhere else for a product that they want. 

With that in mind, getting as many positive video reviews on amazon for your product as possible is always a great idea. An even better solution is to get great video reviews for your product. Here are some easy ways to collect Amazon video reviews. 

Let’s Start by Understanding What Is an Amazon Video Review

Amazon video reviews are basically visual testimonials. These short videos get created by Amazon customers capturing their actual experiences with your product. These videos allow customers to show fellow Amazon patrons what your product actually does. Amazon is continually in the process of expanding where video reviews can live on their site.

Some of the Places Where You Might See Amazon Video Reviews

There are many places where you may see a video review on Amazon. One location is to have a video appear at the top of a detail page in one of the image locations. It is important to remember that you need to qualify for enhanced brand content to post a video in an image block.

You may also see video reviews in your Amazon storefront once your store gets created. There are quite a few great software choices available to let you put videos into an Amazon storefront as part of a template. 

Some of the other spots where you may see these video reviews include areas containing related video shorts as well as in the customer review section. 

The Right Time To Use Amazon Video Reviews

One of the best reasons to use video reviews is because it brings life to your product, so you are showing what your product is all about rather than just telling people by text. Video reviews also greatly increase buyers’ trust in your product and helps to explain what that product can do for them. 

Video reviews do a fantastic job of having real people talk about not only your product but also your brand, your store, and your level of customer service. One taken all together video reviews help with the crucial task of increasing conversions and sales on your storefront. 

How You Can Collect Video Reviews

The best way to collect video reviews is to reach out to those who purchased your product on Amazon or even those who purchased your product outside of Amazon. The only step in getting one of these video reviews is to ask the customers for their permission for a review. 

If a customer says yes, you need a very simple way for them to create and then submit a video to you. This easy submission process can either be in the form of them doing it on their mobile device and then having an easy way to send you the video, such as by text or a web submission form. You can also have an online portal that allows people the ability to go to your site and submit a review there.

Remember that the most critical part of this process is to take the time to ask customers for reviews. If you are not asking for reviews, there is very little chance you will simply get them without you taking the time to ask for them.

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