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Social Strategies: How to Market on Instagram

Digital marketing has always been important for brands and businesses, but now more than ever social media is king. Regardless of the platform, gaining a huge social media following can make or break your business.

If you’re looking to increase your social media footprint on Instagram, it will take a lot of work and patience, but with these strategies, it is absolutely doable. Read on to learn how to market on Instagram, and take your brand to the next level.

Optimize Your Profile

The first thing that anyone sees when they go to your Instagram account is your profile. Before the photos, before the stories, it’s that short little bio that needs to catch someone’s attention.

Make sure you create a killer description of your company or brand that draws in attention while explaining what you’re all about. After that, it’s all about the clickable content.

You get one link on your profile, so make sure it’s good. If you have multiple sites or shops you want to link to, sites such as Linktree or Link In Profile create a singular link that leads your followers to a choice of multiple links. 

Make sure to include your contact information unless you want everyone to DM you through Instagram. You can add phone numbers, email addresses, however you want to be contacted.

How to Market on Instagram with Hashtags 

Hashtags are vital to reaching new audiences but are also difficult to master. From limits on the number of hashtags, to finding the best ones, it can seem like a daunting task.

First, create a brand hashtag, and include it in your bio. This is your hashtag, and as more people follow you and post your brand or products, the more your own hashtag will grow.

Mix up your hashtags with popular tags, niche tags, and current interest tags, and switch them up with every post. Create a document with all the hashtags you want to use, and choose around 10 each time. While Instagram allows up to 30 per post, it’s been known that 8 to 12 hashtags are ideal.

Engage With Your Audience

Your Instagram profile shouldn’t just be an advertisement for your company or brand. It should be representing you and the community you’re creating. This means getting involved with your audience.

Liking other account posts, especially those that follow you, is a great way to get likes on Instagram. Another great way to engage is by reposting stories of those that tag you. Your followers will bring more followers and awareness to your brand.

Respond to comments on all of your posts, even the negative ones. Show that you’re responsive to both praise and criticism, and do it in a real way.

Expand Your Digital Presence

Now that you know how to market on Instagram, you can use these same tips to expand to other digital platforms. Even if you specialize in one platform, utilizing them all is essential for a successful brand. 

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