Snack Packaging Design Guide: 5 Items to Consider When Designing

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a business owner is choosing and designing the right types of pcr packaging for new product offerings. There are so many options to choose from and it’s easy to end up with a package that just doesn’t tick all the boxes. Here are a few key things to consider when designing your new packaging so your products will stay safe in transit and on the shelf.

1. Choose the Right Material

The type of material you choose largely depends on the types of products you’re storing inside. If you’re packaging small, grabbable snacks, you’ll need a material that’s easy to open but won’t tear when kids get their hands on the bag. Look at the thickness of different materials and choose the one that will best protect your product once it reaches the end consumer.

2. Consider Your Logo and Graphics

Your branding needs to be consistent across all of your product offerings. It’s what allows your die-hard supporters to identify your products at a glance. This means you’ll need to choose a package that showcases both the product information and your brand clearly. Look for digital printed stand up pouches that can show off your logo clearly or look for pcr packaging that can help you advertise your brand’s values.

3. Pay Attention to the Structure

The structure of the package itself can make or break your product offering. If it’s too crushable, the products inside will get destroyed on the way to the store. If it’s too rigid, customers may struggle to open it. Put your product’s safety at the forefront when looking at different options. Then consider how accessible it is to your end consumer. You’ll be able to find the right balance between sturdiness and flexibility to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

4. Look at the Price of the Packaging

Ultimately, your product packaging needs to fit your budget. Get quotes for different options and weigh the benefits offered by each while looking at the price points you can afford. Remember, it’s okay to increase the prices of your products to help you cover the cost of high-quality custom mylar pouches but you should still try to choose packaging options that won’t put strain on your budget. The fewer costs you have to pass on to the consumer, the better off you’ll be.

5. Focus on the Quality of the Seal

If you’re selling snacks, you need packaging that’s easy to reseal between snacking sessions. This helps build your consumers’ confidence in your brand and ensures that they’ll be able to enjoy the food you’re selling even after opening the package for the first time. Look for packaging options that have high-quality seals in place. This minor feature makes your product more convenient for your consumers and ensures that they’ll come back to your brand when they’re craving something tasty in the future.

Keep these key considerations in mind when looking for the right type of pcr packaging for your new products. As long as you prioritize your customers and choose packaging that will protect your products, you’ll be in good shape.

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