SMS Marketing Examples for Your E-Commerce Store

How you can communicate with your target audience if you are the owner of an online store? Simple but effective ways in marketing strategies will help you with this. Since each user has a mobile phone, you can send them SMS messages. Notifications will instantly appear on smartphone screens, and your client will be able to respond to your newsletter in just a few minutes.

Our company BSG world invites you to familiarize yourself with examples of successful mailing lists. They have principles which will help you increase the loyalty of your target audience. Your clients just need to know your working hours, what range of goods and services you offer.

If you have used the right methods, your SMS marketing campaign will quickly lead you to success. It will be much easier to find new customers and retain regular customers. Before starting mailings, you must carefully analyze the content of your messages, not forgetting about:

·       addressing each recipient by name;

·       personalization – so you create relevant messages that will be interesting to your target audience;

·       using a call to action so that your reader knows what needs to be done to get your product or go to the pages of your site;

·       limitation of the number of characters in SMS;

·       sending schedule – too many messages can lead to a loss of interest in your brand.

When your text is written, proceed to selecting a contact base. In order not to send messages that are useless for a particular client, divide your recipients into several categories and send out valuable and interesting notifications that will be read with a 100% probability.

Successful welcome message examples

The beginning of communication with a new client should contain a welcome message. When a potential buyer registers on your site, offer them to fill out the form and provide a phone number for mailings. If contact details are not provided or the user does not agree with receiving notifications, don’t rush to send them SMS. Perhaps they will subscribe to your newsletter later.

Your first message may consist of a confirmation of registration or a greeting on the site. Thank them for creating a new account and offer some nice bonus – this will increase their level of trust in you and motivate them to continue cooperating.

Amazing abandoned cart messages

While studying the catalog of your site, your clients can add the products they like to the cart. If no targeted actions are taken after that, it means that your product has become uninteresting or the user wants to find similar products at lower prices.

The loss of the target audience leads to a decrease in your level of income, so try to remind your customers as soon as possible that purchases are still waiting for them. Create an automated mailing list that will let users know they need to proceed with ordering. There are many SMS texting marketing tools available that make sending messages even easier.

In the text of your message, you must include a link, which will help to go the site tab, which is needed to continue shopping. To increase people’s interest in shopping with you, offer additional bonuses or free shipping. This will help you not to lose new customers and keep your regular clients.

Discount text messages

All shoppers dream of finding products at discounted prices and saving their budget. To remain among the companies offering the most loyal conditions for purchases, you just need to hold promotions and offer unique discounts from time to time. Use a promo code which awards additional points or bonuses for further purchases. Promotional offers may include:

·       discounts for new clients;

·       loyalty programs;

·       bonuses for birthdays;

·       prizes for participation in sweepstakes, etc.

If users have accumulated a certain number of points, offer them a prize. Many clients forget that they have additional rewards on their account. As a preventative measure, you can send out SMS-mailing reminders to many recipients at once, or even integrate an SMS Gateway API to reach them all simultaneously. It’s easy to simplify sending messages, and not type each offer by hand – just use bulk SMS services.

This text message marketing strategy will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your target audience. Always stay in touch and allow interested buyers to communicate with you. Include feedback contacts in your mailing list, so that users can contact your manager to resolve issues. Also, it should be possible to find out by phone if there are current promotions and how to use the received bonuses. Don’t forget about regular mailings and increase your income with the right advertising campaign.

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