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professional PowerPoint template


“1,000,000 PowerPoint provider with creative arrangement templates that fills in as the best visual thought”

SlideEgg is a gathering of experts who helps countless arbitrators to acquire induction to capable PowerPoint templates that can be adequately changed, which draws in them to talk with assurance.

We pass on PowerPoint show arranges that tackle complex issues in a wonderfully basic way.

We have a considerable number of PowerPoint templates, and reliably new plans will be added by our creative arranging trained professionals. We guarantee all dispersed formats are under the slideEgg license system.

All organizations are arranged with different center points and tones to restrict the undertakings of our customers.

The PowerPoint templates presented are appropriately named, so it’s easy to discover through our insightful request estimations.

PowerPoint is the most noticeable application that individuals in this day and age will in general use for making proficient introductions. While making introductions on PowerPoint, it is deserving of using a template and proceeding with the design. It can assist anybody with chopping down undesirable time spent on designing the presentation. Among the various sites accessible on the web for downloading PowerPoint presentation templates, SlideEgg holds a noticeable spot. The ubiquity of SlideEgg among PowerPoint presentation makers is expanding so quickly. Thus, it could as of late outperform more than 200,000 enlisted clients and furthermore, they as of late praised their third effective commemoration.

Best Customer Journey Map to Track Your Audience:

Customer journey map template free download to move toward customer assumptions and enhance customer experience deliberately. The customer touchpoints – customer contact with brand focuses (Strat highlight finish point) are noticed unmistakably to settle on better choices. This guide will assist you with climbing the development and make different customers.

This customer journey map PPT template is a predesigned multicolor template. This template has numerous redoing alternatives, which are utilized to tweak this template as you need. These choices are adaptable and agreeable to the customers with no trouble; all can work with this template to make an exceptional show. This customer journey map PPT template has an ideal view directly from the buy. Here the stages are included shadings with pertinent symbols. The symbols with the headings have space beneath; you can add inscriptions in that for a better agreement. The stages are in a consummately adjusted example, directly from attention to encounter. The visual computerization resembles a beam that meets through and through in the buy and afterward arises as an encounter on the opposite side that shows the ideal example. A vivified picture of an individual is included this is so explicit and great in look.

What is a customer journey map template ppt?

A customer journey map template PPT is characterized as understanding the customers, similar to how the customers effectively visit your site.

The customer journey assists with denoting the different exercises of customers from their initial step to our site, buying history, and what they search for how they spend all that will be noted. It likewise assists with working on the visit and makes them return to the site.

Utilizing a customer journey map, you can expertly plan every customer’s development. That assists you with making the customers sophisticate with you, and it expands their visit. The customer journey map is additionally called the visual story of customers utilizing the brand or loving the brand.

Importance of Customer Journey map:

Using a free customer journey map template PPT, you can analyze user behavior. This journey map helps organizations, companies, and customers travel through the entire process and how they feel. This customer journey map provides significant benefits.

  • It allows decision-makers to stay focused on the customers
  • It helps to improve each step of the buying experience for good growth
  • It helps to picturise the logical order of the buyer journey

Features of this template:

  • 100 % customizable slides and easy to download.
  • Slides available in different nodes & colors.
  • The slide contained 16:9 and 4:3 format.
  • Easy to change the slide colors quickly.
  • It is a well-crafted template with an instant download facility.
  • Designed with a stunning customer journey concept and knowledge.
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People weren’t always receptive to cryptocurrency. A few years ago, if you had mentioned cryptocurrency to Ghanaians, they would have ignored you and went on with their lives. Now, the story has changed. Cryptocurrency is the new gospel, and those who cannot preach it listen attentively to learn hacks. Nowadays, in Ghana, most businesses have begun to accept it as a means of payment for mainly security reasons.

Since the inception of cryptocurrency as a digital currency in the financial industry, several types have been discovered. One of such currencies that are leading the crypto market is called Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in the year 2009. Since then, through a limited supply model, tight security, an exponential increase in liquidity and investment, Bitcoin has maintained its position as the no.1 cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin harnessed the potentials of blockchain technology to become a decentralized virtual currency.

Bitcoin helps you overcome the insecurities and barriers of local banks. If you trade your bitcoin right, your funds will be safe, and you’ll make mouthwatering profits. Unfortunately, safe trading of bitcoin is becoming difficult in Ghana as the days pass. The insecurity is due to the introduction of new exchange platforms into the exchange market every other day. Hence, making it quite difficult for you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you decide to sell your bitcoin for cedes by any chance, the app must have these features that include; topnotch security technology, responsive customer service, fast payment, and ease of use. One platform that encompasses all the features mentioned above is Dart Africa, and you would appreciate using the platform.

Selling bitcoin on Dart Africa. 

There are several exchange platforms in Ghana, but Dart Africa rises above them in all ramifications. With Dart Africa, the only type of transaction you will enjoy is seamless and fast transactions. Many people have used it and have confessed to their exchange prowess through their positive reviews.

Dart Africa has recorded over 2000 successful transactions since its inception, all thanks to its loyal customers. Even more, Dart Africa uses world-class security technology to protect all their customers from the wiles of internet scammers and reapers. By so doing, all the personal information and financial details of their customers are always protected. When you open an account with Dart Africa, you will find a security feature on your dashboard. By clicking on it, you can change your password whenever you like.

The creators of Dart Africa are quite aware of the ever-changing rates of cryptocurrencies, and that is why they thought it wise to include the “check rates” feature. By clicking on check rates on the website, you can easily check the current rates of bitcoin.

In addition, Dart Africa has a responsive customer service team that works round the clock to satisfy the needs of every customer.

How to sell bitcoin on Dart Africa

Selling bitcoin on Dart Africa is very easy. All you need to do is create an account and follow the steps below.

  • Log into your account on
  • On your dashboard, you’ll find a section that reads “sell coins now.”
  • Select the type of coin.
  • Input the amount to calculate coins keeping in mind that Dart Africa allows only
  • Enter the equivalent of the coins in dollars, and it is immediately converted to GHS.
  • Click on sell coins now, and Dart Africa will credit your account in a few minutes after two block confirmations.

How to withdraw money from your bitcoin wallet in Dart Africa 

If you are here, then you must have already created an account using a viable email account. To withdraw money from your bitcoin wallet on Dart Africa, you must have money in the wallet. If you don’t have it, then the transaction will be unsuccessful. Another requirement for withdrawing money from your wallet is adding an active bank account or other payment methods. To add an account to your wallet, follow the steps below.

  • Log into your account on
  • Immediately you log in, you’re directed to your personalized dashboard.
  • Click on withdraw funds and a message that reads “no account added yet. Kindly add an account to allow withdrawal of funds.”
  • Click on add account.
  • Fill in the necessary details, including account type (either Ghana mobile money or regular Ghana accounts), mobile network (either Airtel, Vodafone, TIGO, or MTN), an active phone number, and account name. Note: make sure to add the best account.
  • Finally, Click on add account to add your preferred account.

The account details you entered will be displayed beneath the page immediately to confirm that your account has been added. And yes! You can add more than one account.

Dart Africa is user friendly, as we have established before; hence, withdrawing money from the platform is a piece of cake. Follow the steps written below to withdraw money from your bitcoin wallet.

  • Log on to your account on dartafrica.
  • Click on sell now.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw in dollars and converted it to its GHS equivalent immediately.
  • Enter the mobile money you want to be paid.

Click on confirm payment, and Dart Africa will credit your account immediately.

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Who Made Pro WWE Product for Wrestling Lovers



World Championship

Roddy was a part of the WCW’s World Championship Wrestling organization in 1996. Roddy also appeared on the popular “Halloween Havoc” and “Starrcade” shows featuring stars like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Brett Hart. Roddy was then appointed for a brief time as the WCW Commissioner. As WCW Commissioner, there were significant disagreements concerning Rick Flair, Sid Vicious, and Scott Hall. Following the collapse in the popularity of WCW, Piper found himself returning to the WWF, which was rebranded in 2003 to Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. Piper was able to have the coveted match against Hulk Hogan, who won the game even though he was struck by a pipe made of steel from Roddy.

In a highly controversial appearance in the HBO show “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” Piper acknowledged that the use of drugs was to keep him in the Ring in his pro-wrestling career. Piper also realized that many professional wrestlers had worn championship belts the same way to ensure they continued playing, given the physical injuries they sustained as well as the discomfort they suffered. The incident resulted in Roddy being ejected by Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. The TAW (Total Action Wrestling) group also contained NWA stars, who chose Roddy in 2003, despite the controversy.

Entertainment Wrestling

The move proved beneficial for both Piper and the TAW. It was so helpful that Vince McMahon could not ignore Roddy’s popularity and eventually brought him back to the booming and expanding Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment in 2005. In 2005, Piper hosted the “Piper’s Pit” live show during WrestleMania 21. The same year, Piper was also inducted into the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Wrestling Hall of Fame. In addition, Piper often was featured on the well-viewed “RAW!” ” as well as the “SMACKDOWN” Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment television shows, which brought his talents and passion to the attention of an upcoming generation of professional wrestlers.

From 2003 to 2003, Piper increased his popularity with his “Piper’s Pit” shows and numerous fights and matches with Ricky Steamboat, Zac Rider, The Miz, Dolphy Ziegler, and many others. Roddy had a few bumps on the big gold belt during his travels during this time, such as the injuries he suffered during an accident in 2005. He was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2007. He was healed from the injuries sustained in the accident in 2007 and is believed to have been in remission from the lymphoma as of 2008 after being treated for a full year.

Veteran Wrestlers

His appearances on major pro-wrestling television show diminished, Piper still appeared at many well-known pro-wrestling events are independent, including Wrestle Reunion and other famous veteran wrestlers such as Bob Orton Jr. and Terry Funk. The central replica championship belt in MMA and UFC female superstar Rhonda “Rowdy” Rousey (12 wins, and no losses as of the moment of writing) has been in contact with Piper told Piper that she’s a huge fan. She requested to use his “Rowdy” moniker, and she was able to get his approval. She’s recently dedicated her fight with Bethe Correia UFC 190 to Piper after discovering his death. She finished the war in only 34 seconds.

Piper’s final years were filled with many television shows such as “Celebrity Wife Swap” while doing voiceovers for popular cartoons, making appearances at comedy bars, and performing numerous acting jobs as well as professional wrestling talents. Piper was never absent from public TV and appeared on the show “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” In the Show, Piper confessed to having seen the ghostly figure of his opponent in professional sports Adrian Adonis in 2013. Roddy was living in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, Kitty.

Wrestlers’ Records

Piper had four children, three daughters, and a son. Piper became a grandfather when his daughter Anastacia was born in the last few days. Unfortunately, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passed due to a heart attack on July 31, 2015. This is a common cause of death among former wrestlers who were on the prowl. After a long period of working their bodies until the limit, I’d bet the hearts of those who suffered yokozuna death will burst. Whatever the cause of his death, Piper will be missed by the millions of fans who adored his abilities and his outrageous behavior in and out in the stadium.

There is no doubt about it that wrestlers have an image, talent, and impressive record. Still, the question is, of all the wrestlers who had at some point or the one who claimed to be champions, who is the genuine heavyweight wrestler, now that some winners have been awarded by different methods that are acceptable to the public and the perception of the people?

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10 Benefits of Employee Relocation




In case you’re presently choosing to set out on an office migration, it’s an invigorating time. Office movements occur for some reasons, from organization extension to evolving urban communities. Office movements can be the impetus for executing creative methods of working. Moving the office permits your association to reconsider how you work now, and would you be able to utilize your new office space to fortify the maintainability of your association and advance development. Adams Van Lines can help you ease the process. Here are 10 benefits of employee relocation mentioned below:

1. Lift Productivity 

In the event that your office is blasting at the creases and you can’t squeeze someone else into your space, you have clearly grown out of your office space – and you needn’t bother with a specialist to let you know this! A blocked and stuffy office space implies that the organization will not be able to oblige a developing labor force, and workers can not do their responsibilities productively, it can keep you down. 

A bigger office space offers adaptability and space for future organization development and considers best practice methods of attempting to be fused into the new space. For example, Dexterous working. A new, new work space intended around the manner in which your staff work will help assure the usefulness of your representatives, as they work productively and viably in the space. 

  • Execute Flexible Working 

Does your association offer representatives adaptable conditions or do you have bunches of fabricated workplaces and workstation cases? Are there assigned spaces where staff can team up or do staff need to sit at a work area the entire day? Does your floor space currently incorporate calm zones for center exercises or loosening up breakout regions? Better approaches for working and supporting advances might appear to be hard to execute in your current office. An office migration offers you the chance to design the new space around your representative’s styles of working giving them adaptability between workplaces. 

With a clear floor plate, making an adaptable working space with center regions, contact down focuses and worker lunch-regions will become simpler and will permit you to alter the space to suit your association and methods of working. Carrying out new and creative methods of working are an extraordinary way of drawing in and holding ability. 

  • Lower Costs

Could moving workplaces decrease your overheads? Could you utilize your current office space? Could utilizing best practice plan systems permit you to cut back to a more modest floor plate, bringing about less lease? While there are clearly going to be costs associated with an office migration, in the master plan it tends to be a speculation as opposed to a cost on the grounds that working expenses in another area might be quantifiably lower. 

Migrating your business carries the chance to execute nimble working into your office plan. Making a lithe working environment can altogether lessen costs through the productive utilization of room and assets. An office move is an extraordinary chance for moving to the most productive and viable innovation to help the manner in which your representatives work, to save you and your group time and cash.

  • Develop your organization

Another space utilizing best practices strategies for working permits your representatives to work all the more successfully and beneficially, working on the productivity of your organization. New workplaces look more amazing without flinching of imminent representatives and would be a state of appreciation for work in an office in an imaginative and strong climate.

Also, you should know about health insurance and its benefits before relocating to a new place.

  • Improve your image 

Workers, future representatives, and customers will become familiar with a great deal about your image and culture from the appearance of your workplaces. Moving to another office area permits you to align your office with your organization marking, reflecting what your identity is, and what you address. The style, tone, and reason for organization marking frequently change as an organization develops, so when you hope to move workplaces, you will hoist and refresh your constructed climate in accordance with the message you need to depict about your association. 

  • Increase the value of the organization 

Many consider movement help as a representative advantage, so migration today fills in as an applicant fascination apparatus. It says a lot about your organization by saying, “We care about your change and solace.” This is something to add to your rundown of representative advantages and is consequently an incredible special component. 

  • Maintenance of workers 

In the event that a worker goes through the migration cycle, there is an essentially higher opportunity for them to remain with the organization. This is because of a feeling of responsibility that creates in the wake of being moved effectively. 

  • Move of information 

At the point when a worker goes on a task in another area, they will move their remarkable abilities and information to another area. This is an extraordinary way of bringing novel thoughts, information, and viewpoints all throughout the planet inside your organization, making it more grounded. 

  • Tap into new market 

Assuming you’ve arrived at an impasse for your business development, there could be no more excellent chance to move. A transition to a space where there is an interest for the item or administration you give can assist with driving your business further in your industry. Assuming you have expanded development in your present area, moving to another one with a bigger picking of value target market ought to be at the highest point of your ‘daily agenda. Destroy some profundity investigation into buyers inside the space with the goal that you guarantee a sound progress for your association.

If your employees are looking for a new degree program besides their job, here’s how you can help them.

  1. Update your HQ

With the work environment turning out to be increasingly more innovatively progressed, moving your business into a modernized office that is better prepared for future extension can save you costs on overhauling your offices. Today, your office inside plan has an indispensable impact in boosting business execution and usefulness. Assuming your present office configuration is out-dated, it might not have the edge it needs to stay cutthroat. An office inside plan consultancy can assist you with evaluating your business needs as far as electrical and correspondence frameworks, just as capacity and space plan. Looking for outer assistance can keep you from exorbitant plan botches and the need to redesign all the more frequently over the long haul. 

To acquire positive outcomes from an office move, you need to do nitty gritty exploration of your new office area. Consider following an office space check-rundown to design your turn and decide the best office space for your business. Thus, you can be sure that all your business’ requirements are met and start to receive the aforementioned rewards of migrating to another area.

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What Is The Process Of Getting A General Trading License In The UAE?



The trading license in UAE is a renowned business license that assists investors in building a successful trading company in UAE and conducting business in that particular region and abroad. The worldwide investors prefer the UAE for constructing a trading company to facilitate local and international trade operations from that region. The Mainland and the free zones offer the investors a vast range of affordable packages for obtaining this general trading license. 

Benefits Of Having The General Trading License In The UAE

Various business activities, starting from retail, clothes, wholesale, foodstuffs, exports-imports of essential commodities to electronics, machinery, and others, fall under the category of general trading. If your company is registered for the general trading license in Dubai, it can avail an opportunity only limited to the list of some particular business activities. Also, you can include up to 10 different business activities in a single general trading license in UAE. You can add more activities by paying a fee.

Moreover, without the general trading license, you are not permitted to undergo business activities in Dubai. But, in comparison with the other particular license types, the general trading license allows the start-up business owners to sell a large number of items. Therefore, after availing the general trading license, you can sell various essential items such as home essentials, personal care products, packed food, clothes, etc. 

Step-by-step Comprehensive Guide For Obtaining The General Trading License In UAE 

UAE is the hub for commerce and trade. The strategic location and robust transport system to the European and Asian market makes UAE an appropriate choice for various general trading companies to build their base and begin business operations. A prompt license issued by the UAE economy offers a one-year validity and does not need office space. However, in that case, you would have to renew the license every year. On the other hand, the general trading license would enable you to directly store, distribute, and sell goods in the UAE for a prolonged period. 

Following are steps via which you can obtain the general trading license in Dubai – 

  • Firstly, you would have to select the appropriate jurisdiction, such as Mainland or Freezone. After that, you finalize the business activities you want to include in the general trading license. 
  • The next step is selecting the trade name for the legal structure and the company. 
  • After that, you would have to fill up the primary approval form, and you would have to submit it to the concerned governmental authorities. 
  • Also, you may have to ask for some needed approvals for your business. 
  • Be prepared with essential documents like the MOA or Memorandum of Association and the other approved documents from the respective government authorities. 
  • After that, you must select the business location appropriate for your business operations and obtain the Ejari and Tenancy contract. 
  • After that, you can obtain the general trading license in UAE by submitting all the below-mentioned documents and also the license fees. 
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Duly filled and signed application for the general trading license 
  • Memorandum of your association
  • Copy of the passports of all shareholders
  • Attested approval letter of the trade name from UAE economy or any relevant Free zone authority
  • You should also apply for a business bank account and residence visa for approval of the license. 

The cost of a general trading license is dependent on your approvals, business activities, and various other factors. However, it would assist you in getting involved in UAE’s local trading and help you open a business office or store almost anywhere in UAE. 

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Consulting Firms – How to Pick the Best Consulting Firm



engineering consulting firms

Searching for all that consulting companies can be truly difficult these days as there are a great many decisions to browse. In this article, I will assist you with tracking down the best counselling organization for your adapting needs so you’ll get an extraordinary incentive for your cash. This is what you need to do: 

  1. Do an exhaustive examination. Dispatch your web search tools and quest for the sort of counselling organization that you are searching for. Contingent upon your necessities, you can look for IT counselling, ecological counseling, web promoting counselling, and so on. Access the initial 20 locales that surface on your pursuit page results. Regularly, these are awesome. Peruse and learn however much you can on each site. Scribble down the locales that strike you as the expert and pass on tremendous applicable experience. Pick the best ten destinations.
  • Request proposals. Show the best ten locales to your associates and others who have utilized the administrations of these counselling organizations. Get some information about their encounters. Through this, you’ll find out about the nature of administration that these organizations are advertising. Go with the five organizations that are strongly suggested. You can likewise visit destinations that offer item and administration audits. You may discover a few surveys that can assist you with settling on an all-around educated choice. 
  • Ask. Send an email request to your best five engineer consultants. You can get some information about the administrations they offer, their rates, and so forth. Those organizations who truly mean business will, as a rule, send an answer within 24 hours, and they may even call you to talk about your interests. Take as much time as you require and pose every one of your inquiries. Keep in mind that your cash and your time are on the line, so you better ensure that you join an ideal organization for your adapting needs. 

4. Request free preliminary. Most counselling organizations these days are a lot of willing to offer free counselling meetings to their possible customers about engineering consulting firms. Exploit this and ask your main five organizations with the expectation of complimentary preliminary. It might be ideal on the off chance that you can go to the free meetings with a target outsider who can assist you with settling on a choice later on. Go with the organization that you think can offer you all that you need. They should tune in and comprehend your necessities and requests. 

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