Sleep better in the heat – 12 tips on how to do it without air conditioning

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep on warm summer nights? Air conditioning sometimes seems to be urgently needed. However, it takes only a few days and gathers dust the rest of the year. 

Before you invest in expensive technology, test the following tricks so that you get enough restful sleep even on the hottest nights. 

1. Keep the heat away 

The first approach, of course, is to leave as little heat as possible in the bedrooms. As soon as you build a house or move in, you should make sure that there are relaxation rooms on the north side of the apartment. During the day, the windows must be kept closed and the blinds down. If you have a south-facing sloping roof, you should definitely invest in skylight blinds. 

2. Care for air changes

Care for air changes Early in the morning or when it is cooler outside at night than indoors, open a window and use a fan to ensure a high air exchange. If possible, open two windows that point in different directions to ensure passage. 

3. Remove heat sources from the bedroom 

If you charge smartphones and other gadgets overnight, remove them from the bedroom. Especially when charging, these devices and some chargers give off a lot of heat and heat up your environment unnecessarily. This measure also ensures better sleep on cold days. Every person heats up his surroundings with about 100 watts. So you don’t have to sleep alone now 😉 Keep in mind, however, that animals also produce a lot of heat. A large dog still brings it to 50 watts and should therefore sleep outside the bedroom if possible. 

4. Sleep as low as possible 

Warm air flows upwards, making bedrooms on upper floors particularly warm. If possible, temporarily move your sleeping space to the living room or even to the hobby room in the basement. 

5. Wet bed sheets 

Dunk a bed sheet in cold water before bedtime, whisk it out thoroughly (or briefly put it on to spin in the washing machine) and cover yourself with it. If it’s quite hot, you can also put the sheet in the freezer for a few minutes. 

6. Cold foot bath 

A cold foot bath not only cools the body,but also helps you to fall asleep faster. If that’s not enough: Cool the limbs even more with strong blood flow. Wrists, knee and elbow slit and neck can be cooled with a damp towel or under running water and act like air conditioning for your body. 

7. Ice socks 

On particularly hot nights, ice socks help. Put a pair of socks in the freezer. Similar to the foot bath, the cold socks not only cool a body area that has a lot of blood throughput, they also help you fall asleep. The important thing here is that you choose very thin socks. While the cooling effect is shorter, thick socks would preserve your body heat after an hour or two and do exactly the opposite of what you wanted. 

8. Drink before sleeping

Drink before sleeping Generally, it is recommended to drink one or two glasses of water before sleeping. On warm nights, you should pay particular attention to drinking enough before a night’s sleep. Loss of fluid due to sweating at night leads to restless sleep and unnecessary awakening. The lack of water also interferes with the heat compensation in the body as well as the exchange with the environment.  

9. Baby Powder

Baby Powder For people who generally sweated a lot, hot nights are particularly unpleasant. On the other hand, however, a remedy from the earliest childhood helps: baby powder! Apply some powder before bedtime. The powder absorbs moisture and keeps your skin dry. So you sleep better and wake up less sweat-bathed. 

10. Ice water for sleepwalkers 

Place a glass of water with some ice cubes next to your bed. If you wake up at night, you can cool down so quickly without having to get up. 

11. Cool fan air 

Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan to make even better use of it to cool down. 

Alternatively, you can hang damp wipes over the grilles of stand fans to cool the air. 
12. Use the heat as an excuse for a little adventure If it gets too hot, open a tent in the evening and stay outdoors. As long as the tent does not have the opportunity to heat up during the day, you will be much more comfortable to rest outside than in the stuffy apartment. Green thread – the green annual planner for a simple and sustainable life More details about the book With these tips, you will find it easier to fall asleep and sleep through even on the warmest days of summer.

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