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Skinvious: Reuel-Azriel’s Not Just Another Black Owned Beauty Company



Want your skin to glow. Discover Skinvious! Sugar scrubs, body butters, Rose Water and Vitamin Serums. Proven applications for divine skin. You Go Girl! No it’s “You Glow Girl” by Skinvious™

The opening words of this ad campaign says it all. The audacious and straight forward brand might cause a shift in the market of cosmetic consumption.

The health and beauty industry has an assortment of cosmetic brands. This new endeavor by company Zilevo wants to bring a different spin on the already saturated market. Aristotle defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune, stirred by “those who have what we ought to have.”

Collectively, we all have that one person we know whose skin is flawless, jaw-dropping silky-smooth, and aesthetically beautiful. It could be just, good genetics, or just a good regimen. However, we have all been envious of someone else’s skin. Their complexion, their agelessness, their makeup, just their beauty. We’ve all witnessed that one person who’s just got the look. We all use the colloquial phrase “black don’t crack”. But what does that really mean? We look for inspiration in cosmetic products that aren’t really targeted to men and women of color. A moisturizer here, a serum from there, mixing different products to come up with one of our own. Purchasing and pasting. “Skinvious is not just another Black owned beauty brand”, retorts the founder Reuel-Azriel.

“We are an experience, a lifestyle, a movement, an emotion”. Skinvious or rather to BeSkinvious is an emotion which “occurs when a person finds oneself envious of another’s superior facial quality, aesthetic or esthetic achievement, or just the overall edification of one’s beauty. Often, one becomes kinvious and wishes he or she possessed that which he or she lacked. Therefore, Skinvious’ motto promotes that we all can have “Skin You Can Envy”.

Skinvious-A Zilevo Health & Beauty Company offers women and men of color worldwide the best of skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. Consumer products that focus on cosmetic skin application treatments and personal care products. Which are organized into several segments: NviousSkin, NviousMood and NviousBeauty. Skinvious produces skincare products such as moisturizers and cleansers, haircare such as shampoos, conditioners, and toiletries such as bubble baths and soaps. In a beauty industry that too often fails to cater to black men and women. Skinvious’ mission demands that we make products that ensure the inclusivity of all shades of color. While maintaining cosmetic innovations with a maximum cohesive social responsibility. We aim to be recognized by always sharing in the globalization of compromise and the promotion and social responsibility of beauty, health and wellness.

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Things to know about hoodies



Hoodies are quite popular among people. People of every age love to wear hoodies. Hoodies are the most practical clothes that people can wear. Hoodies look the most stylish and make you feel awesome. You can purchase the best hoodies from online shops as well as from land-based shopping centers like Comme Des Garcons.

People love wearing hoodies. Moreover, it would be the most exciting thing to wear customized hoodies. People can have the best hoodies of their choice to wear on certain occasions. Hoodies can also be used as casual dresses.

Hoodies are quite common among people. There are certain things that people need to know about hoodies. Some of the most significant things that people should know about hoodies are mentioned below.

1.      Help cover a bad haircut

The first and the most significant thing to know about hoodies is that hoodies have a cap or something to cover your head. You can wear a hoodie to hide your hair. Sometimes it happens that you had a bad haircut. In such cases, you can wear a hoodie to hide your hair. This can help you save yourself from embarrassment or bad compliments.

2.      Help cover your baldness

The second significant thing to know about a hoodie is that your hoodie can help you cover your baldness. Baldness can be a source of continuous embarrassment for some people. You can wear a hoodie and a cap to cover your head.

3.      Wear during workout

The majority of the people are interested in doing a workout. Some people prefer wearing hoodies while doing a workout. Moreover, women can cover their bodies by wearing hoodies. During a workout, a person needs to sweat as much as possible and hoodies can help people sweat more. In other words, hoodies aid in the workout. Moreover, hoodies made up of cotton or latex can improve the breathability of a hoodie.

4.      Way to protect your beliefs

One of the most significant things to know about hoodies is that hoodies can help to protect your beliefs. You can have hoodies according to your preferences and tastes. Hoodies are available in several designs. The designs you choose express your beliefs and personalities.

5.      Given as gifts

Another significant thing that you should know about hoodies is that hoodies can be given as gifts. Sometimes when a person cannot think about what to give someone on his special day, he can simply give a hoodie as a present. Moreover, unisex hoodies are also available in the market that you can give to your friends and relatives.

6.      Wear indoor as well as outdoor

Last but not least significant thing to know about hoodies is that hoodies can be used for indoor as well as outdoor functions. You can wear Anti SocialSocial Club hoodies on certain occasions. Moreover, hoodies are the most casual clothing that people can wear.

The bottom line

These are some of the most significant things that people should know about hoodies. Moreover, hoodies can help people have a great clothing experience. All you need is to choose the best and the most appropriate hoodie for you so that you can have a classy hoodie for you.

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Can I Buy A Gold Necklace Online?



Choosing a gold necklace isn’t so difficult, but buying it is not a cup of tea for everyone. All of us love to wear gold jewelry especially gold necklaces as a symbol of style and class with elegance. Gold is one of the most selling and demanded jewelry options particularly when it comes to gold necklaces and engagement rings. From selection to buying, you must be smart enough to have these charms.

With the boom of the online shopping, it is also now possible to buy gold necklace and other jewelry items online. There are so many stores online that sell different types of gold jewelry. You can visit MCGEE jewelry to buy your desired gold jewelry as it is one of the most authentic websites that deal in gold jewelry.  However, to know how to purchase a gold necklace online, continue reading the article.  

Buying A Gold Necklace Online

After selection of the gold necklace, it comes to buying it. Purchasing a gold necklace online is something different from buying it from the local stores. But, you can easily buy it online if you have proper knowledge of how to buy it online. Below are some vital aspects that you need to consider while buying a gold necklace online:

  1. Do Proper Research

As there are a large number of online gold sellers, you should make sure that you do properly research on the sellers and look for what they have for you. 

  1. Know What To Buy

Get to know about your desired gold necklace, and then, search for it from multiple sellers, and compare the attributes of their offered products.

While selecting a gold necklace, you should keep three things in mind; sturdiness, beauty, and practical use. If you are picking it for special events, choose a more delicate necklace. On the other hand, if you think that you will be using it repeatedly, go for something durable. Thus, 14k gold necklace is the perfect choice as it is robust and also possesses a lively color.

  1. Look At Details About The Seller

Once you choose a seller, don’t compromise on the verification of the seller and its gold products. Identify a reputed seller who has been in the gold business for some time. Check out their stores’ delivery and return policies. You need to ensure that there must be enough security in these policies for customers to shop without fear.

Conclusive Notes: 

Gold necklaces are undoubtedly an excellent investment for their beauty and value. Gold is one of the most selling and demanded jewelry options particularly when it comes to gold necklaces and engagement rings. The wide variation makes it an amazing purchase. Moreover, you can try your necklaces with different pendants and create different combos that look superb. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to buying a gold necklace, considering the aspects (mentioned above) is helpful for you. Take your time with your dear ones to choose whatever you want sitting on your couch and then search for a registered seller online to buy your desired necklace.

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Hand Painted Salwar Suit Set: All You Need to Know



Hand Painted Salwar Suit Set

All over the world, India has made a major impact on most countries and has inspired many realms such as history, politics, tourism, hospitality, Education and so much more. Apart from all this, India has also inspired cultural aspects of the world-leading with example in the areas of films, fashion, cultural significance, traditional attires, and jewelry.

Indian weddings are something that astonishes most westerners with the sheer elegance and style that they are made with. The costumes that Indians wear such as Sarees, Salwar Suit, Lehenga, Safari Suits, etc are all great examples with which Indian fashion has made a major impact in the world.

History of Salwar Suits

The salwar suit has been worn in India for generations together and is one of the most widely used costumes for women in India. Salwar suit comprises a tunic that is long with a yoke in the front portion which has some design to make the tunic look attractive. This design could be handmade, hand-painted, or commercially manufactured.

The bottom portion is pants that can either be a slim-fitting type, flared type, or a regular loose fit. This ensemble is finished off with a custom dupatta that has elements from the top and the bottom along with work on all the sides – mostly handmade or embroidered.

In India, Salwar Suit sets have been in the making for decades together as it is the most commonly used costume in India. The degree of intricacy in the garment along with the fabric and design is what differentiated the value and usage of these sets.

Those with heavier yokes, made with hand-embroidered material or the ones with hand-painted fabrics and designs on the salwar set, usually have higher value and hold more significance than the regular commercially manufactured ones. These handmade garments are generally worn for weddings, functions, parties, and other elite social events.

Apart from these, regular salwar suits are also made in India which are worn casually by women to work and at home. These sets are basically manufactured like any other textile in a manufacturing facility with graphic designs that are printed onto the fabric and with very little handwork.

Significance of Hand Painted Salwar Suit Sets

Hand Painted Salwar Suit Sets are made by trained and skilled craftsmen who create designs using hand-painted textures on the fabrics which are then used to make salwar suits. These designs are made with brushes and other such techniques and are diligently placed by a graphic designer to form a salwar suit set to post the completion of the fabric.

These kinds of salwar suits are a pure reflection of the traditional art form as the workmen and women spend hours painting natural and designs inspired by nature, temple designs, flowers, and other such images. The colors are texture bleed with pure perfection and natural hand feel.

They look strikingly more alive than manufactured designs on plain fabrics. That is the main difference that makes this work extremely rare and unique.

Hand-painted Kurtis and salwar suits are in high demand currently not just in India but all over the world due to their rarity and extraordinary style. The colors are exquisite and make brilliant pieces that can be custom designed and made making it one of a kind. Unlike other fabrics, they look and feel brighter and more alive making them stand out from the crowd.

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Tips to find the best glasses from glasses supplier




Sunglasses are a must to wear especially when you are out on sunny or windy days. It helps you go on the road with ease, and drive through roads or bad weather easily. However to make sure that you don’t feel any form of discomfort, it is best to choose the product from the best sunglasses vendor from the market. With the best pair of glasses, you are all set to avail multiple benefits as mentioned below.

Block UV rays

Whenever you approach a glasses supplier, it is important to get hold of glasses which gives you protection from UV rays or wind on earth. One should understand that long run exposure to sun can cause harmful effects on you and your eyes, hence it is advisable to choose for the most feasible and cost economical options available in the market. Hence before you pick blue light glasses supplier` or any other kind of glasses, make sure to check if it can give you protection from harmful UV rays.

Bigger lenses

Sunglasses manufacturers based around the world manufactures or invests in glasses that are different from each other in terms of shape, design, and size. It entirely depends on an individual as to what size and style of lens they wish to choose. The choice of the lens should be made only after ensuring your vision clarity. After all the prime purpose of using glasses is to have clear vision.

Darker lenses

Even though dark lenses looks good and adds on style, however one must note that it shall not be able to give you sufficient protection. Hence the decision to buy glasses should be made after doing appropriate research and study. You can even approach Custom Sunglasses Manufacturer who shall provide you lenses per your choice and requirement.


It is interesting to know that glasses are available in different colors be it grey, green, amber etc. Even though it will not be able to block a lot of light, but it shall bring in an appropriate contrast which will be a good option to choose especially for golf or baseball players.

Polarized lenses

With polarized lenses, you shall be able to reduce the glare appearing from reflective surfaces around. Even polarization of lenses is not going to affect clarity or vision but still will enable you to focus on activities appropriately. Hence it is a good idea to invest in such a form of glasses.


You might be thinking that getting good glasses would cost you hefty, well that does not hold true. You will be able to get sunglasses, that are best in costly but won’t drain out money from your pocket. All you have to do is conduct appropriate research and get ahead to invest in the best options available in the market.


We hope the following tips mentioned above shall be of great help to you, to get to the right sunglass options that are not only good and comfortable to use, but something that can last for a long period of time.

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Rock the fashion game with the super comfortable yet stylish men shirts



Running short for your dresses collection then it’s a perfect time to get men’s long sleeve shirts for styling. The long sleeve shirt serves as a perfect fit for a smart yet casual look. It is preferably the best choice which can be paired well with formals and even with regular jeans. The tailor-made shirts are the right fit to class up your appearance. Mixing and matching bottom wear with the long sleeve shirt for a complete look is too much fun. Well, if you want to style differently and mark a significant presence with the best shirt piece then without wasting your time any further, get started to make your pick. The available shirt selection will help you choose your one.

If you are concerned about your looks then only getting well-tailored t-shirts won’t help you. To add an extra dash of style to your look you must be aware of the unspoken styling rules. For men to look dashing and keep the fashion game on point, you must own the right pair of slacks, jeans, or chinos to pull up with your shirts. Apart from paying heed to the bottom wear one should also focus on investing for the perfect pair of footwear. The right shoes play a promising role in completing the entire look for any particular occasion, party, or event.

Tuck your long sleeve shirt well as per your requirement on a specific day. Choose wisely and make sure you get more in return for your hard-earned penny. Well, the key to mark your presence with an extraordinary look is the color choices. Pull off your look with sharp color combinations. Focus on choosing something that sets you apart from the crowd. Try out something new. A long sleeve shirt when combined well does wonders. The other additional advantages of styling with the custom-designed shirts are as mentioned below:

  • Mens long sleeve shirts are a must-have with which you can style a very chic look anytime and anywhere. It is an excellent apparel piece that plays a promising role in catering to individual fashion requirements. It is just the best choice worth every single penny spent in its return.
  • The best thing about stylish shirts with long sleeves is that it provides proper coverage to the arms. The comfortable coverage acts as a shield against ultra-violet rays and protects sun tan. On the other hand, during chilling winter days, these shirts provide maximum comfort to the wearer.
  • Styling with the shirts is a great way to attain a unique look. The top-notch quality wearable is one of a kind. The breathable fabric of the shirts allows the wearer to feel relaxed and carry the dress piece well with confidence.

What makes the mens cotton t shirts a perfect fit?

Comfort is all you are looking for then you can even consider choosing from mens cotton t shirts collection. The tees are super cool and at the same time, it does not fail to comfort the wearer. The cotton fabric used for quality manufacture has moisture-absorbing properties. Moreover, it is very breathable and gentle on the skin. It is a perfect fit to walk in style with confidence. The cotton tees create a great difference in the entire look of the individual. It is the best manufacture suitable for investing a fair return. The latest style of these tees is worth the appreciation.

The high-quality cotton t-shirts are an enduring item that lasts extra long. It is a durable garment piece that does not loose shape easily. Apart from being, comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting, cotton apparel is fashionable. Styling with the same induces a sense of pride. It enables one to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it is an affordable purchase worth every penny spent. To be specific, the fair return charged for the t-shirts satisfies individual investment criteria.

Well, if you want to personalize your clothing collection then go get the right dress piece home by simply placing an order for the t-shirt or shirts that suit your personal style and fashion preferences. Go grab the best deal before stock out.

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