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Siteground Reviews Reddit 2021



Siteground Reviews Reddit 2021

About Siteground web hosting

Siteground web hosting is a very well know web hosting company, it has been working since 2004, and Siteground officially recommended by Siteground platform is powered by Google Cloud means Siteground has use Google cloud for his best speed & performance.

Siteground web hosting plans :

    v Web hosting : For small & medium website very reliable plan

    v WordPress hosting : Specially for wordpress users

    v Woocommerce hosting : Specially for business purpose online store

    v Cloud hosting : Managed by multiple cloud server if server down then sift to another cloud, Specially for high performance website

    v Enterprise hosting : This plan is suitable for big business online & high traffic volume come in website.

Siteground Shared Hosting Plans :

SiteGround’s shared hosting is the perfect method to begin a new site . Their shared programs can be found in three degrees to accommodate various budgets.

Start up Plan : It comprises 10 GB disk space and is acceptable for hosting a site having 10,000 monthly traffic. You will also receive all vital attributes like 1-click WordPress setup, free installation, site transfer, daily backups, and much more.

GrowBig: The GrowBig program enables you to host unlimited sites. It includes 20 GB disk space and is acceptable for hosting sites having 25,000 monthly traffic. You will receive all the qualities of this Startup program, and you will receive premium features such as Super Cacher, 1-year complimentary wildcard SSL, and much more.

GoGeek: GoGeek strategy is suiteable for little eCommerce websites. It may manage sites having 100,000 monthly traffic. Along with all GrowBig’s attributes, you will receive access to more complex features like one-click git repo production, WordPress and Joomla staging, and much more.

Siteground Reviews Reddit keypoints overview

SPEED:412 ms
SUPPORT:24/7 Phone,Chat,Ticket
BANDWIDTH:10,000 Visits/Month
SITE TRANSFER:Free Website Migration
MONEY BACK POLICY:30-day money back guarantee

Siteground Performance & Uptime

Server downtime is the worst enemy of almost any business site. This is because any time that your site goes down (even for as little as 30 minutes), you lose prospective customers, lose the beliefs of your present clients, and may drop on your search engine optimization ranking.

That is why it’s advisable to go for a hosting company that offers no less than today’s average of 99.9% uptime.

Uptime Guarantee: 99.99%
In SiteGround, that is exactly what you get with a little additional kick into the mixture. This web host offers all customers a 99.99% uptime warranty .

See below for how SiteGround compensates clients when they don’t reach that amount. In my experience, you will likely never request a refund since they meet their goal uptime.

Real-Time Monitoring
Unlike web hosts who monitor their servers in periods of 1-5 minutes, SiteGround performs real-time monitoring .

As a result, server issues are noticed that the instant they happen and as such fixed much quicker. This real-time monitoring coupled with the innovative server technology ensures minimal downtime.

Siteground Performance & Response Time

Many people get confused between uptime and response time. It’s really very straightforward. Uptime is the period of time that the host is available. Response time is how long it takes the server to send out a web page. Just as with bandwidth, SiteGround provides excellent response times.

SiteGround only uses the most recent technology in all of its server hardware. User accounts are also transferred sometimes from old hardware to new updated, faster servers to ensure flawless performance for all of its hosted sites at all times.

Fast Website Load Times
The business is one of the fastest web hosts out there with load period speeds ranging from 20 milliseconds to over a second.

Speed technologies provided include:

The Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network).

Supercacher. You can choose between dynamic or static caching, or Memcached. (Memcached is a powerful open-source caching system.) All these are superior in reliability and speed to HDDs (hard-disk pushes ).

NGINX: net server technology that accelerates your site loading time.

HTTP/2-enabled servers. This is the most recent network protocol and it results in speed.

PHP 7. PHP is a server-side scripting language, typically utilized to create dynamic website content. This version of PHP has been tested by Zend and discovered to increase rate considerably. For example, they found it boosted Drupal 8 by 72%.

Why Does PageSpeed Matter?
Google PageSpeed is a measure of reaction time. Nonetheless, it is more complicated than you may think.

For example, a website may have a great PageSpeed on desktop computers, however a poor rating on tablet computers or mobile phones. The SiteGround service team can help you to get the best PageSpeed potential — on all devices.

Advantages of Siteground web hosting :

  • Worldwide 5 Data server & 194 Largest CDN Network for better loading speed by using nearest location for each your site visitors, Data Server comes in Chicago, Iowa, Amsterdam, London and Singapore.
  • Data server has high redundancy, fast connectivity, low latency & multi layered security.
  • Free Cloudfare CDN & easy setup of Lets encrypt, free SSL Certificate provides.
  • SSD Storage for optimal speed & high redundancy.
  • Best uptime 99.9 % & fastest server speed we tested in pingdom.
  • Excellent Customer support : 24/7 Live chat, phone, ticket.
  • 1 click very easy WordPress installation.
  • Given best all type web hosting from beginners to enterprise hosting.
  • Your WordPress website become fastest with No1 SG optimizer plugin.
  • Data center comes across global everywhere so no doubt about his sever speed.
  • Siteground trusted by his own 2,000,000 Domain. So very trusted website.
  • Free & smooth website migration.
  • Smart WAF protect your website for Exploits.
  • Ai anti bot For stop malicious traffic.
  • Real time server health checks.
  • Siteground given free Ebook & Tutorial to his customer like wordpress security, wordpress optimization, wordpress tutorial, Woocommerse ebook etc.

Siteground Reviews Reddit plans & pricing :

siteground hosting plans prices

SiteGround’s Backups :

Personally, I believe that copies are among the most crucial features of a hosting provider.

True, it is possible to join a 3rd party service which creates copies for you (e.g. UpdraftPlus for WordPress), but I’m of the view that using it integrated with your server is much more efficient and easier to manage.

So I looked very carefully at SiteGround’s backup system, and I Must say, it is the best one I found for suppliers in this Budget

Here is what I enjoyed about it:

  • The backup feature is seamlessly integrated using SiteGround’s system. So no overseas system that could create conflicts has to be utilized.
  • Backups to get each site are handled individually, meaning that you can create a backup for just one of your sites rather than having to create copies for all your SiteGround hosted sites.
  • Having the option to make on-demand backups is a dream for those pushing system or code and plugin updates. Before doing this, you may make a backup for your reassurance.
  • Backups are useless unless you’ve got an easy and productive method to revive them. SiteGround only requires a couple of clicks.
  • And finally, the on-demand and restore backup options are included in the GrowBig and GoGeek plans at no additional cost — other providers charge for similar (worse) attributes.

There are a couple of things I’d love to be somewhat different, by way of instance, there’s a quota limitation of 5 manual copies per website (you’ll have to delete an older one when the limit was attained ), and there’s no way to download your copies , you can only restore them.

Pros & Cons of Using Siteground Reviews Reddit


  • Free Website Builder
  • Domain Management Services
  • Free CDN and SSL on all plans
  • Free automatic daily backups
  • High Website Security
  • Excellent uptime: SiteGround has some of their greatest availability figures around (almost 100%).
    High-speed hosting: due to the hardware they use (e.g. SSD disks) and the software solution (e.g. SG Optimizer and HTTP/2), they supply flat-rate rates.
  • Easy and intuitive to use: The system is simple to use, and the attributes are perfectly incorporated between them.
  • Excellent support and support : SiteGround provides a very complete level of customer care. Its guides and tutorials are also higher quality.
  • Server place : When you open your account with SiteGround, then you can choose between servers in the usa, Asia, Australia and Europe.
  • Advanced attributes : SiteGround incorporates features that many other hosting providers don’t have. By way of instance, staging, own caching or Git repositories. Or free integrations using CloudFlare or Let us Enrcypt (SSL).
  • Infinite traffic: they do not measure your website’s traffic.
  • Collaborators: Using SiteGround you will be able to create additional users with accessibility to the various websites you manage.


  • Higher renewal prices
  • Cost : Personally, I still believe that SiteGround provides a fantastic price-quality ratio, but it certainly is not the cheapest on the marketplace.
  • Specialist migrations: In case you would prefer a SiteGround support representative to look after your site migration, then you are going to be asked to pay $30. There’s a free WordPress migration plugin which you may utilize.
  • Database size: Every SiteGround program includes a maximum size for every database. This may only be a problem for bigger websites.

SiteGround Customer Service

You will understand high praise for SiteGround’s customer service everywhere. They’re remarkably good at providing quick, useful, and knowledgeable service to their clients.

Their customer care includes 24/7 telephone, live chat, and ticket-based email service. Their telephone and live chat response times are almost instantaneous. Email’s get initial reaction in less than 10 minutes.

For users that prefer to resolve things by themselves, SiteGround provides a massive assortment of knowledge base articles with screenshots, tutorials, videos, and guides.



We have fully tested Siteground Reviews Reddit. Siteground is a old & gold world best web hosting for all. Best for his speed & performance.Siteground win 2020 Steve Award for his Sales & Customer support.

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Why at this moment people are loving to surf social media sites?




people are loving to surf social media sites

Days have changed. There was a time when children used to read books, solve puzzles, play indoor and outdoor games, adults used to read newspapers, books, spent time with their family or go outside to meet their friends, sit on the bench of a tea stall, and have a cup of tea while enjoying their talks. 

Also the old used to listen to radios and spend time with their grandchildren or do some embroidery works. Now it’s all different. None of the above-mentioned things can be seen anywhere or very rarely seen. A drastic change has taken place to keep up with this fast-paced world. 

It literally brought down everyone`s focus to screens in front of them . SOCIAL MEDIA! Things have really changed. Reasons are nothing less than situations and circumstances. One is to keep up with this fast-paced world and secondly the current pandemic scenario.

Let’s highlight what actually the change has taken place due to this and it`s impact on our society.

Loving To Surf Social Media Sites

Firstly the opportunity is given to us to stay close to each other even if we are not so physically. We can also meet new people. Also now there are such sites where youngsters are meeting their potential partners online via Omelge, chatroulette, Ome-I, Ome tv, and more platform. 

One thing is that earlier before social media sites were introduced, there were chat rooms for meeting new people. But it had one disadvantage persisting till today and that is nothing but we have no information about the person in opposite with whom we are actually talking to.

But social media sites have removed this problem as we can see everyone`s information, their interests, hobbies. Thus helping us to actually filter out with whom we should have contact.

Easy TO Use the Chat Platform

Another reason is that these sites are really very easy to use. They are built in a quite user-friendly way and with frequent updates, it is becoming easier to use. Anyone from a small child of 5 years of age to 60 years old, everyone feels quite comfortable in using it.

Thirdly one of the most important reasons is its community-building feature where we can create or join groups of like-minded people sharing the same interests thus actually helping us to grow. Thus proven these sites only enable us to become more social but also helps in self-growth. Many people are using random chat platforms like Omegle video chat for talk free to the unknown. 

Linkedin Social Platform For Job

Finally, the most important aspect of any human being is a career. Social media sites like LinkedIn serve as a platform specifically for serving professional needs. It rather acts as a digital CV of a person since we can showcase all our professional details like skills, projects done, years of work experience, educational qualifications, achievements, etc. 

In fact, in the past few years, many companies are actually hiring employees from this site. Interviews are taken from SKYPE. Hence in this way both the companies and employees are growing together hand in hand.    

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Facebook skills to increase likes.




There are many websites that provide tips on how to get more likes on Facebook. Today I want to share two very effective strategies. By continuing to use these two simple strategies, there is no doubt that your fan base will grow very fast. Okay, let’s get straight to this.

The first suggestion is like other people’s comments.

When I was looking for ways to grow my fan page, I thought about my strategy a few years ago. Everyone likes other pages in my niche and is asked to actively participate in discussions and interact with others. This strategy is recommended but seems to be more effective than “storing” people’s comments on other pages. If you want to Buy Facebook Likes so visit us and read a blog

I got out of the car with ease and found refuge for the transport enthusiast. I found a post with a lot of comments on this page. Then I love all the comments on this article. For the next two weeks, I annotated other people’s pages for 10-15 minutes a day. Get 500 likes and comments in 10 minutes. That is 3,500 comments per week and 14,000 comments per month.

At first I confused “like” and “like” and said “thank you” instead of “like”, and I made a great post. Since comments aren’t about adding value to posts or discussing specific pages, they’re easy to display…

Why this works:

The reason why this strategy works is that if you like someone else’s comment, a red tag will be highlighted at the top of your Facebook page. You can also purchase Facebook settings. We can agree that we are mostly curious creatures. What do people do when they see a small glowing red label? You guessed it, they clicked on it. If so, they’ll see your fan page and click on it out of curiosity.

You may think this strategy is a bit useless, but you are wrong. Using this strategy other pages will not be abused, it just let people know that your page exists. If they click on (and want) your page, you can tell them more about what interests them. You don’t force them to do anything. In fact, if your fan page is about their interests and you have information to share, then you support it. Most people on my fan page use this strategy, and I have a lot of loyal followers. They found the strategy page I used for the first time. You have to ask yourself, what is the source reason?

This strategy works well and requires little effort to implement. On average, about 25% of people click on your page to like it. If you use this strategy for a month and play for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you can expect to get 1 to 4000 likes.

notes. I’ve used this self-service strategy, and it works the same way as described here, but I can’t guarantee that the same results will be obtained under normal circumstances. Moreover, is the effect of this strategy unclear?

The second trick is to ask the page owner to publish your content.

This little trick is simple, but I don’t think many people follow it. The way it works is easy, just like the first technique, it only takes a little time.

Here’s what you should do:

Open Notepad on the desktop, write a swipe message, and send it to the page owner. Use the same message to send to as many page owners as possible. There are three important things to do in this letter.

1) The first part of the message tells the owner of this page that they think they have done a great job and that they already have standard information on their fan page. Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

2) The second part of the post should confirm that there is a good “post/article”, and fans know what they want to read. You can promote it any way you want, but knowing that your fans like the post will help you reach their best interests. Make sure you count. (Fans Pages Fans love to share information with their fans, so you don’t have to impress them as much).

3) The last part of the post should indicate that you are an ethical marketer and do not intend to promote your content on other people’s pages without the owner’s permission.

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Choosing A Stump Grinder: Factors To Keep In Mind



Eliminating a stump is a tricky procedure, and today we’ll be tackling the most important question related to that. What should I consider while searching for a stump grinder? 

If you plan on discarding lifeless or overgrown trees, the best equipment to put your money on is a predator stump grinder. Nonetheless, today we will be discussing what things professionals who take care of trees, landscaping contractors, or worrisome homeowners need to keep in mind while selecting one.

Major kinds

For people who rent their equipment for their businesses, the right kind of stump grinder is helpful to them, and they can switch it up depending on the project at hand. Two commonly used types available for businesses who rent their machinery are:

  • A Wheeled handlebar type of stump grinder
  • A Tracked walk-behind kind of stump grinder

Following are the things you have to check in stumps

  1. The age, density, and the size of the stumps you plan on grinding: 

These things are essential to contemplate. Trees have a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions, a freshly cut tree is harder to chew. Density makes it simpler to cut and crush them. The size of the tree also matters. A tinier grinder can work on an enormous stump, but it will take more time and effort for the person using it.

  1. The depth you want in your grind:

It is essential to know how deep you want to grind the stump; this will tell you what type of stump grinder you should choose.

  1. The type of tree you plan on grinding/its lineage:

The variety of the trees determines how lengthy it will be to crush them. Pines and conifers take longer rather than trees with hardwood stumps. They have more connected clean chips, which are easier to grind than their other tree types. So make sure that you know what sort of species you are planning on grinding and get the equipment according to that.

Safety precautions

Although it’s better if a professional handles these tasks nonetheless, if you’re taking up a DIY, you would need to take care of a few precautions; here’s a list of things to take care of in your next project.

  • Try to wear proper protective gear like glasses and gloves.
  • Check how close you need to stand to the stump with the type of model you have selected.
  • Make sure there are no people close by that may become a part of collateral damage.
  • Please read the instructions written before using a stump grinder.

These things are essential to contemplate. Trees have a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions, a freshly cut tree is harder to chew. Density makes it simpler to cut and crush them. The size of the tree also matters. A tinier grinder can work on an enormous stump, but it will take more time and effort for the person using it. Eliminating a stump is a tricky procedure, and today we’ll be tackling the most important question related to that. What should I consider while searching for a stump grinder?

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What Is Machinery Financing And Is It Worth It?



In today’s world, a job just doesn’t cut it. Many employed professionals, although working, are not happy with their work. Every employee dreams of becoming his boss, but it’s not easy and isn’t for everyone. Only a few dare to take significant risks and start a business for themselves. A company doesn’t spring up in a day or so; it takes months or even years of hard work and devotion to it. Then it starts to reap some fruit.

For Small Businesses, investing in equipment can cause a massive dent in your pocket. Not only that, producing such a large lump sum amount is hard for many. The solution which many seek is Machinery finance. 

What is machinery finance?

Machinery or equipment finance is a loan small business owners take to buy the equipment or machinery necessary for their business. It’s different from leasing the machinery, which is taking it on a rental basis, and paying the amount equivalent to it’s usage. Financing can help you buy equipment at the time of need, and you can pay it back soon.

Should you go for machinery finance?

The choice is totally up to you; as a business owner, you need to realize your budget and try not to overspend. But if there is something you have to buy, and you don’t have that large amount, or that is all that you have, then it’s better to take out a loan. That can help your business taking off, and you can pay it back in little bits. It won’t cause as much of a dent as a considerable amount at the beginning of your business would.

Advantages of machinery financing

Following are some of the advantages you would get if you opt to take a machinery loan

  • An affordable option: this can be a very feasible and affordable option for new business owners. New business owners should spend all of what they have on a single piece of equipment at the start of their work. They may need that money somewhere else. If you get a secured loan, that’s even better for business.
  • Allows you to pay back easily: loans save you from spending a considerable amount at one time. According to the place you take the finance from, you can pay it back in monthly, quarterly, or yearly installments; this can make this process very smooth.
  • Builds business credit: this sort of finance can help you make business credits as well.

Machinery or equipment finance is a loan small business owners take to buy the equipment or machinery necessary for their business. It’s different from leasing the machinery, which is taking it on a rental basis, and paying the amount equivalent to it’s usage. Financing can help you buy equipment at the time of need, and you can pay it back soon.

very employee dreams of becoming his boss, but it’s not easy and isn’t for everyone. Only a few dare to take significant risks and start a business for themselves. A company doesn’t spring up in a day or so; it takes months or even years of hard work and devotion to it. Then it starts to reap some fruit.

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Top SEO tips




You can use many SEO tips to improve your search engine optimization. The best SEO tips are ones that work for you and are unique to your business or website. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 easy SEO tips that have been proven to increase organic rankings in Google. These SEO tips can also help generate more traffic and lead conversions on your site! 

Optimize your website’s meta tags 

The meta tags on your website are very important for search engine optimization. They help Google understand the information that is being displayed on your site and how to categorize it. If you don’t have anything filled out in these fields. 

This can potentially cause a decrease in rankings when people do searches of certain keywords related to your business or site because they will not find what they are looking for! Once you optimize these fields with optimized content using relevant keywords. it can lead directly to an increase in organic ranking results from Google. 

Create a keyword list and use it throughout your site 

When you create a keyword list for your site, make sure to use it throughout the content. This will help Google know what your website is all about. You can also include keywords in * Headlines* Subheadings* Sections and bullet points within your content. 

The more relevant information you provide on your site. the higher search engine rankings are likely to go! When people do searches of certain related words or phrases on Google. they will be able to find what they’re looking for because there’s so much well-targeted information from top to bottom on each page. 

Make sure you have enough content on your site to rank high in search engines. 

This best SEO tip is to have enough content on your site so that you can rank high in search engines. This means having at least 600-1000 words of text. images with captions. videos. and more! The more information there is on your website. the better chance it has of ranking higher up in Google or other search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It might take a little bit longer for this to happen compared to some other SEO tips. but it will be worth it because people are likely going to stick around and explore more if they find what they’re looking for right away! 

Add links from other websites back to yours so that they’ll do some of the work for you! 

As you’re out there surfing on the web. make sure to be strategic about where you’ll link back to when it’s appropriate. 

This is an SEO tip that can help increase your rankings in search engines like Google because they will see how others link back, which may lead them to visit your site! 

When other sites have links pointing towards yours. This indicates value and relevance–qualities that often rank high for organic results from search engine algorithms like Google. 

The more people who link back to your website or blog post with relevant keywords related to what you offer and use anchor text (text describing what their page is all about). the higher chances of ranking at the top of SERPs in these popular search engines! 

Optimize your site for mobile devices 

Optimize your site for mobile devices by using a responsive design, 

If you have an e-commerce website. This SEO tip is especially important because many people browse for products on their smartphones! 

It’s important to make sure that your site’s user experience and navigation works well on both desktop and mobile screens–both can be seen as SEO ranking factors. 

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