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Singapore Funeral Services | Here’s Everything You Need To Know About | 2022

The sad reality of life is that it ends, and no one can escape from it. Deny it or accept it, the fact is not going to change, and every person who came into this world must go. The person’s death is a tragic moment, especially for their families and friends; d funerals are held to take the deceased to their final destination with honor and dignity. There are many religions and traditions in the world, and each one of them has its rules and rituals in the funeral, but the basic idea of the funeral is the same. The primary purpose of the funeral is to give the deceased an honored goodbye and share the grief of the family of the dead. 

Funerals are the last ceremony of the deceased, and it is the last time they are their families and friends. It is the last chance for the families to watch them and to feel them. During the funeral, all of the friends and relatives of the deceased come to pay their respect, and making the arrangements not only for the guest but for the funeral is a complicated task. Depending on the belief of the deceased, there could be a need for different types of sacred items with the arrangement for the casket, transportation, seating arrangement, body preparation, one anAndaking these arrangements on time without error is a difficult job, especially for someone

In this time of chaos, Singapore Funeral Services offer their services in all kinds of funerals and take care of all the arrangements according to the demand and preferences of the clients.

Singapore Funeral Services

Funeral services are topics that most people do not even want to talk about. There is no denying the need for ral services, and Singapore Funeral Services has been providing services to all the communities and religions without any discrimination. They have helped countless families make the arrangements for the final ceremonies and rituals of their loved ones. They have experience, professional tests and have all the information and knowledge about funerals and religions. Not only that, they are experienced in making the arrangements for guests and making all the items and services available at the right time on the right spot. The Sitaskede Funeral Staskeds has been doing that for over 20 years. They have a considerable amount of experience and are a customer-oriented company that takes their clients as their priority. 

The Domain Of Singapore Funeral Services

Funeral is a simple word and when anyone hears that word, one thing that comes to their mind is the gathering in respect of the deceased. Every religion has their own way of funeral that is according to their belief and teachings. In many religions, there are many sects and dialects that are different from each other, so the traditions of funerals also. Singapore Funeral Services has a considerable amount of knowledge for every religion and sect and have separate teams to manage and arrange them that are expert in their domain. They take care of all the arrangements that include services, transportation, and arrangement of sacred items. Moreover, they also consider the priorities and the demands of the client in the funeral arrangements.

They manage a separate team for the arrangement of Buddhist funerals. The Buddhist funeral includes necessary arrangements with sacred items and chanting monks. The couple has complete knowledge about every detail of the Buddhist culture and tradition knows their job well. Singapore Funeral Services also provide their services in the catholic funeral and the necessary items with the rapist for the blessings and prayer. They also offer necessary arrangements for burial or cremation. Singapore Funeral Services also provide complete guidance and assistance in Taoist funerals and take care of the entire funeral with all the items. They have a separate team that is expert in arranging Taoist funerals. 

Singapore Funeral Services have extensive knowledge of the Soka Funeral and provide all the arrangements in managing these funerals. They collaborate with the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to support Soka’s funeral. You can also avail of their services in the Christian funeral with the priest, cremation, and other services. They also provide direct funeral services and support freethinkers and atheists who do not believe in any religion. They arrange the funeral according to their will or the family’s preferences. Singapore Funeral Services can also make the necessary arrangements to send the bodies to any part of the world and them.

Buddhism And Their Funerals

Buddhism is the religion of peace and harmony that teaches everyone to live with ease. The Buddhism however has many sects and schools thoughts, and all of them have the same basic teachings. Buddhist believe in the concept of Samsara, and according to them, the soul is sent to one of the six realms, and the process is repeated until the soul has reached the levels of good karma to reach Nirvana. Nirvana is a heavenly place and is the final destination of each Buddhism. According to these Buddhist teachings, death is just the beginning of the Samsara cycle, and the rituals in the funerals are performed in the light of these teachings to depart the soul in another life. There are many funeral rituals in the Buddhist teachings, and they are varied according to the places and sects. 

Buddhist Funeral Ceremonies

Buddhism is the religion of harmony and peace, and their funeral ceremonies are based on beliefs about samsara. 

The Buddhist belief is that every soul deserves to leave the body in peace and dignity. So they try to make the environment calm and sit alongside the deceased without making any noise or movement. It creates a peaceful environment that they believe eases the soul’s departure from the body. They try not to move or talk and continue this for hours. After some time, when the guest starts to arrive, the family and friends discuss the deceased’s good deeds and highlight their positive nature and behavior. The families also do some good deeds on behalf of the person as a token of love for their dead. 

For the funeral, the body is prepared. First, it is cleaned with care with the help of wet towels wiwi dressed in fine clothing. Some talcum powder is also applied. The body is sometimes embalmed before putting it into the casket. There are several items required for the funerals, and they can be varied according to the sect or school of thought. These items are sandalwood, incense oil, lotus, sutra and pearl blankets, candles, lamps, and joss sticks. The quantities of these items can be varied according to preference or beliefs. All these items are used to create a peaceful environment. There are also chanting sessions in which one or more one monk chants. 

Buddhist Packages

With the Singapore Funeral Services, you will get all kinds of services and items with the necessary arrangements. A Buddhist funeral packages are available for 3 or 5 days, and it depends on the religious belief of the clients. There are standard and straightforward packages. Simple packages are only available in 3 days. While the prd packages are available in 3 or 5 days packages pack with cost $5,300 to $6300

  • Preparation of the body by cleaning with towels, dressing, and applying talcum powder. 
  • Embalming of the body 
  • Placement of body in the wooden casket with a half glass front that is available in three colors
  • Transportation of the body and all of the attendees to the funeral area and back
  • Cremation arrangement with the booking of slot in best timing
  • Floral wreath with 11 inches by 12 inches in size
  • Altar and table arrangement with all of the sacred items
  • Collection of holy objects such as joss sticks, Pearl blanket, Sutra blanket, lotus blanket, Lotus candle, oil lamp, lED lamp, red pail, Paper umbrella, red plates and clothing, sandalwood, incense oil, and other sacred items.
  • Deck enclosure void space for the placement of casket with carpet and curtain area
  • Funeral area preparation in light of Buddhist belief
  • Ten sets of round tables along with 15 sets of square tables.
  • 100 chair for the sitting of guest
  • Two air cooling units
  • Mourning garments
  • Prayer books and condolence box
  • Glass hearse in traditional style
  • Five seater AC bus to go funeral and back
  • Towel and flowered water for guest
  • Chanting monks 1 for the day of the funeral, one monk for coffin chanting, three monks for funeral night
  • Six passport size photos and one large image in 10 inches by 12 inches of size
  • Ash collection

Other than these necessary and primary arrangements, these services are also available on the demands of the clients and are not included in the base package

  • Mobile toilet at $80 per day
  • Chiller unit $50 per day
  • Food and catering services
  • Drinks and other consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc.
  • Additional monks for chatting sessions.
  • Post funeral monk chanting session
  • Ash placement session and the chanting session on the 7th, 49th, and 100th day.
  • Paper House and car offerings 
  • Photo and videography sessions
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