Simply2be: Keep up With Your Business’ Finances Without Breaking a Sweat!

Concept of the app

Every business big or small needs an accounting unit. For huge corporations, an accounting department is gigantic, employing dozens of staff to keep track of the numbers. Sadly, smaller organizations and people working from home cannot afford such conveniences. The expense of a single accountant let alone an entire department is unsustainable. Owners have to juggle between business operations and accounting needs to save costs. No longer do you have to do the same thanks to Simply2be. Manage your invoices, record your taxes, and undertake many other bookkeeping chores with a simple app that alleviates the need for outside help. Concentrate on your business, while Simply2be focuses on the numbers for you! 

Simply2be features

Accounting is the financial backbone of all businesses; it enables the management to know what to do to salvage financial holes in the boat and ensure sustainability. Simply2be takes on bookkeeping duties for you in the following ways:

  • A singular display of important business aspects: Simply2be gets you the bigger picture by summing up vital business aspects on one screen
  • Create a quotation for an upcoming job or an invoice for completed tasks on Simply2be. These professional documents can be sent to clients, asking for payment or funds
  • As long as an invoice remains unpaid, the business owner gets regular alerts on the app. You can then issue reminders for delayed payments.
  • Easy to create financial records: You can group your expenses and money coming in to create financial records on Simply2be. Expenses can be substantiated with pictures of receipts for future reference
  • ●        Direct integration with a TaxJar account: Simply2be simplifies the tax filing process into a few steps and sometimes even completely automates it. Filing your sales tax has never been easier!
  • Are you paid via PayPal? Link your PayPal business account with Simply2be. Now you’ll be able to receive online payments via this portal. At the same time, PayPal money is updated into your records

How to use Simply2be

Add and edit jobs and customers on Simply2be, and create invoices via the buttons labeled as such. Record your expenses and income and automatically generate reports such as income statements and profit analysis charts. You can also figure out how your business is doing via the Profit & Loss section. 

Why Simply2be stands out from the crowd

You don’t need an accounting degree to figure out simply2be. It simplifies accounting chores and record keeping features into simple to use functionalities. Other apps like you will give headaches with accounting jargon and complex arithmetic. Simply2be stays true to its name. It also notably partners with huge names in the eCommerce sector like PayPal,, and WooCommerce to name a few. Also considering its additional job management features, no other app holds a candle to Simply2be!

Simply2be keeps the books in check so you can focus on the most important part of your business: running it!

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