Signs That You Have a Leak in Your Basement

Finding leaks can be tricky. There isn’t always a large puddle of water or loud dripping sound that can lead you directly to the problem. Sometimes the signs are a little harder to see.

Find out what some of the signs of basement leaks are. When you spot them, you’ll know something is wrong right away.

How to Fix a Leaky Basement:

Before you read the signs of basement leaks, you should learn what to do when you find them. The first thing that you should do is call up professionals that offer basement waterproofing services. These experts can fix a leaky basement by patching up cracks in the foundation, adding vapour barriers behind walls and repairing broken plumbing. Their services can stop leaks coming from inside and outside of the basement. So, you can rest assured that it will stay dry all year long.

Now that you know who to contact to fix your basement, you should learn about how to spot hidden leaks. Here are some of the signs:


Mould thrives in damp indoor spaces, which makes leaky basements the perfect environment for the fungus to grow.

If you start to notice patches growing on your walls, ceilings or carpets in your basement, you need to act fast and clean up the mould before it has a negative effect on your health. But cleaning it off isn’t enough. You need to deal with the source of the moisture, or the mould is going to come right back.


Follow your nose when you walk into your basement. Does it smell musty? Do you catch a whiff of mildew when you sit on the furniture or use the bathroom towels? Does the air feel heavy and damp? These are all clues that there is too much moisture in this space.

Peeling Paint

The signs could be written on the walls. If you see peeling or flaking paint on your walls, then there might be too much moisture in the area. Humidity and condensation can build up under the coating and force it to chip. And if there is mould growing on the wall under the coating, that growth can also build up under the coating, making it flake and peel.

Peeling Wallpaper

The same problem can happen with wallpaper. Peeling, drooping and bubbling are all signs that your wallpaper is dealing with too much moisture build-up. Stains and discolouration are also clues that something is wrong.


The exposed metal objects in your basement appear to be developing a coating of rust. You can see it around fuse boxes, nails, bolts and furniture. Rusting happens in areas with high levels of moisture.


What is efflorescence? It’s a white powdery residue that you can find on concrete, stone and brick. The residue tends to grow in moist environments, so if your basement has exposed concrete and you see signs of efflorescence, there might be a leak nearby.

Leaks always leave clues, although they might not be obvious to the untrained eye. Learning all of the clues that they could leave will help you catch the problem right away.  

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