Should You Use Montway Auto Transport to Ship Your Car?

With every company, you run the risk of not knowing what to expect from start to finish. Montway does a few things a little differently, so you may or may not want to use them to ship your car. Pros and cons are listed to help you decide.


Montway has plenty of things going for them, given how well-known they are in the transport industry. With tens of thousands of vehicles transported every year, they must be doing something right.

Consistently Low Prices

When you get car shipping quotes online from other car transport companies, you’ll discover that Montway’s prices are consistently lower than the rest of the industry. As brokers, they negotiate the best price with carriers to find the best deals for shipping your vehicles. 

The size of your car makes a difference, as does whether it is operable. An inoperable vehicle is going to cost more to move than one that runs. How far you need to transport the car, the season, and your choice of an open versus an enclosed transport will also make a difference. 

Thousands of Carriers in the Network

Montway boasts more than 15,000 carriers and can ship across the United States. The company can also ship to Hawaii and Alaska. If you’re going overseas and need to transport internationally, Montway can also connect you to international transport.

The company researches every carrier they work with to ensure that all carriers are up to standards put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Montway does this because they want to make sure that the best service is available for their customers.

Discounts Available

There are some fantastic discounts available for a variety of situations. For example, truckers are often willing to move your stuff if they can get a cash payment, and they’ll take a lower amount knowing that they will get the cash upon delivery. A cash payment is a payment made with certified funds, like a money order or a cashier’s check.

Other discounts Montway offers include a military discount and a returning customer discount. You need to contact the company directly to find out what your discount would be. If you’re shipping multiple vehicles, that’s another way you can get a discount on company services.

Excellent Customer Reputation

According to the Better Business Bureau, Montway has an A+ rating with customers. Google also shows thousands of positive Montway Auto Transport reviews. Over on Trustpilot, you’ll see even more positive reviews. With thousands of people across multiple platforms singing the praises of Montway, you can confidently know that you’ll have a positive experience.


For every good thing about any company, you’re going to see a negative thing. Ask yourself if these things are deal breakers so you can make the decision that will work for you.

Pricing Is Not Guaranteed

When you agree to the service, you may have a different price to pay at the end. For example, sometimes the route changes due to unforeseen circumstances, and that price difference may be reflected at delivery. Be prepared for a worst-case scenario that is a little higher than the original quote. You might luck out and pay less, but it’s still something to be prepared for at the end.

Cancellation Fees

You need to be careful with cancellation because there might be some fees associated with canceling your shipment. If you cancel before your shipment has been assigned to a carrier, you don’t need to pay any fees. However, if you want to cancel after your shipment is dispatched to a carrier, you will need to pay approximately $200 in fees. 

Reaching Customer Service Can Be Difficult

While most of the reviews for Montway are positive, the negative reviews do have a recurring theme. Over and over again, you’ll see people complain about how it can be difficult to reach customer service when there is an issue. You’ll also see plenty of positive reviews saying that they handled the problems perfectly when they got through to customer service


Final Words on Using Montway

With consistently low prices and thousands of carriers in the network, you can rest assured that the company will find you the best carrier for the price. You can further lower the cost if you qualify for various discounts they have, too. Their overall customer reputation is mostly positive. Pricing can fluctuate, and if you’re not careful about cancellation, you may end up paying fees. Even so, it seems you will still have a positive experience.

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