Should you opt-out of digital tv tuning apps and uninstall them altogether?

In the present times of apps are a great way to leverage the new technology. The new digital tv tuner device registration application is one such app too.

Using these digital tv tuning device registration apps you can now live stream live premium digital tv channels on your laptop. Using these apps will make it convenient to play these channels on your laptop using a digital signal.

It works at the back end each time you open Windows Media Center on your laptop. Using the ehPrivJob.exe process that runs at the back it can search for digital cable tuners that let you run digital cable tv channels on your laptop or computer.

But there has been a complaint from all users using the digital tv tuner device registration application is that it had turned their laptops run a lot slower. This is the reason why some also opt-out of the digital tv tuners and closes the process altogether that is running on the back end.

So the fact is whether you should be worried about the same and choose to remove the digital tv tuning app?

Are there any safety concerns on your device running the digital tv tuning apps?

From a security point of view, there is no need to get concerned about using the digital tv tuner device registration application. The process that runs in the back end called ehPrivjob.exe is just another system process that runs each time the Windows Media Center is opened.

But if you check out the memory consumption of the process indeed this can be a lot higher than you can think of. Sometimes in the worst cases, it can take up as much 70% of your system’s resources such as cache memory and RAM. As a result of this, the other background apps that also have to run to support the other applications have less space and Ram to occupy and this results in slowing down of your PC or laptop.

Even sometimes it has been seen that the booting time on your laptop and PC might get extended at times.

Should you uninstall the digital tv tuning apps?

Now, this depends on a case to case and the requirements of the user on the system. If you do not use your digital tv tuner device registration application too often and don’t intend to shortly as well because you prefer using your laptop or PC for professional or study purposes only it a better idea to uninstall the program.

But if you do then keep checking for the resource consumption at the back end. Keep checking how much space is it taking on the RAM or even the cache memories. One of the major problems is for those who have an SSD hard disk and have a less spacious hard disk than the HDD hard disk that can easily store massive volumes of data.

Even then it can be creating invalid registry entries that might even make your system completely unresponsive.

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