Should I Visit The Dentist Or Accident And Emergency Department If I Have a Tooth Knocked Out?

Such dental or face- and mouth-impaired traumas that need urgent medical treatment include jaw fractures, jaw dislocations, extreme cuts or lacerations of the mouth, or a very swollen or breathing or swallowing abscess or infection.

There are cases in which you would like to dial 911 or go to an emergency room. Do not wait for a suspected life-threatening illness from the dentist’s office.

Other dental emergencies are not considered life-threatening, but can also require urgent treatment.

You will likely wait until the dentist deals with it if you crack or break a tooth (such as eating a crunchy product) or a tooth is knocked out unless it causes a fair amount of bleeding or happens due to a severe injury (such as being hit in the face) what to do if a dental abscess bursts is one of the most significant concerns these days.

Tooth sensitivity therapy

Including exposure to cold and warm foods in the discomfort of a decayed tooth usually does not signify a serious issue. A slight decay, uncontrolled filling or a minimum gum recession can cause sensitivity, exposing small areas of the root surface1.

Try to make responsive toothpaste. Brush the soft brush up and down; brush the exposed root surfaces on both sides. See your general dentist if it’s ineffective after a few days.

If your dentist cannot be found

When your dental office is open, dental emergencies don’t necessarily occur. If the dental emergency is not considered life-threatening during hours off work, on weekends or holidays, always try contacting your dentist before alternative treatments.

Many dentists provide emergency treatment or an on-call replacement referral to their patients. If the dentist cannot see you after hours but also wants care from the specialist, go to the nearest health center.

Dental pain and toothache, in particular, are a significant cause in the emergency room for preventable trips. In the event of real urgencies, we want to keep ER beds free, especially in the coming weeks. Let us review when you do have an urgent situation which involves an ER travel, when calling your dentist is better and what are the options if you do not have a dentist or if you are unable to contact the dentist and experience pain.

You Can go to the crisis if:

You have a toothache swelling that has spread to other parts of your face, particularly your eye and your jaw.

1. You have a high fever (>101) and toothache.

2. You have bleeding that is not under pressure management (more on this below).

3. You’re getting toothache and start swallowing or breathing problems.

4. For at least 24 hours, you’ve been on oral antibiotics and expect to get worse.

5. You have had a trauma or blow to your face or jaw, which means that your teeth are not correctly fitted.

Dental and orofacial trauma may be too severe. Often it doesn’t suffice, or it is too late to avoid an infection from being grave, even though I prescribe antibiotics. Your mouth is very close to several other significant buildings in your head and neck, so don’t take it lightly when you have to go.

You don’t have to (at least not still) go to the ER if:

Pain is just your symptom. I know it’s difficult, but while pain is a sign that something is wrong, it is no emergency medically speaking. Earlier in the day, you had a dent removed, and you still bleed. This almost always looks much worse than it is since blood is mixed with saliva and looks very much like that.

You have broken a tooth, and a permanent tooth has been knocked off (root and all).

These are all things, even after hours, that warrant a call to your dentist to help you do something. The more you see a dentist, the more likely the tooth is to be spared, particularly if a tooth is knocked out.


Accidents and damage to your body can lead to a permanent loss of teeth. This can affect your appearance and dental treatment at home. Instant treatment may avoid long-term complications from a tooth that is weakened at the root.

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