Short Throw Projector Vs. Long Throw Projector -Which is Better?

Well, you are all about to roll out your dream home theatre. You are up well with everything except the projector. It is always confusing to buy the perfect projector with relevant features with great projectors in the market. One such consideration is Short Throw Projector Vs. Long Throw Projector – which is better.

While both types of projectors come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, this blog post will focus on the fundamental aspects that will play a decisive role in choosing the right projector for your setup. 

Short Throw Projector Vs. Long Throw projector: A brief

Short throw projectors are the best match for small rooms, while long-throw projectors work best for large spaces. Coming to the cost, short-throw projectors are costlier and can go high as best projectors under $2000. At the same time, you may find many of the best projectors under $500 as a long throw. 

Let’s discuss in detail how short-throw projectors are different from long throw projectors from various aspects below:

Screen Size

As the short throw projectors sit nearer to the projectors, it does not mean that it is incapable of projecting larger images. It can efficiently produce the images as by the DLP projectors as it comes with a unique lens and built-in technology, it is capable of handling the similar-sized screen as a long projector can. 


Cost is one of the essential aspects that come into consideration while buying the projector. Irrespective of your preferred piece of equipment, there is no point in such preference if that is not affordable. While a basic short-throw projector costs around $600, it can go as high as $7000. On the other hand, a long throw projector costs you $350 to $600 on average. Hence, short-throw projects come at higher prices than its counterpart.

The built-in technology and the quality lenses in the short throw projector make them expensive. However, if you have a small home theatre room, you must invest in a worthy short-throw projector to make your things work. 

Image Quality

When you are all set to invest in a quality projector, image quality will be an essential concern. Factors such as lumens, projector placement, resolution, type of material on which the image is going to be projected, and the projector’s power play a crucial role in determining the image quality of a projector. Depending on the model you choose, the image quality of a projector varies. The display and the screen placement play a significant role in determining the image quality for the short projectors. 

Throw Distance

Throw distance refers to the distance between the projector and the screen placement. The magnitude of throw distance between both the projector makes the apparent difference. A throw distance is generally measured by how far apart the lens should be to project a clear image without any distortion. The ratings of your projector typically determine it. 

Throw distance also helps determine how much space you have in your location of the projector. For long throw projectors, you need to set up the room accordingly. 

Depending on the mounting type, you can hang most of the long throw projector on the ceiling or place it towards the end of the wall. 

Coming to the short-throw projector, you don’t need to worry much as you can place it close to the screen, even at the table mounting position. While the image sent from the projector to the screen is the same, the lens will modify to remove any distortion, though the projector is much closer. 

But if you place the long throw projector closer to the screen, the result shall be a distorted image. 

Ideal Space

The specific dimension of your living space is another primary consideration after the cost of the projector to finalize the ideal one. Considering a long throw distance is a cost-effective choice if you have an entire big room dedicated to media streaming. For smaller living spaces, short-throw projectors are ideal. If you have rented a house, the landlord will not allow any other projector installation; short-throw projectors are best to consider. 

Long-throw projectors are suitable for long spaces that are inappropriate proportions. Before finalizing a projector, always consider the dimensions of your living room.


If you want a budget-friendly option, investing in a long throw projector is a good idea. But you must have ample space to accommodate a long throw projector. With each type of projector suitable for specific environment types, it is judicious to access your area before finalizing the final product.

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