Shocking! Bollywood lost it’s 2 precious gems !!

The lockdown brought a blow to entertainment industry . When the Bollywood lost it’s 2 precious gems ; it wasn’t a day so when irrfan khan died as the very next day on 30th of april early morning around 8.45am rishi kapoor also left the world battling against cancer for past 2 years.

Rishi kapoor ” – a legend a veteran actor who belonged to an illustrious family of actors and on other hand the versatile self-made, kingly acclaimed -“Irrfan khan“, a performer across the globe who left an indelible mark behind him.

On Wednesday morning 29th of april , Actor irrfan khan died due to colon infection and was having a rare brain tumour cancer which he was battling since past 2 years.

Irrfan khan was a versatile actor who lived the role and performed in Hollywood movies, thus stepping in Hollywood and aptly bringing laurels to the country. His subtle performance were a worth watch, who emoted so well with his eyes. Irrfan had to struggle to reach the pinnacle. With his sheer talent and treasure of immense talent broke all barriers and left a mark behind.

On the other hand, Rishiji left behind the legacy of kapoor clan, making a place for him through his sheer hard-work. The third generation of Kapoor clan got acclaim and accolades for his stellar performance.

Irrfan had a laid-back attitude, very mature and subdued personality . Full of calmness but a also a humble gentleman, who won many hearts.

Last but not the least, Rishi kapoor was a jovial, flamboyant, extrovert personality. Who never recieved words and was candid about his life. A jovial personality but very grounded and down to earth personality who is not only loved but received by millions across the country

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