Shiprocket Vs Nimbuspost

Shiprocket Vs Nimbuspost. Which One Is Better For Ecom Sellers?

In the world of e-commerce logistics, comparing shipping solutions like Shiprocket vs Nimbuspost is crucial. Nimbuspost’s rate calculator simplifies costs. Tracking and return policies make Nimbuspost a standout for online shopping. Shiprocket, with India Post, offers alternatives. Both have merits and choosing depends on your business needs.

A higher convergence of orders is an indication of development for any business. In any case, more development brings more difficulties as well. As the income begins to increase, you’ll have many more things to figure out how to upkeep the business development.

As a solitary dispatch accomplice has restricted conveyance reach, it could confine your client base to specific locales. At this stage, you would require numerous dispatch accomplices to deal with the developing progression of orders proficiently. Notwithstanding, you should keep the transportation spending plan restricted to keep up with the productivity you went for the gold.

The Role of Nimbuspost and Shiprocket in E-commerce Operations

Outsourcing logistics administrations from various organizations can be a seriously tedious errand. Whether you’re a recently settled internet-based brand or have turned into a prestigious eCommerce stage, investing the energy of your assets in finding different transportation organizations wouldn’t be a wise move.

To defeat this tedious action, organizations, these days, move to dispatch aggregators, otherwise known as logistics accomplices that have restrictions with different messenger accomplices. Nimbuspost and Shiprocket are two such transportation arrangements that assist you with dealing with your orders efficiently and cost-really.

Stock capacity in overall distribution centers enables online dealers to cut down the delivery costs by putting away products close to their clients. Transporting across 29,000+ pin codes permits them to convey even in the remotest areas.

In business, security systems like Shiprocket and Nimbuspost prevent human errors, ensuring reliable shipping. Both share features for streamlined operations, making them crucial for efficient and mistake-free business processes.

Shiprocket vs Nimbuspost: A Comprehensive Comparison of Features and Approaches

Wondering how Shiprocket works? It’s a top shipping platform, streamlining e-commerce fulfillment. Curious about Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost? Check out this comparison article for insights into their features and approach. Is Shiprocket good? Read our review to find out. Logistics comparison made easy – Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost.

Considering shipping costs, Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost is a popular comparison. In Bangalore, businesses weigh options for Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost. While some find Shiprocket better, others prefer Nimbuspost. In Bangladesh, companies explore Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost for logistics software. Nimbuspost pricing and Shiprocket alternatives, like BST, factor in the decision. China-based businesses analyze Shiprocket vs. Nimbuspost, from brake pads to bone grafts to blend sheets. It’s a comprehensive courier company comparison.

Choosing between Shiprocket and Nimbuspost courier services? Let’s break it down. Both offer e-commerce shipping with distinct advantages. While Shiprocket is known for its comprehensive freight solutions, Nimbuspost stands out with cost-effective delivery services. The difference lies in their core offerings. Consider your needs and choose wisely.

1. About NimbusPost

NimbusPost is a delivery arrangement that was established in 2019 with the particular expectation of giving tech-empowered logistics administrations. It gives a profoundly responsive framework to interface with numerous dispatch accomplices and arrives at 27,000+ pin codes. ShipRocket is a Gurugram-based delivery specialist co-op. It offers to deliver administrations across 29,000 pin codes using 14 messenger accomplices.

Highlights Of NimbusPost

  • NimbusPost allows you to coordinate with and get ongoing following notices from 15+ dispatch accomplices and eCommerce channels.
  • With NimbusPost you can look at different transporter costs before choosing a transporter for each request.
  • Give clients quicker conveyance choices like same-day and 24-hour conveyance, and lessen conveyance time
  • NimbusPost gives you admittance to storage spaces across the globe for more prominent development of stock and livestock updates
  • NimbusPost likewise offers a fortnightly COD settlement installment framework.


NimbusPost has been referred to as one of the least expensive logistics accomplices and is perfect for merchants with higher volumes of COD requests.


NimbusPost is the most appropriate for SMBs and not enormous organizations, COD compromise actually should be done.

NimbusPost offers a starter plan at Rs.27/500 gms and afterward a standard arrangement beginning at Rs.25/500 gms.

Tracking: To track Nimbus Post courier, you must have the Order ID and AWB Number.

2. About ShipRocket

ShipRocket is an organization established in 2011 that fills in as a dispatch aggregator, giving organizations speedy and simple admittance to numerous transporters. ShipRocket likewise gives a dashboard in which multi-transporter orders can be seen and followed consistently.

Highlights Of ShipRocket

  • With ShipRocket, you can coordinate with over 17 distinct high-positioning dispatch accomplices and track orders with them.
  • Survey transporter delivering rates with ShipRocket before allotment, with limits made accessible, and select the savviest delivering choice.
  • View, oversee, and follow the situations with all orders from a solitary brought-together dashboard.
  • Print transporting marks through a computerized cycle and gain admittance to protection rates for your shipments.


ShipRocket is ideally suited for little organizations hoping to increase by tying up rapidly with different transporters at limited costs.


Weight disparities during charging are very normal trouble staged by organizations attached to ShipRocket.

Ship with Shiprocket at an underlying pace of Rs.19/500 gms and view long haul plans that begin transporting at Rs.29/500 gms

Feature and Service Comparison

Pin Code Reach

29000+ Pin Codes29000 Pin Codes

Seller Support

Chat SupportYesYes
Call SupportYes, Call-Back FeatureYes


Courier27+ including Blue Dart, FedEx, Delhivery, DTDC, and so on.14
Channel10+ including WooCommerce, Shopify, Unicommerce, Magento, etc.9

Sign Up Cost

Free sign upThe fundamental arrangement begins from Rs 1000 every month

Shipping Rate

Rs. 21/500gmRs. 29/500gm (Lite Plan)

Platform Features

Messenger Recommendation EngineYesYes
Shipping Rate CalculatorYesYes
NDR PanelYes, Real-time AccessYes
AI-Based Fraud DetectionYesNo
Cloud-calling for COD order confirmationYes, IVR CallingNo
COD RemittanceThrice-a-weekTwice-a-week
COD Remittance (Within one day after order delivery)Yes*No
Order TrackingReal-time TrackingYes
RM ProvidedYesNo
Fulfillment SolutionsYes, WorldwideYes, Domestic
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