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Shares of Avenue Supermarts Decrease 6% on weak Quarter1 Performance



Shares of Avenue Supermarts Decrease 6% on weak Quarter1 Performance

Shares of Avenue Supermarts, which claims and works retail chain DMart, fell 6.04% after it announced 88% drop in its solidified net profit for the quarter finishing 30 June, 2020. 

At 11:15 am, Avenue Supermarts was exchanging at ₹2,233.55 down 3.82% from its past close, while the benchmark record, Sensex increased 0.62% to 36822.87. 

The organization referred to Covid-19 for its net profit diminishing to ₹40 crore as against ₹323 crore in the year-back period. The organization’s solidified complete salary fell 32% to ₹3,933 crore as against ₹5,826 crore in June 2019. 

Remarking on the money related execution of the organization Neville Noronha, CEO and Managing Director, Avenue Supermarts Ltd, stated: Covid-19 kept on spreading the nation over. The resulting limitations have significantly affected our operational and monetary exhibition in the quarter. Our income, EBITDA and profit for the quarter were fundamentally lower when contrasted with a similar quarter a year ago. 

Profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) in Q1 FY21 remained at ₹112 crore, when contrasted with ₹597 crore in the relating quarter of a year ago. EBITDA edge remained at 2.9% in Q1 FY21 when contrasted with 10.3% in Q1 FY20. 

Examiners at Motilal Oswal in an outcome note stated, Not at all like other arrangement stores, basic food item retailers taking into account fundamentals are seeing a lower effect of the lockdown as it obliges an enormous extent of low-ticket things. The organization’s value subsidizing of ₹4,000 in the first quarter fortified the monetary record with net money position, improving liquidity in such unsure occasions. D-Mart is exchanging FY2022E EV/EBITDA multiple times, keeping up target cost of ₹2,000, 20% rebate to the three-year normal EV/EBITDA numerous times. The business has a sell rating on the stock. 

Any place stores were permitted to work unhindered, we recuperated to 80% or a greater amount of pre-covid deals in many stores. Optional utilization keeps on being the parts, particularly in the non-FMCG classes. This is affecting gross edges contrarily, revealed Noronha. 

From the earliest starting point of the year, Avenue Supermarts was up 22% against a drop of 11% in the benchmark list, Sensex. For the June quarter, the stock increased 5.33% while Sensex was up 19%

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Top 5 Things to Do With Your Junk Car




Whether you’ve purchased a new car or are simply looking to get rid of your side project, it’s hard to know what to do with a junk car. Many different possibilities are available, and most will leave you with a little extra cash in your pockets. The top two choices are to sell it to a junkyard or to donate it to a nonprofit organization, or you could let people smash it. To get rid of your junk car, you could also list it on social media or trade it in at the dealership. No matter what you choose to do with your junk car, it’s important to have the title available since almost all of your options will require it to be transferred when you make arrangements for the junk car.

1. Sell it to a junkyard.

When you are looking to get rid of your junk car, selling it to a junkyard is the obvious choice. Selling to a junkyard is beneficial because it requires minimal work from you and lets you earn some cash. Before dropping off your junk car, you should remove any gasoline and look for any parts that are in good condition and could be sold. By selling any car parts, you are adding to your cash profits because the junkyard will primarily use the car for scrap metal.

2. Donate to a nonprofit.

Donating your junk car to a nonprofit is a way to get rid of it but also help out those in need. Many different organizations will take your junk car and properly dispose (selling or scrapping it) of it for you, and the nonprofit organization receives the profits while you receive the burden lifted from your shoulders. In addition to having someone else deal with the hassle, you will receive a tax write-off which will save you money in the long run. Donating your junk car to a nonprofit is beneficial for everyone because it helps those in need and eliminates the task from your to-do list.

3. Let people smash it.

Similar to donating it to a nonprofit, you can host an event where you let people smash your junk car. You could offer it as a fundraiser event like “Hammer for Hunger” to benefit local food pantries, or you could organize a time with your friends and have a mobile rage room. If you do let people smash it, you need to ensure everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment and has signed a non-liability waiver.

4. List it on social media.

Listing your junk car on social media is smart because you never know which of your friends needs it. They might want a clunker for their teenager to learn to drive with, or they might be looking for their next car restoration project. When posting your junk car, be sure to include all the necessary information and be upfront about the car’s state. No matter the reason someone is interested in purchasing your junk car, they won’t be happy if it is in worse shape than what you listed.

5. Trade it in for a new car.

While your junk car might not be worth much, trading it in for a newer car will still be worth something. When you trade your car in at a dealership, you don’t have to fool with trying to sell or donate it yourself, and if you have a busy lifestyle, this could be worth not receiving as much money for it. Trading your junk car in will still offer you a discount on your new car, and anything is better than nothing.

Getting rid of your junk car might make you nostalgic for all the fun times you had in it, but it’s important to remember that now other people can benefit from it. Plus, you’ll receive a little cash incentive that will allow you to make memories in a new car.

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Affordable Caribbean Real Estate: Homes Under $150K





If you want to get the best trip, on your holidays, come to the Caribbean.  We will support all the great properties for your stay. We are Best Real Estate, who has been living in the Caribbean Escape for a long time with confidence and with great offers for room rentals.

What’s so significant about the Caribbean?

Have you ever been to a Caribbean island before?  It is so useful and cheap to live in that you can’t believe it.  The beauty here will fascinate you so much that you will decide to stay here to retire from work.  The Caribbean may seem heavenly to you.  Because, in summer, you can enjoy the wonderful nature like heaven here. To the editors of the website, a new report will help make this possible. Recently the website has unveiled many cheap Caribbean islands.  Here you can live in retirement. You can find Affordable Caribbean Real Estate: Homes Under $ 150K.  No other real estate company will offer you such a low price for a month’s stay.

Some great places for Caribbean Escape: (Isla Kalan, Panama)

It is one of the hundreds of islands.  It is located, along the Caribbean coast near the (Costa Rica border). After, It was named Christopher Columbus. This Isla Kalan is one of the main islands.  A sailor came here during a voyage and discovered it to live.

Why it’s great:

Bocas del Toro has many uninhabited islands.  But the exact opposite of Isla Kalan is like an external paradise. Hub – Boca’s Town – More popular for colorful watercolor buildings.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic:

 It is Las Terrenas, a rural fishing village without electricity, discovered 24 years ago by a group of expatriates from France and Italy.  They decide to live here permanently.  It is now popular as a restaurant, trading cafe, shop and home to great ex-pat life. You do not have to spend a lot of money to stay here for a month.

Roatán, Honduras:

The 50-square-mile island is located on the north coast of the western Caribbean. According to the Caribbean-Escape, it is an old school Caribbean equipped with modern amenities. Here you can live for a long time at a low cost.  The special advantage of living here is that there is a new hospital with specialist care.  There are also 24-hour emergency measures.

If you want to enjoy Iceland Caribbean-Escape’s affordable Caribbean real estate offers and spend some time at such a great place at a low price, find out about many more places without delay. Visit and book your dream home.  We understand your needs, so we have the best properties ready for you.


Choose a beautiful place to live comfortably and have a different experience. Choose our properties without any worries for travel tripping. We can say with confidence that Caribbean- escape can give the most powerful room and property! So don’t delay and book the dream house now.

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Is Options Trading Better: What’s the Reason



Field Service

Options trading has become increasingly well-known at the dawn of the twentieth century to individual financial investors that enable you to trade comfortably and without complications.

Trading options can be a good idea to take benefit of advantageous situations, but you need to be vigilant to track bid-ask spreads and avoid conditions where much of your profit opportunity will be taken away by the market maker. Options also offer more versatile and dynamic strategies to traders and investors, such as spreads and combinations, which can be potentially lucrative in any economic environment. But all trading has a chance of capital loss owing to the dynamics of trading. So, traders should know the ins and outs of this before investing in trade.

Options Trading

Options are derivatives contracts that provide the buyer the right to either buy or sell a fixed sum of the underlying asset at a fixed price on or before the expiry of the contract, but not the commitment. Lower-cost alternatives may provide ways to go long or short with little potential losses in the market. Trading options can be a prudent way to take advantage of favorable situations, but you have to be conscious of searching for bid-ask spreads and avoiding conditions where the market producer can eliminate any of your profit potentials.

Options Trading Working Process

A different mechanism is involved in selling options, but you can still perform these transactions in your self-directed account. Two primary types of options exist: calls and puts.

Call options grant you the opportunity to purchase stock shares on or before the option’s expiry date at a fixed price. Think of this as the stock “calling” to you. Placing options gives you the right to sell stock shares at a certain price on or before the termination date of the contract. In other words, the stock is being “put” away from you.

Advantages of Options Trading

For more than 40 years, they have been around, but choices are only now beginning to get the recognition they deserve. Many investors have ignored alternatives, claiming that they are nuanced and, thus, too difficult to comprehend. Even more, they have had poor initial encounters with options because neither they were adequately educated on how to use them nor their options trading brokers. The inappropriate use of alternatives, such as that of any strong instrument, may lead to major issues.

There are many benefits that an investor may provide (in no specified sequence) and these are given below.

Lower Risk (if correctly used)

There are cases in which purchasing options are riskier than owning shares, but there are also occasions in which risk-reducing options can be used. It depends on how you use them. For investors, options can be less dangerous as they demand less financial investment than equities, and because of their relative imperviousness to the potentially disastrous effects of void openings, they can also be less risky.


Alternatives have excellent leverage ability. As such, but at considerable cost savings, an investor may obtain an option position close to a stock position. For example, an investor would pay $16,000 to buy 200 shares of an $80 stock. However, if two $20 calls were to be purchased by the investor (with each contract representing 100 shares), the overall outlay would only be $4,000 (2 contracts x 100 shares/contract x $20 market price). At his or her option, the investor will then have an extra $12,000 to use.

It’s not quite as easy as that. A risk of a loss of capital exists. To mimic the stock condition properly, the investor has to choose the correct call to buy (a subject for another discussion). This technique, however, is not only feasible but also realistic and cost-effective, known as stock replacement.

Greater Return Potential

If you invest less money and make about the same profit, you don’t need a computer to find out that you would have a higher percentage return. That’s what options usually offer investors when they pay off.

More Alternatives to Strategy

The final big benefit of alternatives is that they provide more investment opportunities. A very versatile method is Choices. To reconstruct other positions, there are several ways to use alternatives. It is named synthetic positions.

Synthetic positions provide investors with different ways to accomplish the same investment objectives, which can be very beneficial. Although synthetic positions are regarded as an advanced option subject, several other strategic alternatives are offered by options. Options empower the investor not only to trade stock prices but also the passing of time and uncertainty prices.


Despite all the benefits, there are several disadvantages to option trading, and these are listed below.

Time Frame

Options often have a time value or timing aspect and expire on a specified date, while stocks are not. If you wish, this time value is an extra charge associated with the time to expire for the option. The longer the time before the termination of the option, the greater the “bill.” The time factor adds an increased potential to your directional trading because not only do you have to be right about the direction in your opinions, you also have to be right about the duration of the step.

Potential Loss

Trading options may have a higher loss risk than trading stocks since you’re deciding that one way or another a stock value will shift. If your hypothesis about the price movement of stock turns out to be inaccurate or you get the timing wrong when purchasing or selling, rather than turning a profit, you could make a loss.


For small investors, options trading is the dawn of a new age. Despite all the disadvantages, its numerous benefits make it successful. Each trade has a risk of loss, so it is a must for any form of trade to use experience in trading. The typical retail investor now has the opportunity to use the most effective tool in the trading industry, with online brokerages offering complete access to the options markets and incredibly low commission costs. But the selling of options can be very dangerous if traders do not trade properly. Therefore, it is suggested to apply the effort and devote some time to learning how to appropriately use options and then begin trading.

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How to Get Great Results on Google Using SEO Techniques

These are the seven tips I will give throughout this article on how to get great results on Google using SEO techniques.




  • Think about the user’s search intent
  • Define long-tail keywords
  • Use synonyms and similar words
  • Write quality content
  • Do not copy content from other sites
  •  Hierarchize content
  • Optimize your images

These are the seven tips I will give throughout this article on how to get great results on Google using SEO techniques.

To begin, let’s define what SEO is.

SEO has the meaning of optimization for search engines, that is, it is a set of techniques and some settings that will help you when applied to your website so that it is seen with more authority by search engines, such as Google.

When applied correctly, SEO optimized websites and archives bigger and better search engine ranking options.

This achievement is done in an organic way, you do not need to spend on advertising to appear there in the highlights.

It can be done in different ways, within the text itself, in the website settings, with images inserted and notorious in their content.

An important tip is that the more optimized the site is, the greater the chances of appearing on the first page of search results.

This is exactly what everyone wants as a result in the quest to gain more traffic, consequently more sales and become an authority on the networks.

If your business is on the internet, I believe you want to be seen and also remembered when it comes to your business as a good reference in your area of ​​expertise and service.

So, you must understand that if your site is well optimized for SEO, you will have the guarantee that it is shown and also recommended among the search results.

Consider the example of your service being in the area of ​​imported blouses,

Every month, approximately 50 thousand people search for imported blouses on Google ”.

If you take into account that your site is appearing first in search results, the chances of receiving more traffic and selling more consequently increases, agree?

If it made sense to you, you will agree with me that this is the kind of highlight you want to achieve for your business.

Studies show that the first place in search results in Google receives about 21% of clicks from all internet users.

The 2nd receives about 10% and the 3rd receives approximately 7%.

It is based on putting your website at the top of the Google list that you need to understand more about how to get great results on Google using SEO techniques.

This article is developed in support of the 7 tips listed above, which allows you to know what and how the user’s search intention and optimization of your page according to keywords, well-produced content with quality can reach the best positions that this tool can offer.

But then, what in fact do you need to do SEO to run your company’s online project?

Follow the 7 tips described below and get great results on Google for your company and business using SEO.

  • Think about the user’s search intent

First, it is to understand how the user or the audience you want to reach searches for the terms related to your business.

From there, draw up the list with the ideal keywords to be found by searching for those same words.

Go back to the example I used in the introduction, what good will your imported blouses business do on your site if in search of results in content you appear in miraculous diets, perfumes or chocolates?

Your business needs to be related to the terms of the search results. Does it make sense to you?

  • Define long-tail keywords

When you have a list of keywords on the subjects you are going to discuss, the services and products you intend to sell to your audience, the ideal and most recommended is that you establish long-tail words.

But what are those long-tailed words?

Refers to keywords made up of three or more other words that will form a short sentence.

Did you understand?

For example, how to comprar seguidor instagram

In other words, active users who search the Internet on Google for terms such as buying followers will find WEbLink as a recommendation for the service with the most attractive prices than other providers.

  • Use synonyms and similar words

After defining the keywords that will direct the content of your site, also look for the use of some synonyms, or those secondary words that have a semantics similar to the focus words.

This SEO tip above will help you a lot in terms of ranking in search engines.

Because the purpose of Google is to evaluate how you add keywords, in the form and manner that they are used to classify the content that is important to the user.

So I advise you to use and abuse the practice of synonyms, but consider to leave it naturally.

For example, for a better understanding, let’s say you have content about the most qualified games of 2020.

You can bet on semantics and contextualize in such a way:

  • Best electronic games of 2020
  • games released in 2020 that you need to play
  • list of most striking games in 2020
  • the games that stood out the most in 2020
  • Write quality content

What is quality content?

It can be described as one that answers users’ questions based on the keyword searches chosen by them.

Striking feature in SEO techniques that most influence the positioning of a page in search engines.

Relevant, important content means that you are producing a text that has an immediate and effective solution for anyone looking to solve a problem on the internet.

Think of a tutorial, a guide with informative guidance, it can also be a step by step of how to make a correction of a certain thing.

Search engines are run on content tracking programs published on the internet that are, in fact, useful for the user.

Obviously, the contents with the best rankings are those that have a text that fascinates the reader, is shrewd in the ideas used and images that complete or make the user easily understand what it is about.

  • Do not copy content from other sites

Copying content from other sites degrades your business or service.

What is the use of planning for writing a specific agenda, if in its purpose it will be a copy of another competitor’s website?

This is considered plagiarism.

Consequently, search engines understand that there is no effort to make your business stand out from all the other content that is already available on other platforms on the internet.

As a result, your domain will be penalized in the general rankings.

Thus, all pages of the site, especially those containing keywords that your objective would be to rank well, drastically shift from position to bottom.

Obviously, with this condition, the total traffic that is that number of visits and organic accesses also falls.

Together with the quality and quantity of conversions, in product sales plummets.

It is almost impossible for you to think and create content that does not yet exist on the web.

Any idea that is 100% original and that has never been written before is almost non-existent.

But then, if you can’t, or can’t, create something new because there is already something to do?

The solution is to create a new approach, create creative writing, develop content that is more useful for users who perform searches.

Here the technique from above on synonyms and semantics fits, where in this way you can search for new words, different ways to contextualize the expressions that aim from your point of view what you need to talk about.

  • Hierarchize content

It is the delimitation of the relevance of one particular thing to another.

As if in order of importance.

What is more important will appear before the others that are important but that the first deserves a more special mention.

This is how the content that is published needs to be realized.

The goal is to make reading easy.

This SEO technique establishes that your content for search engines will find organized content in your text.

Recommending your page as if it were the best presented solution for the searched keywords.

  • 99Optimize your images

Through images it is possible for Google to track pages and content that you insert into it.

That is why it is so important to optimize all the images in your project online.

Search engines are not yet as smart to understand what a photo makes possible.

This means that you need to use supporting text to make them understand what is in the content of that image.

So what needs to be done is to create the description for the images.

In the name of the file you need to put a name, that is, as you will call the image file, it can be something like: something-from-SEO for example, needs to be something that refers to the content being created, or something that has connection to the page where you inserted the image.

Configuration of an alternative text or as called by some commonly, ALT Text, which can be explained as if it were the caption for that photo, freely from the name you put in the image the caption is who will ensure that the searchers find the image by its description and approximation with the content in which it was inserted.

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How Instagram Models Make Money?



Instagram Models

Do have good looks and good fashion sense? If yes, then you are a perfect fit for being an Instagram model. You don’t have to go to any modelling agencies. All you need to do is increase your followers on Instagram and model in your photos. Instagram models make masses of money. But the real question is how they actually do it? Continue reading to find out the basics if you want to pursue your career as an Instagram model.

Who is an Instagram model?

You must be wondering what exactly being an Instagram model comprehends. Instagram model is someone who makes their modelling career through Instagram, rather than going to agencies and contacting agents. It is someone who uses Instagram as their platform.

Instagram models build their profile, post amazing pictures, and increase their followers. That’s when brands and companies start contacting them. Even if you are a small Instagram model with enough followers and an appealing profile, many small businesses will contact you.

Difference between Instagram Models and Traditional Models

They say “work smarter not harder.” That is how it works for an Instagram model. Instagram is a platform full of opportunities. When used wisely, this platform will help you become successful. You can take an example of Kylie Jenner. With 197 million followers on Instagram, she can charge over $1.2 million for a single paid post.

Models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teign, and Bella Hadid are both Traditional and Instagram models. However, Kylie Jenner, Sommer Ray, Cindy Kimberly, and many others are the real Instagram models. They’ve only used Instagram as their Modeling platform.  

The great thing about being an Instagram model is that you don’t need to work hard looking for agencies to represent you. An attractive Instagram profile and a vast number of following is everything that matters. Once you become visible, many brands will want you to be part of their campaign.

Besides that, regular models have to follow strict restrictions on their looks, body, weight, clothing, etc. But an Instagram baddie can be her own boss. There’s no compromising! You can do whatever you want unless a brand pays you a bucket load of money to do as they say.

Traditional modelling is all about old school fashion and beauty. However, Instagram modelling is full of fun and exciting opportunities. From perfumes and jewelry to teeth whiteners and hair vitamins, brands will ask you to model for literally anything.

Agencies are involved when a regular model is working for a brand. And agents usually have a share in her earned money. However, this is not the case with Instagram models. The best thing is that they can negotiate on their own, and keep the whole amount of money paid.

There’s a lot of difference in the lifestyle of an Instagram model and a regular model. An Instagram model can make so much money per paid post, while a traditional model needs to work an entire week to earn that much. Even Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money being an Instagram influencer than being a footballer. Indeed, Instagram is a great place.

How Instagram Models Make Money?

This is how it works: a brand or company likes your profile, they become interested, a deal is made, and you are paid for sponsored posts. Remember, the more engaging your audience is, the higher you get paid. If a brand is related to your niche, they will pay you for advertising their products or services.

There are several ways of getting paid on Instagram. A brand representative can hire you to promote their products, or you can become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is very common, where you have to do promotions, and you get paid by commissions from product sales.

At times, brands only send free products for models to review. Sometimes, a company can even send a model to travel to a beautiful place and attend an event for promotional purposes.

Many Instagram models start their own business or establish their own brand after becoming successful and buying Instagram Followers from It is quite evident that when you have followers and a large audience, your business will run smoothly. Just like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez have launched their own beauty line.

How Much Do Instagram Models Earn?

As we mentioned earlier, Kylie Jenner earns over $1.2 million. Top celebrities who are also Instagram models earn a huge amount of money for their each sponsored post. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner can make up to thousands of dollars, while others can earn up to $50,000 per post.

Don’t worry if you don’t have millions of followers like Kendall and Gigi. Having over 50k followers will work. It is even better if you have more than 100k followers. Local brands will still need you to advertise their products or services. Some smart companies will contact you even if you have 20k followers but a high level of engagement. It is a marketing strategy of some companies. By doing so, their brand will be noticed by more potential customers.

Your pay rate usually depends on the following factors.

  • Your number of followers
  • Demand for a particular niche
  • How engaging your audience is
  • Your location
  • The quality of your content
  • How much efforts you put in

However, it would help if each aspiring model does his/her own research.


Put in efforts to create quality content. Work hard and get brands to notice you. Use strategies to increase your Instagram followers and Instagram Likes UK. With hard work, dedication, and effort, no one can stop you from being a successful Instagram model and a top-tier queen.

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