Share Files and Folders from File Server over the Internet

CentreStack offers a perfect solution for all businesses especially if they are looking to enhance productivity. It will become easy to enhance on-premises with online file servers and hybrid file servers. The remote file server access and secure file sharing have made it easy for the workers to work without having any pressure on the mind. You will not be surprised to know that it is a trusted 1000+ solution provider and enterprise. The services offered by CentreStack are fantastic and there are no issues faced by the users. The customer care support is efficient and will be quick enough to reply to your queries. CentreStack is turning out to be a perfect solution for file server replacement and they are not only leading the market but creating a new market.

Centre Stack offers good services

If you are looking for an online file server that has all the values to make your work easy CentreStack has it all. You can quickly enable a mobile workforce and work from home or remote location without wasting any time. Simple cloud drive mapping for remote access to window share file servers along with inter-office collaboration also becomes easy. The transition will become even smoother with smooth migration. The traditional file servers will not work well in this condition. Your business can get the best of both worlds and the security will be enhanced to a new level altogether. The productivity will increase to a new level altogether and create an easy setup. The best thing is that the services also offer NTFS permissions, active directory users, and drive mappings. The remote access from any device will look easy.

Remote access

CentreStack can create a bridge between file servers and cloud storage to offer smooth and secure remote access. Using VPN can be troublesome and the data may not be completely safe. It can also turn cloud storage accounts into a central cloud and offers many features like version control, file change history, and audit tracking. The businesses can continue to enhance their experience for file servers.

Cloud Migration 

CentreStack will easily set up a hybrid deployment between local file servers and cloud storage. The leverages cloud storage will offer secure mobile file sharing from both a web browser and a mobile application. The hybrid development between local and cloud storage will make things easy and secure the data like never before.

Some of the traditional file servers can offer fast local access with secure access controls but there are many security issues. Moreover, it can be expensive to maintain and access it from mobile devices. The enterprises will especially find file sharing between remote offices challenging when they are using these traditional methods. CentreStack offers a perfect choice to store, share, access, and backup files. It will make use of an online file server and synchronize it along with local storage. You can get the best of both worlds as it provides a good speed to the Windows file server. The security features are good without any setup and administrative costs.

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