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Seven Interesting Career Options for MBA Graduates

The MBA degree is usually the most demanded graduate degree among both men and women. The popularity of MBA programs should come as no surprise considering the high wages and constant need for graduates.

An MBA degree may serve you with lots of benefits like a six-digit salary. But this doesn’t come so easy. An MBA student has to work a lot to earn this degree. From writing tons of assignments and sleepless nights. It has been seen that many mischievous students ask “Assignment Writing Service UK standard” which is a good move to save lots of time for practical work.

A master’s degree in business administration can help pave the way in fields such as health care, risk management, human resources, investment banking, IRS services, and accounting (thesiswritinghelp, 2022). Naturally, some business job options will be more in demand and pay more than others.

If any student is making a dissertation on MBA and thinking of Project Management Assignment Help most probably UK base then keep reading the following blog. The following are some of the most interesting career options for ambitious MBAs:

Top 10 Interesting Careers for MBA Degree holders

An MBA graduate can thrive in MANY varieties of roles, and each one has something to offer. Here are a few MBA occupations that are trending into having better median incomes, more employment prospects, or opportunities for career advancement.

  1. Business Operations Manager

An operations manager is in charge of a company’s everyday operations, particularly when it comes to scheduling the use of resources like commodities and people. When adopting or shifting to a new work environment, their experience and knowledge are most helpful. To ensure adherence to rules and laws, operations managers will collaborate with the legal and safety department.

  • An average income is $125,740
  • The U.S. Army, Lockheed Martin, Amazon, Bank of America, and the Walt Disney Company are among the companies that are currently hiring for this role.
  • MBA specializations are supply chain management, Operational management, and human resources.
  1. Director of Public Relations

All businesses need a way to engage with the public directly; if they don’t hire an outside firm, they probably have an internal department for public relations. The PR Director is responsible for maintaining the company’s reputation and brand, as well as managing audience and social media interaction. They define guidelines for contacting the media and writing press releases, as well as how promotional materials and advertising campaigns are created.

  • An average income is $118,430
  • The U.S. Marine Corps, Microsoft, Kent State, Penske Media, and Universal Music Group are among the organizations that are hiring for this role.
  • The MBA specializations are marketing and consulting.
  1. Sales Manager

Any significant firm that sells products or services needs a person to figure out how to maximize sales. All sales operations will be managed by a sales director. Their main goal is to assure that all company objectives are met and followed by sales. The director will be in charge of setting quotas, employing salespeople, meeting regional managers, and communicating with customers.

  • An average yearly income is $147,580
  • Oracle, PepsiCo, Allstate, Indeed, and Yelp are among the companies looking for this role.
  • MBA specializations are Marketing, Project Management, Strategy, and Product Management.
  1. Financial Director

Although any large firm needs a financial manager to monitor the financial health of the company, financial managers were mostly hired to work for financial institutions. For the organization, financial managers create financial forecasts and statements and make sure that all legal obligations are completed. In short, Financial managers, are frequently great investors, are trained to tackle cash flow issues, and may work at financial institutions (Kowarski, 2022). They are usually in charge of the company’s budget as well as attempt to address issues with cash flow by actively managing cash and investment activities.

  • An average income is $134,180
  • Amazon, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, Google, and American Express are among the companies that are hiring for this role.
  • The MBA specializations are finance, strategy, and accounting.
  1. Chief Operating Officer

The COO is a C-suite executive that controls all daily operations involving managers and staff. They collaborate with managers and supervisors to make sure that each department is carrying out the company’s goal. They are also responsible for completing analyses of productivity and revenue, examining business operations, and identifying both good and bad practices.

  • An average income is above $200,000
  • The U.S. Air Force, Apple, Google, YMCA, Rockstar Games, and Dell Technologies are among the organizations that are hiring for this role.
  • MBA specializations are Operational management, strategy, entrepreneurship, and project management.
  1. Chief Technical Officer

The CTO is the C-suite executive in charge of the company’s technological aspects. They are in charge of developing and supervising the company’s technological vision, as well as implementing methods to guarantee that all teams are on the same page. The CTO is also the company’s technical team manager and manages all R&D procedures.

  • An average income is $197,840.
  • Salesforce, 99designs, the United States Army, Lenovo, Intuit, and Cisco are among the companies seeking this position.
  • MBA specializations are Information Systems, Strategy, Cybersecurity, and Operational Management.
  1. Management Consultant

Rather than working for a corporation, MBA graduates work for a consulting firm that works on a contract basis with companies. These consultants focus on addressing problems or providing ideas for businesses that are at a crossroads, such as start-ups or rebranding. They also help businesses that are facing challenges, such as decreased sales or a loss of market share. The specific role of a management consultant is to help an organization in improving its efficiency to minimize costs and maximize revenues.

  • An average income is $97,580.
  • Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, and the Boston Consulting Group are among the companies that are hiring for this role.
  • MBA specializations are Consulting, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Wrapping up

For people who are willing to learn about new changes, having an MBA degree has shown to be effective for them. MBA graduates not only benefit others, but they also gain higher earnings, which often come in the six-digit figure. For people who don’t want to settle with the average pay, an MBA degree is perfect for them.

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