Setting Up Computer Science Department At The Main Campus Of Aiou

AIOU (Allama Islam Azad University) is an Islamic institution located in Urdu city in Pakistan. It was established in 1954 with the intention of serving the needs of the poor communities of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) has started offering educational materials and educational books to the different prisons in the state so that these can be made easily available in the libraries of the prisoners. With this, the number of criminals who are studying or are in prison is significantly reduced. The main objective of the university is to promote knowledge creation among young and old in order to create awareness on various academic and religious topics.

With the growth of the economy of Pakistan over the past years, there has been an increase in the demand for education among the working people in addition to the students. As a result of this, many educational institutions including colleges and universities of Pakistan as well as international institutions have come up in the state. However, there are many challenges faced by the government of Pakistan to provide all the educational opportunities to its students. Moreover, with the increase in the crime rate and the terrorist activities in different parts of the country, most of the students from the lower castes and the working class are unable to get admission to any of the reputed colleges or universities in Pakistan.

Due to this serious problem, the government has started implementing various programs to help these people. One such program is aiou solved assignment. This has been implemented in order to help the younger, as well as the poorer classes, get proper education so that they can be eligible to take up jobs that are better paying. Through this, a number of IT professionals who are employed in multinational companies have been given jobs in Pakistan’s biggest city as well as other cities of the nation.

The government of Pakistan is determined to uplift the poor economic condition of its people in order to prevent them from being unemployed. This has been done by providing grants and scholarships for women and men of all ages. This initiative has been executed much more vigorously in the past years as compared to the past years in the past when there was hardly any scholarship or grant for women or anyone from the lower castes.

This initiative has really helped the numerous community and tribal groups to improve their social status as well as improve their living conditions. This has resulted in an increase in the literacy rate in the state, as more people were able to complete their secondary and even tertiary education. Besides, the social sciences and liberal arts of Pakistan have also been promoted through this initiative. For example, the open university course in Aiou was started in the year 2021, for the first time in Pakistan, to help those from the lower castes as well as the working class to study computer science.

This initiative has indeed helped many to improve their education and career. However, there is still a long way to go until all the groups are benefited. A closer look at the situation reveals that there are still many problems to be solved in Pakistan. The lower middle class is still struggling to obtain an education, especially if they have to pay for it. Other than that, the working people still face many problems such as irregular hours and excessive working hours.

For all these reasons, the government is keen on improving the conditions of the students from Aiou and other parts of KP. In order to achieve this target, several private universities and colleges are now offering online education programs at the main campus Aiou Result. This way, students of a university who might otherwise not be able to pursue their studies at the regional centers, can still get the same quality of education at their own pace. Another positive initiative taken by the university is the setting up of consultative groups. These groups consist of students, teachers, and researchers from all sections of society and they meet regularly to explore the educational problems in Pakistan. They suggest solutions to the problems and make suggestions for improvement.

With the support of the International University Education Center, the consultative groups are now making efforts to set up computer science departments at the main campus of Aiou. The computer science department has been recognized internationally and it can be considered as a step in improving the conditions of students in Aiou. Several private universities and colleges in the KP are now also offering online studies at their main campus. It is quite possible that even students from Pakistan’s lower middle class will be eligible for study through these online study centers. This initiative is indeed a step forward in improving the conditions of the students from Pakistan’s lower middle class.

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