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Setting Up Computer Science Department At The Main Campus Of Aiou



AIOU (Allama Islam Azad University) is an Islamic institution located in Urdu city in Pakistan. It was established in 1954 with the intention of serving the needs of the poor communities of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) has started offering educational materials and educational books to the different prisons in the state so that these can be made easily available in the libraries of the prisoners. With this, the number of criminals who are studying or are in prison is significantly reduced. The main objective of the university is to promote knowledge creation among young and old in order to create awareness on various academic and religious topics.

With the growth of the economy of Pakistan over the past years, there has been an increase in the demand for education among the working people in addition to the students. As a result of this, many educational institutions including colleges and universities of Pakistan as well as international institutions have come up in the state. However, there are many challenges faced by the government of Pakistan to provide all the educational opportunities to its students. Moreover, with the increase in the crime rate and the terrorist activities in different parts of the country, most of the students from the lower castes and the working class are unable to get admission to any of the reputed colleges or universities in Pakistan.

Due to this serious problem, the government has started implementing various programs to help these people. One such program is aiou solved assignment. This has been implemented in order to help the younger, as well as the poorer classes, get proper education so that they can be eligible to take up jobs that are better paying. Through this, a number of IT professionals who are employed in multinational companies have been given jobs in Pakistan’s biggest city as well as other cities of the nation.

The government of Pakistan is determined to uplift the poor economic condition of its people in order to prevent them from being unemployed. This has been done by providing grants and scholarships for women and men of all ages. This initiative has been executed much more vigorously in the past years as compared to the past years in the past when there was hardly any scholarship or grant for women or anyone from the lower castes.

This initiative has really helped the numerous community and tribal groups to improve their social status as well as improve their living conditions. This has resulted in an increase in the literacy rate in the state, as more people were able to complete their secondary and even tertiary education. Besides, the social sciences and liberal arts of Pakistan have also been promoted through this initiative. For example, the open university course in Aiou was started in the year 2021, for the first time in Pakistan, to help those from the lower castes as well as the working class to study computer science.

This initiative has indeed helped many to improve their education and career. However, there is still a long way to go until all the groups are benefited. A closer look at the situation reveals that there are still many problems to be solved in Pakistan. The lower middle class is still struggling to obtain an education, especially if they have to pay for it. Other than that, the working people still face many problems such as irregular hours and excessive working hours.

For all these reasons, the government is keen on improving the conditions of the students from Aiou and other parts of KP. In order to achieve this target, several private universities and colleges are now offering online education programs at the main campus Aiou Result. This way, students of a university who might otherwise not be able to pursue their studies at the regional centers, can still get the same quality of education at their own pace. Another positive initiative taken by the university is the setting up of consultative groups. These groups consist of students, teachers, and researchers from all sections of society and they meet regularly to explore the educational problems in Pakistan. They suggest solutions to the problems and make suggestions for improvement.

With the support of the International University Education Center, the consultative groups are now making efforts to set up computer science departments at the main campus of Aiou. The computer science department has been recognized internationally and it can be considered as a step in improving the conditions of students in Aiou. Several private universities and colleges in the KP are now also offering online studies at their main campus. It is quite possible that even students from Pakistan’s lower middle class will be eligible for study through these online study centers. This initiative is indeed a step forward in improving the conditions of the students from Pakistan’s lower middle class.

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6 Things to Be Taken Care of After Writing Your New Blog Post




Writing Your New Blog Post

Writing for a blog is the key with regards to keeping a web-based media commitment standard and substance showcasing using website development Dubai. A well-curated substance can go about as a spine for everything your business gives to the clients. It can even go about as a settling up part by improving your web index rankings, further upgrading your business’ client commitment in website development Dubai 

In any case, making substance and posting it isn’t the solitary thing you ought to zero in on. Numerous organizations do have incredible substance to impart to other people, yet they fail to remember the “content promoting” part in website development Dubai. Computerized advertising for your substance is the most urgent activity. Incredible substance doesn’t make far on web indexes if content promoting isn’t finished with skill. 

  1. RSS framework

The RSS framework empowers you to consequently channel your substance to different areas, including a few web-based media destinations. In this way, furnishing you with content advertising using website development Dubai. However, how?  When you hit “distribute” for your new substance, the RSS discharges a programmed “push” for your substance. This programmed “push” encourages you in distributing your substance on different sites, given that your RSS channel URL is connected to your long-range interpersonal communication locales or profiles. This won’t just save you time yet additionally will without a doubt extend your scope. 

  1. Search engine optimization Or Keyword joining 

Great substance isn’t anything without a decent watchword coordination. Also, for great catchphrase coordination, you first need to do keyword research in website development Dubai. Continuously recollect that SEO assumes a significant part in making your substance accessible on the web. It helps your substance rank at a higher situation on Google’s SERPs and pull in more crowds to your site. 

You can even utilize Google’s AdWords free watchword proposal instrument in the event that you are tight on a careful spending plan. Furthermore, in conclusion, remember to utilize both the long-tail and short-tail watchwords for your website development Dubai.

  1. Announcements 

Some of you may be thinking how does notices add to your new blog posting. If so then let us disclose to you that large numbers of us accept that status updating is insignificant in website development Dubai. You simply post your blog on each online media with the equivalent “title”. In any case, this probably won’t be an “appropriate” activity for your blog. You need to understand that every long-range interpersonal communication has its own classification of crowds. In this way the heading or the title which you choose to use for your blog to serve them assumes a huge part in getting you the snaps 

  1. Social bookmarking 

Many say that the social bookmarking procedure has lost its appeal. In any case, there is no damage in investing some additional energy to make additional increases. Social bookmarking resembles getting your substance surveyed by your companions using website development Dubai.

  1. Ask an individual blogger for help 

In this exceptionally serious world substance rivalry, on the off chance that one blogger won’t help different bloggers, at that point who will? Try not to stop for a second to request that your blogger companions notice your posts in their space to make benefit of your website development Dubai. They can even discuss your composing style, your subject decisions, or can even give your blog’s connection in their distributing. The special referencing of any post is an incredible method to broaden your range. 

  1. Sharing the blog entry with your intended interest group 

In the wake of completing the review, you are there sitting with an extraordinary post on your hands. What ought to be your subsequent stage? Is it posting it on some arbitrary site? NO! To begin with, you need to ask yourself for whom is this blog proper? Do you have any comprehension of your intended interest group? Or then again would you say you are simply posting your substance haphazardly without contemplating the crowd? In your website development Dubai.

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Online Leadership and Management Training – Empowering Perspectives that Make a Difference



The more we put things in boxes the more we restrict ourselves. This is also true of our perspective on leadership and management. Online leadership and management training lifts the lid on ideas that make no real sense. One of these is having lists of what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a manager to determine the positives and negatives of each. Almost as if we should choose which we want to be and prefer.

Whilst certainly there are differences in focus when one is leading and when one is managing, undoubtedly often the same people will and must play both roles.  The people impacted by these individuals do not make artificial distinctions between the different roles assumed at any particular point in time. They mainly just see the person, as a discernible whole, who they will judge on their words and actions.

Looking Deeper

During leadership classes online we come to realize the main role that we play, whether we are focused on management or leadership, is engaging our people in a way that brings out the best in them. As such it is no good attempting to be effective at either role until we have come to terms with the fact that our job is really to master getting to know our people really well as a first step. This allows us to uncover what is important to them, their existing capability levels, strengths and opportunities to improve. Only when we appreciate the full spectrum of who our people are, what motivates them and what their potential actually is, can we begin to concern ourselves with what opportunities exist for collaboration, support and partnering on common endeavours and shared goals.

Leadership development online connects the dots of management and leadership to draw a picture that shows these endeavours to be synergistic. It is unlikely that a business can run successfully without people in key roles performing both aspects and skilfully integrating the demands of both. The truth is we need to be excellent at both. We need to know when management is called for and when leadership is called for and ensure that the impact of both is received constructively and has integrity with who we are as individuals.  

Intent Leads Action

As with mastery in many fields, often we assume the required managerial or leadership response without consciously thinking. It is in response to the demands of a situation and the people we are interacting with. Often intuitively we also know when we need to flex between the roles. Often moving back and forth even in single interactions. Many times, in a day we will be managers or leaders. Our people simply recognize we are there for them in a way that helps and sheds light.  

If our judgement is accurate and our response the right ones, our contribution in either domains will be welcomed and deemed appropriate. This is because both a leader’s and managers’ underlying intent must be to empower, allow the other to flourish and to achieve the best mutually advantageous outcomes.

Online leadership and management training is able to convey the subtle message that all roles have a continuum of growth and are intertwined in many respects. Application of various critical skills sets work to strengthen relations with our people when we are not constrained by preconceived ideas about how we need to approach situations or people. Online leadership development points to the fact that often leaders will interact with leaders and manage other leaders. The correct orientation is a function of understanding what is essential and needed by all parties. Often leadership is as much about compromise, collaboration and allowing others to lead as it is about asserting one’s own vision, opinions or solutions.

Moving Beyond Boundaries

The less we place ourselves in leadership and management boxes the more we simply allow ourselves to become the best version of ourselves within relationships and situations. We begin to have the confidence to take our cues not only from our own critical assessment and judgement, but from input and understanding shared with us from others. We begin to trust that when we truly look and listen in situations, we will come to the right answers on how to proceed. We will have the managerial ability to optimize and the leadership ability to chart new courses equally well.

How we lead and manage should truly be an extension of who we are and our ever improving ability to give the best of ourselves to others.

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The Top 5 Ergonomic Study Chairs For Long Hours




After doing my study into student research desks, it appeared sensible to follow up assessing ergonomic study chairs.

If you have an ergonomic chair as well as workdesk, you’re about 90% of the method having an ergonomic workstation.

So what should you try to find in an ergonomic chairs for examining?

In this article, I’ll assist you select the best workdesk chair.
I’ll discuss different chair designs, ergonomic attributes to think about, and also advise some very deserving items on the marketplace.



The NOUHAUS Ergo3D has all the features you would certainly consider important in an ergonomic workplace chair.

It is totally adjustable, includes lumbar assistance, and also has a back-rest you can tilt up to 135º if you ever need to lounge in between research study sessions.
Furthermore, the chair offers a 3D lumbar support group that lowers back compression and can aid regulate back pain.

It is created to balance your weight and decrease the fatigue related to sitting for hrs on end.
This model can be found in 4 various shades and also has a contemporary modern look that will certainly add elegance to any type of room.


If you’re a college student, you probably don’t have sufficient room to suit a bulky ergonomic chair. Because case, this version may be one of the most ideal one for you.

The Smugdesk is a small ergonomic back assistance chair that has helpful wheels, a high-density seat padding, and a completely breathable premium mesh backrest.

It additionally has useful lumbar assistance and a flexible elevation of approximately 119cm that makes it appropriate for practically any type of elevation.

The armrests, nevertheless, aren’t adjustable however they’re still of top quality and also exceptionally comfortable.


If you desire an even more fashionable style with the possibility of laying back conveniently, you might want to have a look at this version.

The Duramont reclining natural leather office chair allows you to recline up 155º and has a securing system you can change at any type of angle that feels comfortable.

If you’re reclining the seat to 155º as well as plan to have a snooze, there’s likewise a flexible foot rest you can draw as well as flip for added convenience.

The chair is produced with long lasting products, covered with PU natural leather, as well as has a 5-point support base that can hold up against approximately 250 pounds with no useful problems.


Kids often deal with back pain, shoulder pain, and similar signs because they stop working to take on a proper sitting pose. This seat is an ergonomic option developed especially for them.

The SitRite computer system seat has a stunning style that any kind of child would certainly love and also includes the marginal functions you would expect to see in any ergonomic study chair.

You can move the seat according to the dimension of your kid as well as adjust the elevation of the seat accordingly. The seat is adjustable for youngsters of all sizes as well as type of body.

The setting up is also really simple and also can be completed within 5 mins. The suggested usage is for kids older than 4 years old, considering approximately 300 pounds.

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advance level tennis racquets

Tennis racket is the most important equipment to play tennis. They are far more expensive than badminton rackets. Beginner players often looks for a tennis racket that lasts long so that they can get complete command on game before moving towards advance level tennis racquets.

Let’s get started!


Usually naïve tennis player do not have proper knowledge about string and tension of tennis racket. When you enter the store, pick up your desired racket, the sales representative there would ask you, how do you want it strung?
If you have less knowledge about string and its tension your answer would be “I don’t know” and you will settle choosing for a basic Synthetic gut.
Instead of synthetic gut you can go for HEAD Velocity or Gamma TNT which are way better than synthetic gut. You can blindly choose them if you are reluctant, at least it would be of higher quality and better playing string in your basic stuff.

So your brand new racquet is in your hand and you are moving towards tennis court and about to start your game. But Wait!
Have you peeled off the grip plastic? No.
Do it right now!
There are many people out there who purchase a brand new tennis racket and put overgrip on it without even using its grip for a single time.

Back in the old days when tennis grip were made up of leather, people used to put overgrip right after buying the racket. The reason was leather grips are slippery and quite hard on hand.
But now in 21st century you don’t need to do it. Nowadays tennis rackets comes with a high quality grips that are simply great. Play with it first instead of putting on overgrip. Use the grip first, wear it out first before you cover it.

Covering a new grip with an overgrip simply ruin the overgrip and grip. Because, while playing you will sweat through the overgrip which penetrates into the grip. After sometime when you rip the damaged overgrip, your grip would be soiled completely.
So at least used the grip for once before putting on overgrip because tennis grips are wonderful and neutral. They are neither too dry nor too tacky. After using it, you can choose a best tennis racquet grip


People use head tape around the tennis head to protect it from scratches. This is simply a useless habit. Until on unless you are one of those people who scrape the crap out of the racket by dragging it on the floor like a small kid, you don’t really need to use it. It simply increases weight on your racket and therefore your maneuverability during the game will be affected.


Normally kids and teenagers put fancy dampeners on tennis racket just to make their tennis racket different from others. That’s okay with kids!
But there are some adults too who loves to put dampener on racket head. I really don’t have any idea why do they do so! May be they don’t like the pinging noise from the racket and these dampeners are efficient enough to mute the sound. Some people think that adding a dampener will heal up their tennis elbow which is 100% wrong as these dampeners are not elbow savers. If they are meant to heal tennis elbow then they wouldn’t be this much cheap. Believe me, they just add a fancy look to your racket and dampen few noises.

Let me tell you, tennis rackets have got various dampening features that you don’t need to add this little useless stuff on your racket. Look for a superior quality tennis racket which has many noises dampening technology. Read first about best tennis racquet for intermediate player for a quick look at high end tennis racket from gotennisracquets.

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Rudraksh Immigration Group explains the reasons why Indian student migrate abroad




Reasons why Indian student migrate abroad – Rudraksh Immigration Group explains!

It is well known that the number of Indian students going abroad for higher studies is second largest in the world, after China. This implies that every year the migration that takes place from India to either US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Europe is massive. Being in the industry for 27 years now, Rudraksh Immigration Group Mohali explains the major contributing factors behind this insane trend. 

According to some data, India saw about 60,000 students travelling abroad to pursue higher education in 2000. This figure has grown exponentially to more than 7,50,000 students in 2018. The trend just keeps getting popularized, enabling more and more students to migrate abroad to study and work. Also, back in the 2000s, the majority of students preferred US as their default migration choice because of various factors. 

But in 2018, the number of students choosing a foreign country, has been diversified. What this essentially translates to is that now students don’t have a default country in mind while planning to study overseas.

People are exploring more opportunities in various countries across the globe to meet their specific requirements. Rudraksh Group explains the main factors deciding a country today.

1. Immigration Policies

One of the major factors, why US took a hit in number of Indian students not choosing the US, was that it changes its immigration policies and made it difficult for students to pursue higher education there. This discouraged a ton of students and they started looking elsewhere. At the same time, countries like Canada and Australia eased up their immigration policies and gained a large chunk of Indian student population. 

This made sure that these countries get skilled employees and hence, they decided to reward such people with permanent residencies easily. This is the primary reason of the shift from US to other countries.

2. Financial Balance

Indians are regarded as people who always get their money worth in whatever they do. The universities in the US have exorbitant tuition fees and high living expenses. Students started recognizing this and changed their countries of preference where they could find a balance between tuition fee and quality of education. 

Combining this with the salaries that they would get after completing their studies, they make a balanced choice to ensure that they don’t end up spending so much on the education, that even after getting a job, they are not able to pay the student loan debts for a long time.

3. Culture and Safety

As more and more options started opening up regarding new prospects in other countries, people started realizing the importance of some other things as well. For example, countries like Ireland, Denmark and New Zealand started becoming popular because of the welcoming and warm nature of their people towards other people from different countries. 

Additionally, the crime rates are very low in these countries. The standard of living is also decent without having to spend your lifetime of savings.

All these factors, along with quality of high ranking institutes in these countries as well are the major factors for diversification of students in various countries. This is what the experience of Rudraksh Immigration Group has deduced. They have actively been involved in finding the best courses in every country to maximize your career prospects afterwards. 

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