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SEO Ranking Factors

Whether you have a long established business, or an up-and-coming company, when creating your website and planning your strategy you want to consider the best methods to draw in new clients and retain your existing customers. Considering how your website is positioned and maintaining visibility in popular search engines like Google or Bing is an important step in today’s technology-driven market. Because your website’s ranking is determined by an ever-changing and complex algorithm, focusing on just one aspect is risky. It is best to consider a collection of SEO Ranking Factors to help you and your website remain visible and accessible to customers and clients. 

The typical elements that contribute to your website’s ranking on search engines are: domain, page-level, site-level, backlink, interaction, and penalization factors. When formatting your website and updating information, what you include is as important as the information excluded. Use this graphic as a quick reference to help you customize your information and grow organic traffic.

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