Selling a car through Exchange My Car: How it works

Exchange My Car is the UK’s first online part exchange comparison website and
they are the smart way to sell a car. The company offers their customers a
concierge-like service, so you do not need to be good at IT or tech to be able to use
the services of Exchange My Car, as they do all the leg work for you.
What Exchange My Car specialises in
Exchange My Car specialises in helping consumers sell their car and/or find their
next vehicle, here is more information about what they do.
● They offer a free instant car valuation that only takes roughly 30-45 seconds
● You can use their Finance Calculator to find out how much car finance would
cost you per month. You can also complete an application on their website
opposed to having to sort it out elsewhere.
● All customers will have a dedicated account manager to sort the process of
buying, selling or part exchanging a car, you will not need to worry about a
● All customers have the option to compare part exchange deals by using
Exchange My Car. This is a first in the UK online car marketplace.
Their part exchange process
How Exchange My Car’s simple part exchanging process works:
● You will need to enter the registration of your current vehicle and its up to date
mileage information in order to get a valuation.
● You will then need to tell Exchange My Car some information about your
vehicle i.e whether you have any finance outstanding on the car as this allows
Exchange My Car to show you exactly how much cash you can receive after
clearing your finance.
● You can then enter the information about the next car you are looking to
purchase if you wish to purchase a car from Exchange My Car.

● You will then be taken to the Compare Deals page where you will be able to
choose a deal that suits you best i.e. an instant cash offer or to part
● When browsing cars for sale, they will show you the price of the cars after
deducting your car value from it, so you know how much it will cost you in part
● You can speak to your account manager anytime via call, text, email or even
WhatsApp to confirm your appointment, discuss the condition of your car and
any extras it may have.
How the collection process works
Exchange My Car has a tailored car collection service that suits the needs of every
private seller, this is how their collection process works:
● You can arrange a collection date with your dedicated account manager
● The collection can be carried out from your workplace so you don’t need to
take a day off work. You can be anywhere in the UK.
● You will need to pay a fully refundable deposit of £49.99 to secure your
appointment. This is just to confirm your commitment to their free collection
appointment and it is fully refunded once the transaction is complete, this is
the only fee involved with using Exchange My Car.
● You will receive full payment for your vehicle before the car is taken away.
● The appointment usually takes less than an hour.
Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our guide on selling a car through Exchange My Car:
How it works. If you would like further information on how Exchange My Car works
and how it can benefit you, visit their website: we buy cars.

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