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Selection of valves for industrial liquid and gas systems



Valve selection is an important part of a well-organized design and maintenance process for industrial, piping and instrumentation systems. If the valve is not suitable for a specific application, operators can experience problems with fluid and gas systems, increased downtime, and avoidable safety risks.

Valve selection usually occurs during the initial design phase of fluid and gas systems. During the life of the system, service technicians typically replace the valve and most other components with the same type of parts already in the system, as required. This is why it is so important to choose the right valve right from the start, as this will help operators avoid having to replace them prematurely later on.

Who Can Do this Best

If you are selecting the valve for gas fittings system, then a plumber gas fitter can guide you in a best way. The fitting of valve plays important role in the flow of gas. Unprofessional plumber can damage the whole system. Always try to hire a profession gas fitter for this purpose. If you are gas fitter expert, you can polish your skill by taking the plumber gas fitter online course.

How to make the right choice?

Designers and technicians can use the STAMPED method to properly select valves, which considers factors such as size, temperature, application, process fluid, pressure, end connections or fittings, and delivery terms. An in-depth consideration of each of these operating conditions can help industrial fluid, gas, and in-line analysts find the right valves.

Application of the STAMPED method in the design of a liquid and gas system


The size of the valve determines the flow rate and must be matched to the desired (or required) flow rate of your system. Manufacturers must specify a flow factor (C v ) that takes into account the relationship between the pressure drop across the valve and the corresponding flow rate.


Do not forget about the temperatures at which your valve will operate. Consider the process temperature of the system that the valve will control and the operating ambient temperature. Ask yourself the question: ” Will this temperature be constant or will it change frequently?” These conditions can affect the selection of valves or the frequency of preventive maintenance.

Consider temperature fluctuations that can cause expansion or contraction of the seal materials. High temperatures can reduce the strength of the metal components, resulting in a reduction in pressure ratings. It is important to obtain confirmation from the manufacturer that the valve has been extensively tested under extreme conditions.


Consider what tasks the valve will solve in your system. Do you need to start or stop a thread? Adjust the flow rate? Control the direction of flow? Protect the system from overpressure?

The answers to these questions will help you find the right valve type for your design. As an example, consider a simple two-way ball valve. While some third-party ball valves may provide throttling, they are generally not used for throttling or flow control — they are only intended for use in a fully open or fully closed position. If your task is to throttle or regulate the flow, it may be better to choose a needle valve or a fine control valve.

Technological environment

To select the correct valve from the correct material, you must also consider the process fluid in your system. Verify system fluid compatibility with body materials, seats, valve stem tips, and other softer materials. Incompatibilities can cause corrosion, embrittlement or stress corrosion cracking, all of which can compromise safety and can cause costly manufacturing problems.

As with temperature, you also need to consider where the valve will be used. Will it be operated in a controlled environment, such as inside an installation or a heated instrument case? Will it be outdoors exposed to factors such as direct sunlight, rain, snow, frost, ice and temperature fluctuations? Will it be used in marine environments with significant chloride exposure? Valves and valve parts are available in a variety of materials. Select products that best fit these factors to maximize durability and maximize valve functionality.


Pressure is also an important factor to consider when sizing valves. There are two kinds of pressure to consider.

  • Working Pressure: The normal operating pressure in your system.
  • Design pressure: maximum allowable pressure as stated by the valve manufacturer; Do not exceed the design pressure of the components in a liquid or gas system unless tested under controlled conditions.

The pressure limitation in a liquid or gas system is due to the component with the lowest pressure rating. Keep this in mind when choosing a valve. Process pressure and temperature have a significant impact on component performance. The valve you select must be able to withstand the pressure and function under the required conditions at various pressures and temperatures. Design, material selection and acceptance testing are critical aspects of proper valve operation. Also, do not forget about the significant mutual influence of pressure and temperature. Typically, the nominal working pressure decreases as the process temperature rises.

End connections

The valves are supplied with a variety of end connections. These include inline tube fittings, pipe threads, pipe flanges, butt weld ends, etc. Although the end connection is usually not directly related to valve design, the choice of end connection is important to overall valve performance and its ability to maintain a tight seal. systems. Make sure end connections are appropriate for the pressure and temperature of your system and are sized appropriately – a properly sized end connection can simplify installation and prevent additional leaks.

Fluid Delivery

After considering all the factors listed above and choosing the valve that best suits your application, ask yourself the question, “When do I need valves? How many valves do I need? “

Timely and reliable delivery is just as important to the efficient operation of your liquid or gas system as any other factor. The last step in the STAMPED method involves checking your suppliers. Are they able to provide you with the components you need when you need them? Is it easy to contact them? Are they willing to work with you to understand the needs of your system?

Valve selection is an integral part of the design process for safe and efficient fluid and gas systems. Would you like to receive more detailed information on the selection of valves and the design of liquid and gas systems? Take one of our training courses to expand your practical knowledge of design. Find out more about our upcoming distance learning courses today.

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Analyzing Sporting Performance



Sports athletes and coaches alike know that winning is all about the details. Performance analysis is therefore important for outdoor sports, because no other technique offers such detailed insight into game play, whether it’s a community youth match or an elite team’s championship game.

In outdoor sports, performance analysis applications “토토사이트” help coaches and players reach new heights by providing them with statistics about athletes, games, and even whole seasons, as well as easily understandable stats and visuals.

Monitoring and aggregating data for sports performance analysis are currently carried out using a variety of different methods. In some analytics tools, video is used to capture every moment of the match. Cameras are positioned around the field to capture every detail. Videos are then analyzed to determine which strategies and techniques are successful.

A number of other applications allow users to conduct observational analysis during a match: athletes are tagged and their movements can be manually tracked when using Sports Analysis Software interfaces such as iPad apps. Once data is collected, a range of detailed reports are available, as well as detailed statistics.

On the market, the most dynamic and widely applicable sports performance analytics tools are those that use location or tracking technologies, such as GPS (with minimal accuracy and precision), COPS (Cent metric Outdoor Precision System), and other positioning solutions. The monitoring of every athlete’s position continually provides a wealth of information, yielding an insight into the game dynamics that is unique and varied.

It has proven to be accurate to within a centimeter in the past. Real-time examination and assessment are possible. The localization process doesn’t just consist of capturing the highlights. Hyper-specific localization tools for sports performance analysis are uniquely beneficial as they record multiple KPIs for individual athletes throughout the whole practice, training session, or game, regardless of whether the athlete is in competition or not.

Several sport analysis tools automatically compile data, present motion analysis and measure overall performance and present them to the user in an easy-to-understand format. A chart or graph details specific statistics and provides a relative breakdown of teams. Sports performance analysis lets coaches and athletes zoom in faster on significant details thanks to play-by-play breakdowns, historical data, and (spatial) trend patterns.

With the power to track positions, speeds, distances, accelerations/decelerations, heartbeat rates, strength, and measurements of a variety of variables, performance analytics tools provide numerous benefits for athletes: pinpoint data shows both the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing sports movement analysis, athletes’ positioning also helps clarify how they interact with their teammates. These metrics provide athletes with valuable information on what needs to be developed, motivate them towards their goals, and ultimately help them improve their performance.

In addition to helping athletes improve, sports performance analytics provides coaches with insights needed to develop effective tactics and strategies. The metrics available to coaches allow them to gain insight into every second of the game, enabling them to review strategy before and after a match. 

By using sports performance analytics to collect data, coaches can determine an athlete’s potential and place them with teammates that will help maximize their performance. A skill-based recruitment platform may even help recruit new players with particular skills.

It can be an invaluable resource for broadcasters and sports reporters, offering a unique insight into the game to avid audiences! In web-based game replays and overviews, it can be useful to use sports data collected, in-game graphics, and even infographic feeds. On-the-spot statistics can provide insight into players’ and teams’ performance and provide discussion points for future matches based on the trends.

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Topic: 5 Common Reasons You’re Rejected For a Loan



When you need money quickly, it can be frustrating receiving declined decisions. You may start having the feeling lenders don’t want to help you, however, there could be some simple reasons why this is happening. Rather than left wondering why, here are 5 common reasons you are being rejected for a loan you can check today.

  1. Applying for the Wrong Type of Loan

It can be easy to apply for the first loan you see, however, due to different eligibility requirements and types of loans, not all will meet your needs. If you are someone with existing debt, for example, this may reduce the number of lenders who can help. You may want to consider debt consolidation loans UK lenders if you are looking to settle your debts and have one creditor instead. This is a more specific need for those wanting a simpler way to improve their financial outlook. This is very different to a payday loan, for example, or other short term options that will only allow smaller amounts and shorter repayment terms. Apply for the type of loan that matches what you need, rather than randomly choosing a lender.

  1. Multiple Applications Too Quickly

The temptation when you have been declined is to keep applying for other loans until one says yes. However, this will only make your situation more difficult and even increase the number of declines you receive. This is because your application history will appear on your credit file, so when you apply for a loan, the lender will be able to see this information. This will influence their own lending decision and it may appear you are desperate for money with many failed applications. It is best to give some time between applications where possible.

  1. Not Having the Affordability

Quite simply, if a lender cannot see you can afford the loan, they will decline your application. This is true whether you have a good or bad credit history. Lenders ideally want to approve those who present the least amount of risk, so that they can minimise any arrears or defaults from happening. If you apply for a loan without knowing how much you can afford, you are running the risk of being declined straight away. Spend some time working out your affordability by comparing your income and expenditure and then you can apply with confidence. You may discover you have very little disposable income, so review and cut back on non-essential spend where possible and improve your chances.

  1. Low Credit Rating

A low credit rating can be one of the main reasons for a declined application. Some lenders may use automated lending processes, meaning they will filter those with low credit scores. The more you apply for loans, the more this can affect your credit rating, especially if receiving multiple rejections. To avoid harming your credit rating further, identify lenders that can help those with bad credit first. This type of lender will focus more on your affordability than your credit history, improving your chances of approval.

  1. Incorrect Information on your Credit Report

One reason that is less obvious than others is potential errors on your credit file. When a lender accesses this to provide a lending decision, if they can’t find all the information they need, this can influence a declined decision. This is where periodically checking your credit report can help you and identify any potential issues. Something as simple as an incorrect address history can have a big influence, and you may also discover information that could be out of date, such as a credit account you’ve settled still appearing. Contact one of the credit reference agencies and access your report to double-check.

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Best Practises for Magento Homepage design



A customer is likely to land more on the homepage than any other page. The homepage is one of the most crucial elements of any eCommerce page. 

When the customer visits an eCommerce store, they will continue their shopping experience from the homepage. If they do not like the homepage, it is very unlikely for them to come back. 

The homepage should consist of all information like what the website does, what the products are and what to expect from them. Furthermore, it gives a thorough insight into the products and helps to overcome the clutter.

What are the critical factors for homepage design? 

Including too many details on your homepage can have a negative impact. This site provides a complete guide to how to implement the homepage. 

Whenever optimizing the homepage, it is crucial to check out the basics. Some of the common features that you need to look forward to for a solid homepage design of your Magento website include the following:


While this may initially not appear to be important, the header is a significant factor to consider. The header itself should describe what the website is about. Furthermore, the header should also pave the way for navigation and search. Implementing these two basic aspects in the website can be helpful. 


Navigation is one of the essential parts of the website. The homepage should contain a navigation part so that the customers can easily find out what they’re looking for. Furthermore, it is also necessary to browse from a wide range of products. If your website has too many products, an easy navigation page can be of great help. 

Furthermore, the navigation page must be optimized to fit the requirements of users. It should contain details about whitespaces and borders so that it appears visually appealing. 


Customers always search for the products. Therefore, it is advisable to provide them with the search option. The best practice to obtain is to narrow down the choices. Furthermore, a search button query can be of great help. 

No customer will want to enter a comprehensive query to get the product of their choice. The best thing to do is provide the customers with search suggestions. Moreover, guiding the customers to search for their choice of products can be of great help. 


Footer is another important element of the Magento website. Whenever implementing the practice, it is necessary to be careful with what you’re doing. While you may think that footer isn’t important, it is. Most people pay special attention to the footer. 

Many customers visit the footer page to get the shipping policy, company details, and more. Therefore, it is essential to add a footer. Furthermore, you can also add some extra details such as security, awards, and customer engagement to draw the user’s attention. You can also include a CTA for your newsletter. 

While you may want the website to light up, the best practice to ensure the best is to keep it minimalistic. It is necessary to implement the website carefully to get all the details. Moreover, if you want higher engagement, you need to operate it accordingly. 

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2021 Honda HRV should be on your Buying List this Year



Honda is known for making cars with a superior engine that offers sufficient performance. The 2021 Honda HRV is no different as it offers great performance and looks stylish enough to rival any other car in its category.

However, to understand why this vehicle should be on the buying list, you need to know this car’s specs in detail. Thus, go through specifications givens below before you reach El Cerrito Honda dealer to book a unit.

Powertrain of 2021 HRV

The HRV is powered by a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that is fast and refined. Also, it is mated with CVT for easy gear-changing aspects. It is available in both FWD and AWD version, so you choose whichever suits your driving style more.

Eager and spry handling offers a driving experience that drivers love about this vehicle. Though, on rough roads, one might feel a few bumps and more, on an even road it offers a pleasant ride that everyone would appreciate.

It offers gas mileage of 26 mpg in city and 31 mpg on highway, while combined it offers 28 mpg; these numbers are quite higher than most of the competitors of HRV. However, if you seek to know more, straightaway consulta Honda dealer serving El Cerrito.

Interior and cabin details

In short, one can describe the cabin design as classy that everyone would like. Also, it comes with remarkable passenger space and outward visibility is something you would appreciate. In addition, if you are looking for having certain luxurious amenities in your vehicle, then Touring model is the one you should get.

The passenger seats offer plenty of legroom along with headspace even for tall passengers, which is an advantage of owning this vehicle. People can also fold the rear seats and with a low floor cargo space available is massive. Moreover, people can flip-up rear seat’s bottom cushion that allows taller items to be stored easily. The cargo space can fit 22 carry-ons if back seats are stowed, which is more than even what some large SUVs can hold.

7-inch touchscreen along with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, speakers, etc. are some of the features you can enjoy. To check it out closely, visit a dealership today.

Price of 2021 HRV

2021 Honda HRV gets 5 variants, where the LX version is the base model that costs $22,445. The next is the Sport trim which costs $24,395. EX is next in the lineup and priced at $25,645 while the last two versions include EX-L priced $27,245 and Touring $30,565.

You should always opt for the Touring if you are looking to have certain luxurious features in your vehicle. However, if not, then you can either buy the EX or EX-L according to your budget and requirements you have.

Such features and specs make this 2022 Honda HRV a must-have vehicle for your buying list. If you are not still convinced about how good this vehicle is, you need to visit a dealership and take a drive in this vehicle!

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All you need to know about 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric



Hyundai has been making vehicles for decades and each vehicle from them can be called a masterpiece. It is one of the reasons that the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric is no different than this. This vehicle offers ample mileage, is quite spacious, smooth riding experience, and has enough power under its hood. Thus, you should get this vehicle when in City of Industry Hyundai dealer but take a look at its specs first!

Electric motor for 2022 Kona

The electric motor that drives that vehicle’s front wheels offers 201 horsepower, which is massive in this segment. This electric motor is powered by a battery pack of 64-kWh and this vehicle takes about just 6.4 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which is quicker than gas-powered Kona by 0.2 seconds.

Moreover, it provides active driving dynamics that make driving this car a pleasure even on twisted roads. Though a sports car is much more fun when it comes to driving, this subcompact SUV isn’t far behind. Also, on the highway, it cruises smoothly and due to the heavy battery, this car feels grounded and steady even at high speeds.

It claims to have 258 miles range after the battery is fully charged and credit for it goes to the regenerative braking system. Though this car can be charged with a household outlet of 110-volts, it is not recommended for charging it day-to-day. 240-volt outlet is the way to go when charging at home or people can charge it at a fast DC charging station. In addition, it has a rating of 120 MPGe combined.

Such an electric car is remarkable for people looking to purchase an EV. If you want to gather more details about the engine, mileage, charging, etc. consult Hyundai dealer City of Industry.

Interior comfort

The interior built by Hyundai is mind-blowing. It is similar to gas-powered Kona in design and materials used. Rich features, a comfortable setting, and stylish design is the best way to describe this car’s cabin. Also, its seating area is comfortable along with a cargo space that is similar to its rivals.

Smartphone integration, 10.3-inch touchscreen display, a digital gauge of 10.3-inch display, navigation, and more are available on models for Limited trims. Also, a 6-speaker system is the default option, while Limited and other trims can be equipped with Infinity audio 8-speakers for a much better sound.


The SEL is the base model of 2022 Kona Electric and its price starts from $35,225. The SEL model with Convenience package costs a little higher and is priced at $39,000 approximately. The Limited trim is expected to start from $43,725 and adding a convenience package would make that price rise to $46,000 approx.

No matter which trims you decide to get, ensure adding the convenience package as it adds features like sunroof, wireless charge-pads, heated seats, etc.

These things are something you should know about in detail before heading over to the dealership. These stats and specs show how good the new 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric is and why you should get it.

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