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Security guard company in McAllen ramps up licensed professionals for the upcoming shopping season.

Genuine Security, located in McAllen Texas, is ramping up and beating up his security staff as they prepare for the upcoming holiday season. With the upcoming holiday season fast approaching it is no wonder more and more retailers are getting prepared by having the craziest deals, offers, and bargains.


 Black Friday, along with Christmas is fast approaching and reaching her to want to make sure their inventories and locations are protected and secured in the most effective and the best way possible. One of these ways is by having a professional and license security guard team, such as one from genuine security, a licensed security guard company add provider in McAllen Texas.


The security guard services offered by genuine security are available for shopping centers, retail spaces, stores big or small, and any type of event or venue. With an everlasting training and always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and laws, General Security is one of the few companies that is making strides in the security for retail Trent.


Why should you have a security guard at your retail space?

The Biggest reason why you should have a security guard in your retail space, Shopping Center, or mall is that simply put shoppers will spend more money when they have peace of mind, when they are comfortable, and happy walking around, browsing, and shopping at your retail space. If a customer feels unsteady or not sure about the environment it will quickly turn into them wanting to leave and simply put not spend money into retail space.


 the staff at genuine security is professional, courteous, and can be uniform or plain clothes. Small teams to larger team to patrol larger areas, no job is too big or too small. We  Small teams to larger teams to patrol larger areas, no job is too big or too small.  vehicle patrol, uniformed guards, unarmed or armed guard, and surveillance are just one of the few ways genuine security is keeping up with the latest trends and protecting property and assets.


In this day and age  it is very important to keep up with technology. This is why Genuine Security uses the latest in technology to communicate and coordinate with each other as well as your manager or owner of the business. Anytime there is a determined we make sure everybody is on the same page. This is to prevent any kind of unwarranted accident or bodily injury to anyone. Often times, security guards may be a liability when they do not know how to react and approach a situation aggressively or in a non-professional matter.


For this reason, Genuine Security does its best to make sure all of our guards are trained and will not be a liability to the business, premises, or the store. If you need any local law enforcement is always contacted as well to ensure or your store. 

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