Secrets underneath the human smile. Researchers revealed what impact a human smile has on the perception of others. We explain how to achieve it.

The impact of a smile on people’s perception

Research conducted by Kelton Global for the AACD – American Association of Cosmetic Dentists has uncovered the importance of a person’s smile and its impact on our life. Nearly half of Americans (48%) are convinced that a smile is the most memorable trait when meeting someone for the first time. According to the adult respondents, a smile is even easier to remember than the first thing the person said (25%), clothes he/she was wearing (9%), and the way he/she smelled while encountering that person for the first time. That makes smiling one of the most significant features in human interactions.

Additionally, also the condition of the teeth is proven to create a particular impact on the perception of others. Scientists from Kelton Global discovered that individuals with a flawed smile are perceived as less attractive (37%), and less confident (25%) compared to those with faultless teeth. 40% of women in contrast with 35% of men are of the opinion that a defective smile makes its owners less appealing than a person with an exemplary smile. The effect of a smile is proven to be made also in professional life. 3 of 4 adult Americans believe that an unattractive smile can negatively influence a person’s chance for career success.

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How to fix tooth imperfections

As a flawed smile is often linked with crooked teeth, their straitening procedure can significantly improve these aesthetic imperfections and provide health-related benefits. Teeth straitening can effectively be achieved with the use of orthodontic metal braces as well as invisible aligners such as Invisalign, Hello Smile, and others. Details on teeth straightening along with a treatment plan should be consulted with an orthodontist, but generally speaking, such procedure is particularly recommended to individuals:

* who suffers from crowded teeth

* struggles with diastema

* experience other orthodontic issues

The majority of orthodontic problems are successfully treated with the use of a variety of braces such as stainless steel, gold-colored and tooth-colored ceramic. Although their treatment efficiency is very high, their metal parts are visible for others and remain affixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. In comparison, invisible aligners do not contain metal elements as they are made of transparent substances. They should be worn for at least 22 hours a day, but their removability is often appreciated by patients. The functionality of aligners allows its user to take them out to eat and brush teeth, but in order to provide expected straightening results, it’s required to wear them as prescribed.

How to boost your teeth with additional glaze
Although healthy, straight teeth significantly improve the person’s attractiveness, their color tone has also an impact on their final impression. In order to boost their attractiveness further, teeth whitening procedures are often conducted. The whitening treatment with products from Opalescence, Dr. Martin Schwarz, and other brands, can brighten the teeth for up to 8 shades without pain, sensitivity & other post-treatment discomforts. The results of whitening are visible after the very first 30 min treatment.