Searching for Home Décor Online? How About Earth-Elements in Your Home?

Given the recent lockdowns, a lot of people who love nature and all its elements wouldn’t be able to go on their excursions. The sound of the rain, the scent of grass, and fresh air are what everyone is missing during this pandemic. The good news is they can bring some of these elements home. So it makes sense that if you are decorating your home right now, you would want to make your home interior as natural feeling as possible to reflect the elements of nature. There are plenty of home décor items available online that you can buy right from the safety of your home even during quarantine that is built to give your interior the elemental theme. With that being said, here are some elemental themed home décor that you can find online.

Bring the Rain In Your Home With Rain Inspired Designer Home Decor

The calmness of light rain has a soothing effect; certain décor items can mimic the rain in one form or another. One example is a rain lampdesigner home décor; it is a lamp that uses a combination of water and light to produce ripples in the form of light that mimic drops of rain falling in the water. When it comes to the mechanism of this rain lamp, it is quite simple yet precisely engineered to produce a harmonious ripple effect using actual water. At the top of the globe, there is a water pump and an LED light bulb. While at the bottom of the rain lamp globe, there is water that fills less than half of the globe. The pump at the top pulls up a small amount of water from the water at the bottom of the pool and drops it back into the pool of water below. With the help of light refractions produced by the LED on top of the globe, you can see ripples and a faint rainbow light effect on the ground below the lamp.

Want to bring the outdoor plant life indoors? Get a suspended terrarium

Terrariums are an excellent option for people who are into miniature ecosystems. And this innovative design company called The Richard Clarkson Studios has turned a terrarium into a décor piece for people who love decorating with elemental décor pieces. This incredible piece of elemental themed home décor has an integrated light that illuminates the miniature ecosystem enclosed within the globe. This décor piece can also be suspended from the ceiling near windows to make use of natural light, and therefore you can also buy it without the LED light. You can add layers of gravel, charcoal, and soil to allow for proper root development, and since the terrarium is watertight, the water will not escape the system. You can view this globe from every angle by suspending it at eye level,and the power cord for this piece is nearly invisible, so all the focus remains on the ecosystem within the globe.

You can even use this terrarium to water-based house plants, and it will work just as effectively. You can also buy multiple glass globe terrariums and plant both water plants and earth-based plants in different globes to achieve a more exciting combination of earth and water elements.

Diffusers and Candle Holders To Bring The Element Of Fire Into Your Home Interior 

Almost all the best online home décor stores have diffusers and candleholders made out of clay. You can use these clay candle holders to light diffuser candles within your living room. Not only do candles bring the element of fire into your home, but the clay candle holders also bring the earth element and combining the two elements gives your living room a very calming touch.

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