Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing: What’s Best for Custom Stickers?

When it comes to custom stickers, screen printing and digital printing are two popular printing methods. Screen printing is an older technique that uses stencils, squeegees, and layered ink to apply text and images onto a surface. Digital printing is a newer technology that uses digital printers to produce stickers from digital-based images.  

The best printing method depends on your project. Both screen print stickers and digital print stickers have advantages and drawbacks. You can make an informed decision by learning their key differences.

Screen Print Stickers vs. Digital Print Stickers: Key Differences 

While digital print stickers have become more prevalent today, the old-school screen printing method offers many advantages over digital prints. Here are some of the main differences between these two popular printing methods.

  • Print Quality: Screen print stickers are generally higher quality prints than digital print stickers. Thus, screen printing is often the better choice for larger designs. Whereas digital printing produces high amounts of detail, making it a popular choice for smaller designs.
  • Cost: There is a stark difference in price between screen printing and digital printing. While screen printing takes more time and labor, digital printing is usually more expensive. If you’re considering a larger batch of custom stickers, screen printing can help you cut costs.
  • Color Variation: Screen print stickers are commonly known for their brilliant, bold colors because they use significantly thicker ink than digital prints. Additionally, because these stickers are UV-protected, they don’t fade from sun exposure.
  • Product Capabilities: Digital printing generally has greater flexibility over the surfaces on which custom stickers can be printed. For example, digital prints can be applied to surfaces like plastic, leather, vinyl, and wood. However, screen printing is often more durable and is commonly considered a better choice for materials like fabrics, decals, ceramics, and glass.

The Bottom Line

Screen printing vs. digital printing is a hot button topic. However, the type of printing method that’s best for you ultimately depends on the quality, cost, color variations, and capabilities you want.

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