Scientific reason Why Narendra Modi gives idea of burning Diya on 5 April at 9PM

As the nation entered day 10 of the 21-day across the lockdown on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tended to our citizens in a short video message( a video message to my fellow indians ) at 9 am. In the video message, he mentioned to switch off the lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm on 5 April and light a flame or a diya or even utilize the electric lamp on one’s portable to stamp the nation’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. As the video message arrived at a huge number of Indians, Twitter obviously started to peruse between his tweets and respond to the declaration with humorous images. While some were delighted, others considered this to be a social reinforcing exercise.

the peoples arguing and saying its wrong happening here the reasons why we have to follow or Prime minister’s idea on ‘ switch off the lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm on April 5 and light a flame or a diya

A video messsage to my fellow Indians

We all know the spiritual significance of lighting a diya. The light represent moving from darkness into the light(अंधकार से प्रकाश की ओर) . But do you know there is scientific reason too behind this tradition .The light of diya produces magnetic changes in the atmosphere of the surroundings. The electromagnetic force produced henceforth lingers on the skin for at least three hours and activate blood cells.secondly, diyas are burnt during the festival of diwali, hich comes in the month of October- November. This is a time when geographically, the western disturbances bring rain in northern india Due to rains, the atmosphere becomes humid- a condition which supports the spread of bacteria and insects. in such a situation, the fire of diya and the chemicals it release in the air kill the germs

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