Say no to getting duped because Waah Jobs is here with trusted and Secure jobs

How many times has it occurred to you that you apply for a job through an online portal and end up getting asked for money by recruiters? Moreover, with the trying times that we live in today, falling victim to such fake job offers and scams is the last thing that we would want for ourselves, isn’t it?

In light of all these, Waah Jobs has been serving as a bridge between employers and job seekers. With a number of special features, it seeks to address a major concern that many candidates face – the question of whether the job offer is genuine or not? The ‘trusted jobs’ filter is one such key attribute of Waah Jobs. By applying this filter, job seekers can scroll through the jobs that are specifically verified by the team of the online recruitment marketplace. However, if you opt for jobs that are not marked ‘trusted’, chances are, you may come across recruiters that ask for money.

Thus, while Waah Jobs doesn’t demand money from any job seeker, if you any employer ask you to pay when you apply for a job, the online job portal has a feature wherein you can ‘report’ the company, following which the offer will be removed from the platform.

In addition to this, job seekers can also connect directly with HR over call through the Waah Jobs app. This can help them in getting all their queries resolved regarding the job profile they are applying for and the organisation as well. After all, regardless of how much technology has simplified the process of getting hired, there is nothing like visiting a company in-person, or at least interacting with the HR via phone call, isn’t it?

In terms of features, most online recruitment platforms are quite similar to each other. However, by going an extra mile in not only offering thousands of jobs, but secure and trusted ones at that, Waah Jobs has definitely disrupted the online recruitment market.

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