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Say Goodbye to Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles



Choose the right eye treatments

Some wrinkle creams plump up the skin to reduce wrinkles which may give your eyes a puffy appearance. If puffiness is an issue, be sure that you choose products with anti-inflammatory properties. If dark circles are the issue, look for products that help strengthen blood vessel walls. There are a variety of products and treatments that will help reduce the appearance of your bags by reducing the discoloration, reducing inflammation and tightening the skin around the eyes. Speak to an experienced skin care professional for advice.

The rumors of the hemorrhoid treatment Preparation H are true (only the product produced in Canada). It contains Bio dyne which can help deflate ฟิลเลอร์ใต้ตา by reducing swelling on a very temporary basis. Be certain to use only the cream form, not the oil form, which can make the bags look worse. Be very careful when you apply it you don’t want to get this into your eyes.


You can apply cool compresses directly over your closed eyelids and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Some options include moistening two tea bags and resting them over your closed eyes. Tea helps constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Regular or herbal teas, cucumber slices, the back of a chilled spoon, or equal parts cool rosewater and witch hazel soaked in cotton work as well. It’s really the cold that is working by temporarily taking down the swelling and tighten skin.


Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders. Having 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the right is ideal. What also may help is using an extra pillow when you sleep, or a wedge that props your headboard up higher. Elevating your head will help keep fluids from setting around your eyes over night.

It’s important to drink plenty of water during the day to flush out your system, but drinking a lot of fluids before bedtime can increase your body’s fluid retention and the likelihood it will settle around your eyes during sleep. Stay away from drinks at bedtime or restrict yourself to only a few sips.


Lightly tap your upper and lower lids to nudge fluids away from the eyes. This also gets the fluids circulating to other areas in your body. A splash of cold water will help get your circulation moving so that fluids trapped in the eye release into the rest of your body.

Nutrition and lifestyle

Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, so particular attention to your diet is needed to reduce many chronic skin conditions, including puffiness. Certain foods, such as cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, tea (green and black), black currant, onions, legumes, and parsley contain antioxidant pigments that may help to strengthen blood vessels. Eating kidney-balancing foods will help eliminate toxic build-up in our bodies.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco which contain toxins that may lead to stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes; all of which may lead to fluid retention and swelling and ฟิลเลอร์ถุงใต้ตา.

Stay away from salty foods

Your bags could also be a result of excess salt intake, cigarette smoking or food sensitivities, which is a good reminder that the greatest beauty secret is a healthy lifestyle. Foods with high salt and MSG contribute to puffy eyes so try to stay away from dinners that contain too much salt or sodium.


Make-up and proper skin care can help improve the look of some of these problems. When covering dark circles that are reddish or bluish in colour, choose a peach-colored concealer; Beige or white concealers can make the darkness look gray

When covering puffiness, avoid light coloured or light-reflecting concealers on the puffy area because it can make the area look puffier. Instead, use a concealer one to two shades darker than your foundation on the puffy area to reduce the appearance of volume. If your skin is sensitive, look for unscented products (fragrance can cause irritation) and avoid those containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Both can be irritants to delicate skin around the eyes and cause swelling or redness.


Bags under the eyes can be the result of accumulated fat in the eye area. This happens when the septum surrounding the eyeball weakens, causing the outer layer of fat within the socket to sink forward – making it look like you have literal “bags” under your eyes. Unfortunately, the only permanent fix for these bags is a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty, which is designed to remove excess fat, skin and muscle around the eyes.

If surgery is not for you, there are still some temporary fixes such as injectable wrinkle fillers that will soften facial creases for several months. The filler is injected just under the puffy area to even out the look and remove the indentation caused by the puff.

As with any medical procedure, there are some serious risks involved with either of these options. Be sure to choose a qualified, trained, and experienced dermatologist or a board-certified plastic surgeon that has extensive expertise in the specific treatment you are receiving.

Skin lightening treatments

You may have varying degrees of darkness under the lower lid making you appear dragged out, tired, and older than you are. This could be a true pigmentation condition known as dark circles, or far more commonly, simply dark shadows that develop as part of the same aging process that causes puffiness to appear.

If you pull the lower eyelid skin taunt and the darkness goes away — it’s purely an illusion and not a true pigmentation condition. The most common solution is to use certain types of laser or IPL — intense pulse light — treatments. These treatments use heat to vaporize the extra vessels so the color is less noticeable under the skin. If, however, pulling your skin still leaves you looking at a dark discoloration, you have pigmentation issues — a more common problem for darker skinned individuals. In this case skin-lightening treatments can help.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes and Dark Circles?


The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate to begin with. As we age, skin and the fat pad under the eyes becomes thinner and its elasticity weakens, causing blood vessels and underlying fat to become noticeable. This gives the appearance of dark circles and bags. Sun damage can make it worse because it weakens the skin.

Poor circulation and fluid retention

Blood vessels under the eyes can become dilated and engorged, which can contribute to dark circles. A lack of sleep can make skin appear more pale, which allows blood vessels to be more visible through the skin, giving the appearance of bluish or dark circles.

If you wake with puffy eyes, fluid retention throughout the body is usually the culprit. This generally means that body fluids have settled overnight in the eye area and sometimes can be traced to activities of the previous day. Usually the swelling subsides after a few hours and the fluid is re-absorbed by your body.

Lack of quality sleep

Puffiness under the eyes is a common symptom of sleep deprivation or over sleeping. When we are tired, or if we overslept, our circulatory system slows down and water collects in our body at certain points. If water is not being properly carried away through your body’s circulation system, it collects around the eyes simply because there is space there for it to do so.


Certain medicines, particularly blood pressure medications, can cause the blood vessels to expand and dilate. While this increased blood flow usually is not apparent in other areas, it can cause a visible tint below the very thin skin under the eyes.

Allergic Reaction

You had plenty of sleep but still wake up to puffy eyes. Bags under eyes can also be attributed to an allergic reaction. Perhaps you’re allergic to a food you ate or the feathers from your down pillow. Under eye bags caused by allergic reactions can be alleviated with an antihistamine like Benedryl. If your eyes are puffy, red, and itchy, your under eye bags may be caused by an allergic reaction.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes during menstruation also lead to puffy eyes. Many symptoms during menstruation can cause under eye bags like fluid retention. If you retain water during your period, an over the counter product like Midol will help reduce puffy eyes.

Allergies and Hay fever

If you have a feather comforter and find that you often wake up with bags under your eyes it can be a sign that you are allergic to feathers. Try switching to quilts and pillows filled with cotton or synthetic material.

Dark circles under the eyes can be the result of allergies to airborne substances, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander, because people rub their itchy eyes. People with hay fever may notice them at the height of the season. Food allergies or sensitivities can also contribute to dark circles.

Sometimes, a chronic sinus condition or a nasal allergy can result in under-eye puffiness. The continual swelling and deflating that goes on can contribute to loose skin and eventually bags. So, if you find yourself with a stuffy nose, pain over the brow or cheek bone, or watery, itchy eyes at the same time your eyes look the puffiest, it’s important to see an allergist.

Medical conditions

Puffy eyes are usually only a temporary worry, however you should be aware that some medical conditions can cause symptoms resembling round pouches around the eyes such as a thyroid condition or a kidney problem. Iron deficiency anemia may cause a bluish tinge below the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of dehydration. It is best to rule out any underlying medical causes before you begin any treatment.

If you have a more chronic condition, your doctor should be made aware of any ongoing symptoms you’re experiencing because there could be an underlying medical condition.


Dark circles under the eyes can run in families. They tend to be more noticeable in people with fair skin or deep-set eyes.

Our mobile esthetic services offer professional esthetic, hand and foot treatments in the comfort of your own home by an experienced esthetician. Ideal for those with busy day schedules, the elderly or convalescing people. Afterall, there really is no place like home.

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A Mother’s Memoir About Prison and Living With Her Husband



Avielle Janelle Hernandez is currently the subject of many conversations. Most notably, her controversial “Coco Chanel and Her World” series caused a sensation in both fashion worlds. For the past few months, she has been criticized for posting pictures on her blog showing her with her mother, father and two other women. The pictures were purportedly taken in countries such as Morocco and India. The controversy began when bloggers claimed that the woman in the pictures was not really Coco Chanel.

The original blogs stated that the woman in the pictures was actually an employee of the Chanel fashion house who had worked with Avielle for the past 18 years. The woman in the photo alongside Avielle was identified as Mrs. Yaphet, and Avielle claims that she is a former Miss America contestant who is now an executive assistant to her mother, Mrs. Yaphet. According to the blogger who started the original thread, Yaphet gave birth to Avielle in Thailand five months ago. She then went on to say that the two are now living in New York City.

While it has been established that Yaphet was present during the birth of Avielle, there have been indications that she may be the instigator of the entire situation. Initially, Yaphet posted a status stating that she was in town to tend to a sick relative but then posted a picture of herself and villa on Instagram. When asked about the image, the mother of the two denied any knowledge of Yaphet and promptly removed the photo from her Instagram page.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez was quick to take advantage of the situation and use the opportunity to promote herself on both Instagram and her own website. She has already released several songs off her upcoming album, which include sample verses from her “amarie” song where she sings about meeting her lover in jail. Her own website states that she will be releasing another song called “Tears” on Tuesday, the same day as the original release of her first song, while several other songs from her new album have been shared across the internet.

It seems that the real motivation behind the racy pictures and posts was a need to attract more attention to the singer. The original post included a plea for someone to find Avielle and bring her home to America. There is no suggestion that the woman in the photograph is in actual fact the mother of the star, nor does anyone know if she is an American football player or an actress. There are however many people of interest in the arrest of this woman including American football team coach Urban Meyer. Reports suggest that Meyer is consulting with the prison authorities to try and get his star player out of the country.

Whether this woman is innocent or not remains to be seen. While posting degrading and sometimes racist pictures online may seem like an innocent enough thing to do, she has been doing it for quite some time now. She has also posted pictures of herself in the same prison as Neiman Marcus’ David Beckham. While it is unclear what exactly she wishes to do with her celebrity status, she is certainly not spending millions of dollars a year on a private jet to fly around the world to see her children.

It seems that Avielle Janelle Hernandez is using her fame to get out of a tough situation. She may be using the prison letters, to get back at her former lover by posting degrading and flirtatious pictures as a way to stir up gossip, as well as a way to try to get her former lover to stop contacting her and keep quiet about the problems that she is having in her marriage. While this is probably a good strategy for her and one that is likely working to some degree, it will not help her in trying to come to terms with her problems as a whole. Hopefully, after reading her recent autobiography, it will make more sense of what went wrong for Avielle Janelle Hernandez and let her begin to work through the problems that she is facing.

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Does Your Site Need Enterprise SEO?




To understand whether your site needs enterprise SEO, you need to understand the true meaning of an enterprise company. Any huge corporation with more than a thousand products is known as enterprise companies which can be a global 2000 or fortune 1000 company. But it is not the company size that affects the enterprise, but if your website has more than a thousand products to be displayed, then it requires these services. Any reputed organization of SEO in Sydney will help you to implement it if your site needs it.

Is Enterprise SEO Really Needed In Today’s World?

It is not necessary that all the major industrial companies should possess a big and intricate website. Many medium-sized websites include about 600-700 indexed pages that fall under fortune 1000 companies. Many skilled webmasters or SEO practitioners remain confused about whether to call these sites enterprise websites because these smaller sites can also benefit from enterprise SEO techniques, but they are not big websites.

Maximum of these sites contain fully functional pages on financial reports and press releases. The opposite statement is also true that you don’t have to be a big profitable company to benefit from enterprise SEO as smaller companies are using and benefitting from these techniques.

You can even consider the classic example of T-Mobile that has a dedicated page for each of its mobile phones. So, it is not the size of the company but the huge website with thousands of pages that make it an enterprise site. To determine the line between non-enterprise and enterprise websites, another huge point is holding authority. Naturally, a site would pass onto deeper pages with higher PageRank if it has authority factors like external links.

Keyword Selection For Implementation Of Enterprise SEO

There are certain hallmarks for implementing Enterprise SEO that are followed by any organization of SEO in Sydney. Let’s go on and discuss a few of them. Keywords selection should be made in such a way that it is divided into subcategories and categories and are usually higher or medium-sized keywords. These can be made into long-tailed keywords by combining them with other words.

Why Is Implementation Of Automated Rules Important?

Large enterprises would need you to create a set of automated and flexible rules to load content into multiple web pages. At least the title tags, URLs, navigation links, H1, and canonical tags should be created with automation.

Why Are Templates Required For Implementing Enterprise SEO?

Templates are those blueprints that contain code snippets for your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The content management system grabs the right content by identifying the code snippets from a large number of templates present in a database. It is the same when you work with WordPress, as you don’t have to optimize every site page because templates already have predefined metadata, title tag, alt tags, and more.

Empty database sections can even create holes in the created content, which is the last thing that you want in your business website. They need to be flexible enough to adjust accordingly and identify the spaces where data is not present. The site should be compatible enough to fit in different varieties of images for every separate page.


You can get stock content from suppliers to keep your website updated, but many organizations have the same content supplier. So, your website will end up having the same content as several sites on the internet. Any skilled SEO in Sydney would suggest you make new relevant content by rewriting the stock text, which can help increase PageRank. There are many ways in which you can optimize the enterprise site, and these are just a few of them with which you can get started.

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How to Carry Pepper Spray: A Personal Protection Guide




Not sure how to use your pepper spray?

Getting pepper spray is a no-brainer if you need personal protection. Pepper sprays are inexpensive, with most options costing $40 or less.

Pepper sprays are small and easy to carry and use. It’s legal to carry across all states with some minor restrictions. After all, you can fend off multiple attackers without causing permanent damage.

The problem is the lack of training requirements for this self-defense product. You’re unlikely to know the best usage habits.

You must learn certain practices to better defend yourself. Read on for our guide on how to carry pepper spray.

How to Use Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are for fending off an attacker. They can distract or incapacitate an assailant and give you time to escape.

However, pepper sprays have no guaranteed stopping power. An assailant can still grab, punch, stab, or shoot you.

The spray will also agitate them. Hence, they’re not as effective when your assailant is either drunk or insane.

Regardless, if you’re walking somewhere unsafe, have your hand on the spray and your finger on the trigger. Most spray canisters have an effective range of 3 to 10 feet. It depends on whether the spray discharges a mist or a stream.

When the situation arises, spray directly at the assailant’s face. Never spray it at a crowd in small spaces.

Be alert whenever you feel the need to use pepper spray. It helps if you grab the pepper spray fast. At the same time, it’s harder for an assailant to surprise you.

After spraying an assailant, avoid contact with them. The spray is oily and might transfer to you. After spraying, run away and call the police.

How to Carry Pepper Spray

It’s best to carry the largest-sized pepper spray around, as long as it’s practical and legal. Most 2 ounce canisters are 4 inches long, with a diameter of an inch. It’s small enough to clip it on a purse or belt.

If it’s somehow inconvenient or impractical, a pepper spray keychain may be ideal. It’s a good setup because you’re less likely to forget it.

You can also carry a pepper spray gun. Check out for more information about the best Mace pepper sprays around.

Avoid carrying pepper spray in your pocket unless you have no other choice. You’re unlikely to get the spray from your pocket fast enough. Another reason is you’re ikely to forget the spray, especially when changing your pants.

Remember, most physical assaults happen in a blink of an eye. Victims often have a second or two to react at most. Timing is a crucial factor in learning how to carry pepper spray.

Here are other great places to keep your pepper spray.

In a Purse

For women, it’s obvious to carry the pepper spray in a purse. However, most forget the right placement for easier access.

Never let the canister sit at the bottom together with your other things. Otherwise, you’ll take time finding and getting the spray. It’s enough time for an assailant to overpower you or steal your purse.

If you’re carrying it in a purse, clip the spray to the front of an inside pocket, divider, or flap. It’s still inside the purse while allowing you to easily access, pull out, and use it within seconds.

Hold the spray inside your purse as you’re walking. An ideal purse has a long strap slung over the shoulder. An assailant might hesitate if they see you’re prepared.

On a Fanny Pack

An alternative to carrying the spray in a purse is a small waist bag or a fanny pack. The belt of a fanny pack makes it ideal for clipping on a can of pepper spray. An assailant is also less likely to snatch off your fanny pack.

However, if you carrying a spray on a fanny pack, don’t make it too visible. You don’t want to lose the element of surprise. Conceal it with a coat, sweatshirt, or jacket to ensure no one can steal it.

On Your Belt

You can also clip the pepper spray can on your belt. Like with the fanny pack, never put the spray out in the open. Do your best to keep it hidden as mentioned above.

A tip for carrying pepper spray on your belt is to clip it upside down. You’ll find it easier to draw the can downwards from the belt. The upward motion is awkward, especially during dire situations.

Mind the positioning of the spray in its holster. It isn’t ideal for you to turn and reposition the can in your hand after drawing it. When you grab and draw the can, it should already be in the right position for immediate use.

Effects of Pepper Spray

Some describe the pain from getting pepper sprayed as a strong burning sensation. Most victims immediately fall on their knees on instinct. They’ll start rubbing their eyes, making it worse.

Be responsible since pepper spray also has a blinding effect. It’s best not to let your assailant fall downstairs or walk into traffic.

Pepper spray causes your attacker’s eyes to shut on instinct. You’ll sometimes need to pry eyelids open with your fingers. Don’t spray upwind or the spray will blow back on you.

If you get pepper spray on you, quickly rinse it off with cold water. An alternative is tearless baby shampoo to remove the oil.

Practice How to Carry Pepper Spray Today

Pepper spray is small and easy to use. However, practice the right way on how to carry pepper spray. Get the biggest, most practical, and convenient to carry.

Whether you’re clipping the spray in a purse or on a belt, prioritize rapid accessibility. Remember the tips we mentioned above. Practice drawing the can, raising it, and shooting in one fluid motion.

Did you find this article helpful? Read our other posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks soon.

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Tips for Saving Money as a College Student




Heading off to college can be a life-changing experience, but it needn’t be a budget-busting one as well. Here are some tips to help you save money during your university years.

Share Your Living Space

After tuition, rent is likely one of your greatest expenses as a student. While sharing a place with roommates can keep your housing expenses down, an apartment full of noisy coeds may not be conducive to studying and getting enough rest to keep up with your classes. That’s why many college students are exploring coliving as a money-saving alternative.

In a coliving space, you’ll have your own furnished room for privacy, but you’ll also have access to a full kitchen and spacious common areas for cooking and socializing. Paid utilities, cleaning services, and even free parking are perks offered by many shared living sites that can further reduce your housing costs.

Limit Dining Out

It’s not only the “Freshman 15” weight gain you have to worry about as a student, but also the dent that dining out can put in your pocketbook. Cooking at home is almost always less expensive than eating out, and you can make enough food to provide leftovers for several meals which will save you even more. As a bonus, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the cheapest things you can buy at the grocery store, so cooking up more produce can keep your costs down while fueling your body and mind during those all-night study sessions.

Take Advantage of Campus Entertainment

Rather than paying top dollar to go to an arena concert or shelling out for an opening-night ticket for the newest superhero flick, look into the free or low-cost entertainment that’s put on by your university. Check the campus newsletter for information about gallery openings, movie screenings, student productions, musical presentations, and more. Sizeable campuses often have something on offer every night of the week, allowing you to fill up your activities calendar just by showing your ID card for discounted or free admission.

Buy Used Textbooks (or None at All)

Spending money on a brand new textbook might be a waste if you’ll never use it again after the class ends. Savvy students hit the campus bookstore as soon as their class load is confirmed so they can snap up discounted used copies. Some even do research to find out if buying a specific book is necessary; it’s not uncommon for professors to test only on the material they’ve discussed in class. If you do need to invest in a few books, take good care of them throughout the semester so you can sell them back for cash or credit at the end of the term.

Attending college gives you a great opportunity to prepare for your future, and if you spend your money wisely during your time in school you may even be better off financially after you graduate. Following these tips should help you keep more money in your bank account while you’re completing your degree.

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How to Stream “123 Movies” Online




These days, one can easily find a list of movie download websites with a simple search on the web. With such a variety of sites claiming to offer the best and most convenient ways of downloading free movie clips, how do you know which one to choose? Well, you definitely need not look any further than the internet for answers. Each one of them has a long list of movie download links which they claim is the best in terms of downloading speed and reliability.

The best thing about using a website for downloading free 123movies is that, you get to choose from a wide range of genres. Moreover, you can choose among different countries as well. If you’re a fan of foreign movies, then you will surely love the abundance of foreign movies available at these websites. Whether you are using a downloaded website or a website with an external media player, you can choose from thousands of movies to download.

When it comes to choosing free movie sites, you can’t go wrong with sites like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. You can watch 123 movies from popular TV shows like Friends, Scrub, Housefull, Eureka, Frasier, Smallville, The Perfect Score, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, X-Files among many others. On the other hand, if you want to see your favorite TV series like Supernatural, Psych, Blacklist, Scrubs, Chuck, and Weeds among many others, then you can try sites like Hulu, NetFlix, video streaming site Vongo, and movie portals. For more information on these and many other types of websites where you can watch movies online for free, just browse through the net for more information.

If you have ever wondered how websites can give you access to thousands of movies, then just log on to the internet and check out the free online streaming services. These free online streaming services can give you unlimited access to movies so you can watch movies whenever you want to.

In addition, you don’t need a DVD player, cable box, or any kind of extra equipment to view movies. With online streaming services, all you need is a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a browser. As long as your computer can support Flash and can play the required video formats, then you are all set to go. So, why waste time with outdated methods when you can use modern techniques to get access to your favorite movies123?

The film and TV industry is a multi-billion dollar industry every year. Millions of households in the U.S. subscribe to satellite TV or cable TV subscriptions to catch up on their favorite programs and shows. So you can say that the movie industry has truly grown over the past few years. The growth of the film and TV industry is due to many factors, but perhaps the most important factor is the arrival of Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is an online streaming service that offers tons of movies and TV shows at almost no cost. You can get access to movies like “The Informant!” And “E.T.” for as low as $2.99 per movie. And that’s not the only advantage of subscribing to this popular online streaming service.

Aside from being affordable, it gives you access to some of the best features ever made available to consumers like you and me.

Some of these include access to trailers, behind-the-scenes information about cast and crew, and constant online updates. All these are made possible because Amazon Prime Video has partnered with top Hollywood producers to stream a wide selection of movies online to subscribers like you and me. So instead of having to wait in line to go see a flick at the theater, you can now have just minutes of your time to enjoy movies online like “123 Movies,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “The Lego Movie” without ever leaving your home.

The great thing about “123 movies” is that it’s not just one service. In fact, if you subscribe to “123 movies” subscriptions, not only do you get access to movies from all genres and types, but you also get access to all kinds of TV shows from all kinds of channels. So if you like TV shows like “The Mentalist,” “That 70s Show,” “The X-Files,” “approx, Talking Dead,” “E.T.”

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