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Save your time and increase watch time

YouTube monetization policy means a channel can only start earning when it has at least 1000+ subscribers and 4000 watched hours in a year.  This is challenging but, by no means an impossible task. It means that to have that 4000 watched hours, there must be daily views of at least 700 minutes. One should not get disheartened and look to find ways on how it improves the performance of the channel.

Increase organic and inorganic views

There are certain techniques one should follow to increase the channel’s watch time. The first thing one should do is to find out from YouTube analytics is to know how many hours has the video been watched. Once you know the numbers. Then you can take other appropriate steps to increase the views.  The analytics will tell how many hours have been watched in the previous 365 days and if one has achieved those numbers then it’s commendable otherwise one needs to start working on the improvements. Another way is to buy YouTube watch hours. This will help in increasing the view time and monetise your content faster.

Upload at right time

Uploading your video at the right time is critical. One must ensure that the moment it is posted, then there are enough audiences who are live at that time, and search from them will throw up your video for it to be viewed.   it should ideally be done in the first half of the day, so that there is enough time throughout the day for more viewing opportunities. Avoid posting early morning on Mondays as this the start of the week and people are rushing to their work. However, one can upload early morning on weekends as during this time everybody is lazing during the weekend holidays and on social media. It is seen that internet traffic is high during this time.

Use Playlists

Make intelligent use of playlists. People who have watched your video and then move on to another video on a playlist that does not belong to you, you will be surprised to know that you get credit for the time watched for others video. This is interesting. So, make sure you have your videos on playlists, and also if you are smart enough, there is no harm if other people’s videos are added to your playlist. You are gaining viewing time by using other’s resources.

Take YouTube Card advantage

Use the YouTube card features which allow you to link at any time other videos from different playlists and even belonging to others. This will ensure continuity of viewing time. Even if people click away too fast, then they still move to the video which has been linked to your video. It’s a win-win situation.   If one analyzes the videos from YouTube analytics, one can see that people do not have the patience to watch it in full. They tend to click away midway through the video.

While all the above methods will help in increasing the views, it will take time and one has to be patient. If you want to get instant revenue, the buying watch hours from legitimate service providers like YoutubeStorm helps.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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