Salesforce careers and salaries in Chennai, India

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company with a revolunized, innovative approach to customer relations, sales conversions and marketing. 

In 1999, Salesforce started as a sales CRM software but over the years the company has grown beyond sales automation and now provides a variety of services and business solutions to meet specific business needs. 

Salesforce products include Sales Cloud – the main Salesforce CRM tool used to support the sales team and to drive growth to accounts. Service Cloud, a tool for customer support teams., a native solution that gives access to insights and contacts.

Marketing Cloud, for digital marketing within the platform. 

Others include, Sales community, experience cloud, analytics cloud, app cloud and IoT cloud.

Why is Salesforce important?

Salesforce is important as its main focus is to ensure customer growth and success. The application is also based entirely on the cloud and businesses do not need to worry about maintenance and setup.

Salesforce has been hailed as one of the best companies of 2021. Been around for 22years, it has continually improved not just it’s services, but it ranks as one of the best companies to work for by Forbes, Fortune and GlassDoor.

The company’s response to 2020’s pandemic work and social issues is highly praised. They reacted promptly by having a more flexible work style which employees could choose from.

Careers in Salesforce Chennai, India

The agility and robustness of Salesforce has made it one of the most sought after companies to work for. If you want to start a career with salesforce it also means you have to learn their courses and earn a certification.

The career opportunities in Chennai, India are extensive. Salesforce is at the helm of Cloud Computing and Automation Processes, which are much in demand in today’s software. By training in Salesforce Chennai, India and earning a certification, you will be scaling up your opportunities and taking a big step to excelling in your career. 

Salaries in Chennai, India

Salesforce salaries in Chennai, India are quite lucrative and attractive across the different roles in Salesforce.

The average base salary of a Salesforce developer in Chennai, India is ₹9,71,574 per year. A salesforce administrator gets an average of ₹9,50,497 per year, cloud engineer, ₹10,79,280 per year, developer, ₹46,578 per month, enterprise architect, ₹12,92,344 per year and a salesforce consultant, ₹11,55,160 per year. 

Salesforce training in Chennai, India                 

Salesforce institute in Chennai, India has one aim. To help you learn Salesforce and a Salesforce certification. They have elaborate, comprehensive online courses in all aspects of Salesforce – Admin, Salesforce developer, consultant, marketing and cloud courses. 

Salesforce online training in Chennai, India has courses at different levels and roles to suit different levels of expertise and jobs. They offer flexible training options including classroom and online training. 

The online training is self-paced, with flexible schedules. Instructors are accredited professionals with over 10 years experience in the industry, who have worked together to create courses that match everything you need to become a salesforce developer or admin.         

Certification exams measure not only knowledge, but also real deployment skills. Salesforce  training in Chennai, India is equipped to get you the required knowledge to earn the certification and become a Salesforce professional.

Learning Salesforce in Chennai, India – What to expect.

What does Salesforce in Chennai, India offer?

  • You will master Salesforce App Builder, Visualforce, the Apex language, the platform, and more through hands-on projects.
  • Learning from certified professionals and experts.
  • A comprehensive course.
  • Practical skills that will help you get a Salesforce job.
  • Flexible online classes.

Salesforce online course training,  Chennai, India  – Course Overview

Admin course content cover essential topics that include,

–        Introduction to Cloud Computing

–        Pricing

–        Tab bar

–        Introducing tabs

–        Master detail relationship

–        User license

–        Login hours

–        Roles

–        Planning for approval processes

–        Introduction automation

–        Email alerts

While Development topics includes,

–     Basic of programming (for those who never did any coding before)

–        Basics of Salesforce programming

–        Governor limits

–        DML statements

–        Input components

–        Introduction to SOQL

–        Advance APEX

They also cover important concepts of Salesforce Administration, Platform Developer 1, Chatter, Sandbox and Lightning essentials. These topics include:

  • CRM concepts
  • Salesforce CRM administration
  • Workflow process
  • Salesforce deployment
  • Migration strategies
  • Connection between setup and environment
  • Inbound and outbound change set up
  • Packaged Deployment
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Lightning essentials

Prerequisites to learning Salesforce in Chennai, India

There are no prerequisites. There are courses for beginners as well as intermediate to advanced levels. The key thing needed is the  willingness to learn and earn the certification.

The online course for both admin and developer covers the contents needed to become a Salesforce professional.

For developers, the course covers basics of programming for those without prior knowledge of coding.

Salesforce Interview Questions

Getting a Salesforce job means preparing adequately for interviews.

Interview questions will fall under general Salesforce questions and technical knowledge. Technical knowledge will be based on the certification acquired and will touch the different aspects of Salesforce.

General Questions

–        What is Salesforce?

–        What are Salesforce products and services

–        What is a custom object in Salesforce?

–        How is SaaS beneficial to Salesforce?

Technical Questions

  • What are the different types of records available in Salesforce?
  • Is there a limit for records
  • State the different types of method batch apex class in Salesforce
  • What is the difference between trigger and workflow?
  • What is a sandbox org?
  • Can you edit an apex trigger/apex class in production environment?
  • What happens when a master record is deleted?
  • Explain the Salesforce Dashboard.

Salesforce Certification Questions

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. This list is a simple, curated exam outline to help you focus on important concepts.

–        Organization Setup

–        Security And Access

–        User Setup

–        Standard And Custom Objects

–        Sales And Marketing Applications

–        Service And Support Applications

–        Activity Management And Collaboration

–        Data Management

–        Analytics – Reports And Dashboards

–        Workflow/Process Automation

–        Desktop And Mobile Administration

–        Appexchange

About CRS Info Solutions

CRS info Solutions is regarded as a pioneer and the largest institute for Salesforce online course training and certifications. They are a leading institute for CRM classes, particularly Salesforce. 

They have scaled up Salesforce online course training and set themselves apart from other institutes by providing real-time online classes that encompass everything on Salesforce Admin, Development, App Building, Implementation experts, etc.

Interested, aspiring Salesforce learners are trained from beginner to advanced levels on any Salesforce role and equipped to get the relevant certification, at affordable prices.

CRS Info Solutions provide free demo classes for individuals hesitant and unsure about taking the online courses. They enlist the services of the best professionals to teach real-time Salesforce courses on industry standard curriculum.

CRS Info Solutions also provide other services that include,

  • Resume preparation
  • Certification help
  • Project based courses
  • Interview questions and answers


A career in Salesforce is definitely one to look forward to. Careers in Salesforce are much in demand and will boost your portfolio. Salesforce training in Chennai will provide you with good learning resources and the expertise to earn a Salesforce certification and become a professional.

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