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A data engineer’s job profile is one of the industry’s most in-demand roles. Companies in all sectors respect them much and pay high salaries for their skills and talent. Because businesses increasingly enter the Big Data ride and mining information to deliver useful insights, there is a constant increase in demand for data-related jobs. There are no exceptions to this for data engineers. Companies are still hiring professional data engineers who can work with vast amounts of complex data to provide useful business insights.

To begin, know what Big Data Engineering is?

Big Data Engineering is how the Big Data infrastructure and resources of a business are developed and administered. Therefore, a Big Data engineer is a person who can extract the perfect results quickly from massive amounts of data.

Big Data – Hottest industry today

The rapid advent of modern technologies and the incompetence of employees in adjusting to it, and being vital in the field are among the undisclosed realities that we have to understand. Data Engineer jobs rank as the leading position in the tech industry, representing an 88.3 percent rise in employment roles in twelve months, according to the most recent data from Burning Glass’s Nova platform.

Contrary to last year’s redundant skills, Big Data became an acquired professional skill set that required adequate exposure to the market, technological experience, communication skills, and more. The data is the foundation of all these processes. Big Data lies at its core, ranging from increased customer service and the enhancement of supply chain to tweak workflows for improved employee efficiency and automation. Their demand is phenomenal in India today.

Salary analysis in the US

Because of the acute lack of skilled employees, the US market is lucrative for data scientists and Big Data engineers. As of 25 September 2020, the average salary of Lead Big Data Engineers in the United States stands at $159,800 but usually varies from $141,501 to $180,956. Salary levels can vary significantly, following many vital aspects, including the number of years you spent in your career, education, certifications, and additional qualifications.

Salary analysis in India

Big Data salaries are handsome in India. The best part of this field career is the Big Data analytics pay and a high authority position. Comparing an average IT employee with a Big Data practitioner, you can see that the salary of Big Data in India is 50% higher than its IT counterparts. It ensures that a fresher earns Rs. 4.5 lacs in IT and Big Data annually around Rs. 8.5 lacs.

If you didn’t know, India was the second-greatest Big Data Analytics hub after the United States, and reports say that more than 2,00,000 data scientists are in demand by the end of 2018. The industry is projected to grow to $2 billion. The best thing is that the Big Data jobs’ market in India is not confined to just one location or one area but is spread evenly across all major Indian cities, including a few tier-II cities.

This unstable strategy has attracted not only industry players such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other firms but also start-ups. Start-ups now overlook their Big Data Developer salaries in India and are eager to take the best team of Big Data Scientists and Data Scientists into their company.

In India, a skilled data engineer’s actual pay scale will vary from Rs 707,793 to Rs 2,649,583, with an average of Rs 1,615,000. An Apache Spark experienced entry-level Data Engineer earns an average of Rs 1,615,000, while someone with SQL-skills may expect an average salary of Rs 807,974.

In short, for beginners, the Big Data salary scales between Rs. 4 and 10 lacs a year with a master’s degree in Big Data or Analytics. The Big Data salary of experienced individuals in India will range from Rs. 10 to 30 lacs a year. In comparison, experienced IT experts in the industry have enjoyed Big Data analytics salaries of up to Rs. 1 crore for more than ten years.

Big Data Engineer salary is dependent on skills, the most significant aspect. You will find each of them having their range of roles and specifications as you go through a multiple job description. The roles and expertise are the most critical determinants of your salary.

Salary analysis in other regions

  • The UK-The United Kingdom provides excellent prospects for Big Data Engineers in cities like London and Liverpool, with companies such as Tessian and Shop Direct actively searching for them. In the UK, the average salary for Big Data engineers is approximately £43,725 a year.
  • Canada – Firms such as StackAdapt and Index Exchange have Big Data Engineer jobs in Toronto cities. For a Big Data Engineer in Canada, the average annual salary is around CA$ 80K.
  • In New York, the average salary in companies such as Capital One offering Big Data experts is about $124k per annum.
  • Los Angeles – Companies, including NEXT, Spokeo, and Cyber Coders, which allow Big Data engineers to earn decent salaries ranging from $115 K to $118 K per year.
  • Seattle – Big Data engineers are working on their payroll by companies such as Red Ventures and Revel Consulting by providing competitive remuneration of $118k per year.

To conclude

In the final verdict, we can conclude that the article on Big Data Engineer salary allows you to recognize various factors on which Big Data engineer pay structure depends. In the meantime, we are sure that most of your questions about Big Data salary are answered, and you are assured that you will be stepping into a Big Data career. The analysis also has eliminated a few concerns and fears before you make your decision.

The only query left to answer is when you are upskilling to Big Data with all the details in your hands? You can see the famous online Master’s program when you are ready to upgrade your career and start to become a Big Data Engineer. It is the ideal time to make the career change you have been dreaming about for a long time.

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